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August 12, 2017 18:08

What you need to know when installing the meter obschedomovogo

What you need to know when installing the meter obschedomovogo

new law Housing "On energy saving and increasing energy efficiency of the Russian Federation" obliges the owners of apartment buildings until 2013 to organize the installation of common parts for electricity metering.Technical characteristics of the device must comply with the requirements of GOST, namely:

  • electrical energy meter shall be a stigma on the housing and on the verification of the State cover - seal organization providing power supply of the object;
  • term checking the meter installed in the three-phase network must have a prescription for at least one year;
  • new single-phase electricity metering devices during the installation, must be sealed gospoveritelem not later than two years ago;
  • obschedomovyh accuracy class of new electricity meters must be equal to one.

What you need to know when installing the meter obschedomovogo

Besides electricity meters can be inductive or electronic.Recent divided into multirate and working under one tariff.Residents of apartment buildings need to see to it that a device for metering of electricity installed in their home and whether it meets the requirements.

Installation brownie

heat meter heat in the house must be both large and small, but it is not always enough when the temperature rises on the street.Pay the same for thermal energy at a single rate, calculated over the footage apartments, and to your savings are not "flew into the air," you must install the heat meter.The Housing Act stipulates that the devices to account for heat consumption must be set by the state, but have to wait quite a long time with how the budget is not enough.

What you need to know when installing the meter obschedomovogo

Save have to start right now and try to arrange the installation of the heat meter at his own expense the inhabitants of your house.To do this, you need to ask the Housing Administration with a written application, and select the type of equipment to be installed.Heat meters are an external and self-powered, and may also have a controller of its design.This element allows you to choose a comfortable temperature.

counters for hot and cold water

Mounting devices to account for hot and cold water has been practiced for a long time.I would like to say that according to the requirements of GOST installation of such meters must be carried out only by three years time counter is removed it is necessary that it sealed the state verification.The following actions are performed:

  • check the tightness of the device;
  • determine the error in the work;
  • by inspection.

Housing cold water meter - blue, body and hot water meter is red.
well-known fact - setting instruments for accounting of consumed heat, electricity and water, you will save not only their own resources, but natural!