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August 12, 2017 18:08

Concrete tile with their hands - it's that simple

made of wood forms for the tiles with their hands

Home in the manufacture of tiles - a form, rather than fill it, not difficult to find.Variegated forms can be purchased in stores, is profiled in the sale of tiles, but if you are willing to buy anything you do not want to find bars offer 5x5 centimeters and the width of the corresponding rail.Moulds for tiles with their hands, you can do as a triangular or hexagonal, the latter is more practical for the stacking speed and reliability, as sharp corners easily break off concrete .

sawing the bar into a length of 23 centimeters - so long we will have the outer side of the hexagon, the inside of the cutting of corners (bar takes the form of a trapezoid) makes a long 18 centimeters.Above each bar to fasten screws rail section so that it did not reach a width at its edge, and on the other the same distance bulged.Now, connecting bars between them, we will see that we have achieved in order to protruding parts slats superimposed on the adjacent form elements.

Surplus Cut down ledges.Fix the rail tabs on adjacent bars with screws and only one junction to drill a hole and insert a nail in it, so that it can be easily removed.This is to ensure that after the solidification of the solution and the conversion of the crude mixture in the tile could disengage only one joint form and, opening it, release the finished product of our handicrafts.Such forms do better than a few to accelerate the tile manufacturing process.

What and how concrete tiles can be done?

Mix at high capacity cement and sand in the ratio 1: 3, with a small addition of fine gravel and then topped up with water and thoroughly knead all, to the consistency of the batter.Fill the form to half and then laid directly on a solution galvanized metal mesh, cut hexagon, a little smaller than the form and fill up to the top solution.

When the mixture hardens, we will see how can be simply done by reinforced concrete slabs with their hands, as video footage of the entire process will retain our achievement for the edification of posterity.But bad luck, with this primitive manufacturing process may occur sinks, reducing the strength of the material.How to prevent their occurrence?

To enhance frost homemade tiles, it is recommended to buy inexpensive plasticizer that will significantly improve the characteristics of the finished material.

known that the factory floor tiles made vibropressing, ie at the point of the mixture at high pressure is applied at the same time the vibration for a better solution subsidence and exit air bubbles.At home, combine the two processes is almost impossible without special equipment, but they may be used at a time.

For this we need a metal table, workbench or very sturdy wooden table, you can even solid goats, an electric motor with an eccentric and manual press of a cylindrical wooden handle (for example, scrap handle shovels) with screwed thereto plywood small working surface in the form of a hexagon.

electric motor adjusts the bottom of the table, laid on a flat, clean surface shape, smeared soap solution (for easy removal of finished products), and then perform all operations to obtain tile above.When the form is completed, we turn on the motor, and should only be to form not moved out from countertop.

If possible, it is better to make the edges of the table skirting.After a minute vibration switch off the engine, take the hand press and begin to knead the cement, paying attention to areas in the corners and near the wall, and then again turn on the motor and a minute later disable, leaving blanks to dry.

The easiest way to make a tile with their hands

order not to waste time and effort on the mold, you can use a simple, but no less effective way to do a tile with their hands.Enough to buy inlaid rings for wells up to 12 centimeters (diameter is not so important), to take a large gravel, cement, sand and colored pebbles or smooth glass kruglyashi for aquarium decoration.

concrete mix preparing a standard way, it is possible to add the plasticizer in the proportion indicated in its capacity.Then pour gravel, a little top, pour the solution, compressing it (you can literally 10 seconds include our homemade vibrating table).

To our wheels have turned out beautiful, dent in liquid concrete and gravel for aquarium glass, so that they are almost flush with the surface.Where necessary, we smooth the mixture and just for a few seconds, turn on the motor with an eccentric, to better get around the shrinkage mixture of decorative elements.

When the mixture hardens, potyazhelevshy tiled wheels just roll into place and laid out for them on a sandy base, and sprinkled around the dry mixture of cement and sand.Hammer our circular tile dent in the mixture is not recommended, you can knock out the central part of stacked rings.