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August 12, 2017 18:08

Production of plasterboard partitions , using the profile or timber


  • 1 choice of material for the partition mounted from giposkartona
  • 2 Choice for rack mounting material
    • 2.1 advantages of metal profile as a frame for walls
    • 2.2 Rivets, Prosekatel orscrews?
  • 3 alternative in choosing the method of mounting frame
  • 4 Arrangement of partitions of drywall with metal frame
  • 5 installation technology partitions
  • 6 Casing design

Today drywall has a huge popularity inconstruction.It is used for the construction of thick sound-proof walls, light and thin walls, some decorative elements of the interior.Its use as a cladding material, due to the ease of working with him.It is easy to work with all tools.If necessary, it is possible to structure a gypsum mill grooves or any shaped openings.Plasterboard partitions obtained light and very strong, that is, of course, still depends on the proper installation techniques, construction of the frame and the choice of materials.

interior walls

Interior walls

choice of material for the installation of partitions giposkartona

Before starting to build a plasterboard partition walls need to select the material.First, we should define the purpose of the construction, its location and terms of use:

  1. If the partition is set in the room, in which there is constant moisture to below 70%, should be used water-resistant drywall.To distinguish it from the ordinary, just look at the color of cardboard.Moisture resistant gnipsokarton has a green outer layer of paper.And this is perhaps the only sign by which you can apparently recognize or see the difference.But, of Knauf company claims that its structure is impregnated with special concentrates, which confers resistance to a humid environment.It lost its absorbent capacity.But plasterboard partitions of this type in a humid environment will stand for a long time and will not change its parameters.Such sheets are marked with gypsum plasterboard.Also of note is an important property of water-resistant sheet resistance, or rather, the impossibility of education in their mold and mildew resulting from moisture.This manufacturer was able to be achieved by impregnating sheets antiseptic agents, and provide resistance to water and moisture-proof impregnated compositions.Also, a significant difference from the usual gypsum plasterboard is more weight, and of course the cost.

    Types of gypsum boards

    Types drywall Distin

  2. If the partition of the drywall with his hands is established not only in the wet, but the fire environment, such as in the kitchen, you should apply GKLO.These sheets are impregnated drywall compounds that prevent combustion.The main difference from the usual water-resistant and is an outward sign - the color of cardboard, which is red.You can also view the differences in color on a section of plaster filler.It also differs in cost, and will be more expensive both conventional and water-resistant.
  3. If you want to design the walls of plasterboard with their hands in a normal room with normal conditions - humidity no more than 70% and the temperature above 30 or below 50, it is possible to use conventional plasterboard sheets.They have a basic difference from the other in color, they are covered with cardboard gray.These sheets are not impregnated with any water-resistant and fire resistant formulations, and therefore the value of its lowest.It is widely used in hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms.He is equally well-processed, so if the conditions are normal, moisture and sources of ignition No, you should not pay more just because of the stability properties.When buying such a sheet, you can save up to 30%.

Sheets are available several sizes in thickness: 6.5 mm, 9 mm and 12.5 mm.This size corresponds to the first material with increased flexibility.He has a glass inside, which keeps plaster when wet.After all, to bend in an arc it is necessary to soak the moisture.The second type is used for ceilings, so choose three size of 12.5 mm.It may be the same length and 2.5 and 4.8 m, commercially available mainly present in only the first embodiment.If you want to plaster partition large, the sheets can be ordered from the manufacturer on individual orders.

choice of material for mounting frame

To make a partition of the drywall, it is also necessary to resolve the issue with the frame material.It may be a metal profile and the wood.Solving this problem should take into account several factors:

  • humidity of the environment;
  • temperature regime;
  • load.

If the room is a frequent change of humidity, the use of a wooden frame will lead to a constant movement.Due to the frequent swelling and shrinkage of wood shaptlevka simply crumble out from the joints of sheets of plasterboard.And then made plaster walls with his own hands will be ruined.They will have to demolish and build anew from the metal profile.

The same thing will happen in areas with high temperatures and partitions made of wood.If the installation of drywall partitions carried nedosushennymi bars, after drying them in the design of irreversible changes occur: sheets may move or disperse, skewed or even cracked.Besides wood prone to cracking, which is also very desirable when constructing walls of hl.

Interior partitions Self vozvideniya, whose skeleton is made of wooden beams, less strong on the strain and tension.In both cases, cracking may occur in the field of twisting screws, causing the entire structure useless.

So, why some opt for the installation of drywall partitions with a wooden frame?The answer to this question is quite simple and consists only in the price and availability of the material.But, given the trouble with him, though, the price index may not break the bar relative to the side of the tree.In addition, before installing the bars need to handle antiseptic compounds well, that will result in the cost of metal profile for partitions.

advantages of metal profile as a frame for walls

Types of profiles

Species profiles

Interior walls made of plasterboard with a skeleton of metal profiles have all the necessary properties for a durable and unchanging existence of the entire service life of the building.Galvanized metal does not rust from moisture, if not to take into account the junction and piercing Prosekatel.Metal profile does not burn, but the fire still have to do to re-partition, and it is inevitable.metal design does not crack and fall apart over time.In addition, from the profile it can be made the most complicated partition that can be made independently.Metal is easy to process and can be used to connect Prosekatel, and the material can be bent into any shape if necessary.

width may be any of the existing set of: 50, 75 and 100 mm.It depends on the purpose of partitioning and its technical characteristics.

