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August 12, 2017 18:08

Marking of steel pipes - types and classification

Types of stainless steel pipes

First of all, you must understand what constitutes a steel.Steel - chromium alloy, iron, and other impurities.This material is fairly durable and popular in the field of construction and industry.Steel pipe - the most common product made of stainless steel.

main kinds of steel pipes:

  • conventional gas: support, product fence, water supply, etc .;
  • pipelines used in the system apparatus for conveying gas and liquid, such as water, oil, natural gas and fuel;
  • pipes that are used in systems with a high pressure, for example in the chemical, nuclear and petroleum industries;
  • drilling, support and siege parts that are widely used in the development of oil fields;
  • structural elements made of steel;
  • pistons, rings, shafts, pumps, cylinders and other parts used in mechanical engineering.

By appointment and appearance of stainless steel pipes are electric, steel, boilers, seamless, and others.All steel products are chemically treated, in order to avoid the damaging effects of corrosion.


Nowadays pipe industry - this is the most important part of the whole complex of Russian metallurgy.Steel products are widely used in the energy industry, in mechanical engineering and defense industries, the construction industry, as well as their use for the construction of the pipeline system of the country, which are the basis of the pipe.

products are manufactured in a wide range of diameters, steel grades and wall thicknesses of various accuracy classes.They have a high strength, ductility, have a low weight and their use in an industrial installation.

General classification of steel pipes conducted on methods for their manufacture.Depending on the method of manufacture of products they are divided into welded and seamless.Welded products are made with a diameter up to 250 centimeters.Seamless products have a longitudinal seam and made of a solid material in three stages.These tubes have a maximum diameter of up to 150 centimeters.

Important!Welded seamless cheaper, but they are less durable and reliable.

Marking Marking on the tubes of steel used in the case where the diameter of the product more than 159 mm and the wall thickness - less than 3.5 mm.An exception may be the refusal of the customer on the product labeling with a diameter less than 114 mm.Typically, the code is applied to the product by the following methods:

  • indelible ink;
  • method of marking;
  • using an electric pencil;
  • using electrophotography.

Important!The choice of method depends on the application code, the wall thickness of the product and its diameter.

Marking products include pipe size, the trademark of the manufacturer, as well as the steel grade, which is made from the goods.Mark steel used indicate a four-digit code classification in compliance with all standards.

code is applied to a steel pipe with a step of 0.5 meters and 2 centimeters from the end product.Code necessarily flanked with bright paint.This is to ensure that the marking was visible to the consumer, at the same time it should be easy to find it, because it carries the complete information about the characteristics and the method of manufacture of the goods.