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August 12, 2017 18:08

Grundfos - a leading manufacturer in the field of circulation pumps

Species circulators

The most common classification of circulating pumps is the separation into two types: a "dry" and "wet" rotor.

The main characteristic of the pump with the "dry" rotor is that the pump motor, avoid direct contact with heat sources.This type is generally set in multi facilities where water is circulated large volumes.

Varieties circulation pumps

impeller of the circulation of "wet" pump, as opposed to the "dry" is in the pumped liquid.In such a fluid system lubricates and cools the engine parts.Thus the efficiency of this type is almost two times lower than that of a "dry".

Varieties circulation pumps

most popular models Grundfos

Grundfos pump company - is one of the most popular manufacturer of circulation pumps companies in today's market.This trademark is distinguished from other species, and a huge range of models for different types of premises.All models have a detailed description of the technical specifications and images on the electronic signature 3-D online directories.Also Grudnfos pumps are economical in power consumption.

company Grundfos has a special series of circulation pumps with small size and light weight, which greatly simplifies installation and makes them low-maintenance repairs.This pump does not require special assembly and almost immediately ready for use and connection to the mains.Yet we should not forget that the installation of the circulating pump system requires special preliminary calculations, taking into account factors such as the diameter of the pipe, the coolant temperature and so forth. Therefore, it is best to seek help from a master in order to avoid financial losses.

So, the most popular model of the company is a Grundfos ALPHA + pump with "wet" rotor.This versatile and compact device does not require additional configuration and maintenance.This model, experts advise installing floor heating, becauseit is made of stainless steel, and the pumped liquid contains a considerable amount of air that the cast iron housing causes sudden corrosion.One of the main technical features of this model is a silent operation.

The most popular model of the company Grundfos pumps

in a lot less popular are the UPS model.

Pumps in this series are most applicable when planning a two or one pipe heating systems.UPS-model can be used to connect a timer switch for opening and closing the program in order to save power consumption, usually limiting the time period of use, when you need hot water.

Another popular series of Grundfos pumps are the UPA.UPA model mounted in premises in order to increase the pressure in the water supply system, supplied from an external source.The UPA-built pump flow switch, which turns off and turns it back on when you open and close the tap.It is used in open systems, and can also be connected to the main water supply system.

The most popular model of the company Grundfos pumps

Grunfos company is unsurpassed symbol of efficiency, reliability and versatility.All products of this manufacturer are made of high quality materials, which ensures trouble-free operation for many years for a reasonable price!