If will be installed in the partition any communication, it is necessary to use the profile with special grooves.This will eliminate the need to make the holes yourself.

rivets, screws or Prosekatel?

which profile to use for the walls of plasterboard, we have already found.It is necessary to answer the other questions.

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Application Prosekatel

Application Prosekatel

How to make a partition of the drywall, and how to implement a connection between the profiles?These questions are next on the list, therefore, first understand, the better to connect profile.

Today, three types of the metal profile of the compounds used together:

  1. screws;
  2. rivets;
  3. Prosekatel, with penetration by folding.

The first two are the most common ways to implement the installation of partitions, although the latter is much more difficult.First, the required hardware: screws, screws and so on.Secondly, you need an additional tool - screwdriver because not to twist arms.A second method for mounting is required, respectively, drill and rivet Zaklepochnik.All this requires additional costs.To solve these problems is not quite such a simple tool as Prosekatel.He punches a hole and bends the edges in opposite directions.Thus, a sufficiently reliable connection.

alternative in choosing the method of mounting frame

The best option would be to mount a mixed, that is, all the facial connection, you need to carry out with the help of Prosekatel.A hidden and most important, in terms of load, self-tapping screws or rivets.What is the advantage Prosekatel when used on the front of the design?And the answer is quite simple, and lies in the absence of protruding elements such as the cap screws or rivets.Combined method of installation helps to answer the question: "How to make a plasterboard wall with high quality and that the plane was perfectly flat?»

Arrangement of partitions of drywall with metal frame

The device partitions plasterboard

partition device plasterboard

Arrangement of partitions with metalframework is quite simple.But for high-quality end-result is necessary to observe some rules and take into account all the nuances of the implementation of the installation.

The following figure you can see the device walls of plasterboard, the following elements can be distinguished in it:

  1. frame consisting of rails and racks.
  2. sheathing may be a multi-purpose, depending on the septum.
  3. Insulation and sound insulator.

Also, the barrier may comprise part of communication, hidden inside it.What, by the way, and the advantages of drywall constructions.

partition installation technology

When made of plasterboard interior walls with his own hands must adhere to the following instructions:

first step is to clean up the place where the installation will be carried out septum.Old wall elements, rotten wood, stones falling off - it should be removed.The surface should be leveled, if necessary: ​​floor poured screed, the walls poshtukatureny even with more.

Laser marking

Laser marking

  1. Once the base is ready, you can proceed to markup.Gypsum plasterboard partition walls with his own hands, executed correctly, is not pressing on the eye curvature and Kosin.To achieve this it should still perform as accurately as possible.There will be the main instruments: the long level;plummet;trace cord.Ideally, of course, you can use a laser level.But the installation of drywall partitions in this way would be very expensive, so you can do less.So mark on the floor the average partition line.This will be The middle guide profile.Partitioning using the level or plumb line is transferred to the ceiling and walls.Previously on the floor marks the place of the future location of doors.
  2. Further, for the construction of the partition of the GCR is necessary to fasten the guide profile to the floor, walls and ceiling.In this case, if the floor is often crude, the metal should be insulated with a special tape.Fastening profile is carried out at least at intervals of 25-30 cm. It depends on the severity and the load applied to the wall.
  3. Rack profile is installed vertically.This can be checked with the help of the level.Step installation of racks should be made no more than 60 cm. Why such a distance?Because the standard sheet width of 120 cm and mineral cotton plate is 610 mm, indicating that the solid fixing it to the structure.Rack profile segments are made with a small margin of 2 cm in length in the opposite direction.This is necessary so that it is easily entered into both profile rails, and left the place to secure it.
  4. to interior wall plasterboard with their hands and turned solid when opening the door not felt the vibration throughout the structure, it is necessary for them to install additional rack profile.It is set next to the main.And should put a piece of wood to increase the strength inside him.Doorframes need to count on the stage of construction of the structure, it will eliminate the nuances that may arise in the future.

    Additional rack doorway

    Additional rack doorway

guide profile is also used for creating bridges or shelves that hold the adjacent rack.It should be strictly horizontal position.

Casing design

interior walls of plasterboard should be strong, so the cladding structure plasterboard on one rack profile should not be more than one interface.Drywall should be placed in a checkerboard pattern with a 50% overlap of adjacent sheet.

should also remember the need to offset the joint sheets closer to the edge of the doors.It is also one of the nuances which must be provided at the stage of creating the structure of the metal sheets.

If a profile for drywall is attached with Prosekatel, the surface is always flat and smooth.If the used screws, then because of their caps by pulling the cord will be seen departing a few mm in places of fastening of sheets to the profile.

fixing plasterboard Step to the profile should not be more than 50 cm in thickness of the sheet is not less than 12.5 mm.This should be considered when mounting partitions made of plasterboard with their hands.At high load should be reduced to its wall.

installation plasterboard partitions ends jointing, which smeared with putty.Required on the joints need to put reinforcement tape stacks of window from 3 to 5 mm, as previously before the subsequent finish, it is recommended to close up all the cap screws which were screwed sheets.To calculate the required material on the partition you can use our online calculator partitions.