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August 12, 2017 18:08

Lattice for stormwater

Surface drainage systems and their characteristics

Surface drainage systems and their characteristics

This system includes the following types:

  • linear drainage system.It includes a tray that is installed at a predetermined slant.Our waste water must go down to the lowest point, where the collector is located.
  • chiseled drainage system includes a collector, manholes, sewer system pipes, gullies and peskoulovitelnye design.

storm sewer grating

drainage system must have a certain class load and be closed in advance selected bars.When it comes to develop, always considered a place in which to lay her.It may be summer cottages, in a pedestrian crossing zone, in areas with high durability and ecology.

on the tray should be the installation of storm grates, which is marking DN100.This brand is one of the largest drainage facilities, and the category of its load range from A15 to C250.From crosswalks, sidewalks, to parks, residential complexes.

Storm sewer grating

Feature sewer gutters

Chutes sewer systems are made from materials such as - polymer concrete, reinforced concrete and plastic, which is made with good resistance to low temperature conditions.The most popular today is the tray of plastic, which has such advantages:

  1. Plastic trays well and easily delivered to the objects.
  2. Installation work is fast and with less time.
  3. Channel plastic can be easily done by its length.
  4. Such troughs are much more durable.

In order to spend less time on design storm sewer, to spend less and get finance in the final result of the quality work done, then it is best to perform the establishment is plastic gutters.

Forms, material and design of stormwater system

grates for stormwater can be:

  • iron material.Cast iron has good corrosion resistance, density, as well as durability.Such gratings should be used for heavily loaded sites.Most often it is the zone with the industry, transport building, airport.
  • of gray cast iron.They are used for non-standard channels.They used most often in garages, parking, pedestrian crossings.
  • last option is stainless steel.For such designs are used orthogonal trough, with small or standard depths.Such trays are often equipped with at sites that need to have high drainage installation.

Forms , materials and stormwater system design

To install sewer systems

installation work on paving the sewer grates and gutters is done so:

To install sewer systems

  1. is a basis under the chute at the initial stage.As the base used concrete and sand-gravel layer.
  2. The end of the line should be located peskoulovitelnye design or a special channel with vertical outlet.
  3. With the help of ropes selected certain road, which will be designed gutter.
  4. sure need to clean the place of mounting, and only then, to fix the drainage grate.
  5. One of the main factors is the connection between a gutter.
  6. Butt tray should be in the direction of the direction in which the water will run.
  7. next point - this installation work all the remaining materials.
  8. flooding occurs walls.
  9. important to remember and about the expansion joint, which runs alongside the concrete foundation and gutters, and thus exploited hermetic or bituminous materials.
  10. on a base which is covered with asphalt, all lattice covered with durable coatings.

To install sewer systems

to drain sewage and came right after the finishing stage not occurred failure, its slope to the trays must be:

  • I = 0,02, which means 2 centimeters by 100 centimeters of our pipes.In this scenario, the technical problems in the operation will not occur.