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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cast iron pressure pipes - Check in a variety of everyday items

What distinguishes iron and its products?

Cast iron pipes are made of different kinds of material that can be white, gray, malleable and ductile.They are produced in different ways: sand mold casting, semi-continuous and centrifugal casting, centrifugal casting de Lavaux.

They are used for gravity and pressure sewerage systems, outdoor plumbing and internal drains.Those variants, which are made semi-continuous method and a centrifugal casting made stronger by molding in a sand mold.

elements of cast iron has the following advantages and properties:

  • High strength;
  • High Attenuation;
  • Resistance to temperature changes;
  • durability;
  • Environmental safety and non-toxicity;
  • high impact resistance;
  • absence of corrosion;
  • Fire safety and fire resistance;
  • Low thermal elongation.

Classification of cast iron pipes

considered building materials are divided into certain classes and types, depending on their method of manufacture.They differ by the method of compound - with or without a socket.The latter have a socket on one side and a second side - smooth.Bezrastrubnye - smooth on both sides.

product also divided on the scope - pressure and non-pressure, sewer and water, Oil and Gas.On this basis, the following stand out:

  • pressure ductile iron, cast iron;
  • iron pipes bezrastrubnye SML;
  • unconfined Cheka;
  • cast iron pipe pressure flare CHNR.

Brief description of the various representatives

Ductile iron pipes for pressure manufactured by centrifugal casting ductile iron with nodular graphite.They are suitable for all kinds of connections.One end of their smooth, and the other - with the pipe, they also may have flanges on both sides, so known as iron pressure pipe flange.

They are intended for sewerage and water supply systems.Use them to channel and channel-free laying underground.These cast-iron pipes for water supply and sewerage Ductile Iron durable and tear-resistant.Moreover, they are flexible, which makes it possible to withstand diametral different deflections, a considerable thickness of the soil layer and the large road load.

SML are representatives made by centrifugal casting De Lavaux from gray cast iron.They are intended for the treatment of domestic waste water and sewer systems Equipment for public buildings and residential buildings.They are used in external and internal engineering systems in those facilities that require enhanced sound insulation and fire protection.

Cast pressure-free products are made from gray cast iron with lamellar graphite.They are covered with a rust inhibitor, based on the bitumen.On the one hand have a special shape for connection to other pipe and its seal.Use them for mounting and free-flow exhaust internal domestic sewage.

cast iron water pipes CHNR used for distributing water and sanitation.Their service life - about 100 years.Outside they are covered with oil bitumen.Special connection allows you to quickly mount the product.

Another type can be called a cast iron heating pipes.Make them out of the gray variety of raw materials.Cast finned tubes have rectangular flanges and ribs which increase the heating surface and reduce heat transfer.

They are used in the agricultural and municipal buildings in the form of heating appliances.Products from raw materials considered sufficiently strong and durable.Their lifetime is about 80 years.