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August 12, 2017 18:08

Soundproofing a ceiling in the apartment with his hands , materials


  • 1 noise in the room are of two types: structural and aerial.
  • 2 simple soundproofing ceiling

Soundproofing a ceiling in the apartment with his hands Isover no secret that good sound is not a fad modern prefabricated buildings.If you are reading this, then surely you know the situation, when the neighbors above personal life interfere with your personal life, unless you are the proud occupant of the top floor (and unhappy - if not an elevator), and you want to get rid of this situation.Site Repair apartments with their own hands will help you determine what you can to help.

noise in the room are of two types: structural and aerial.

first - it sounds that are created by human conversation or sound from the TV speakers or radio.These noises are caused by air fluctuations, which can overcome the walls provided sufficient power source.

second , structural noise - caused by mechanical action directly on the separation walls, such as the fall of a heavy (or not) the object on the floor, nailing, drilling and so on.As the sound waves occur in solids, where the speed of sound higher than for air 12 times, these noises can be heard very well and transmitted over considerable distances - for example, the sound of hammer nails in one apartment can listen to all the inhabitants of the entrance.

most effective are two ways to unwanted noise suppression:

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1) Power reduction of the sound source - the process is complicated and is not always possible, because your neighbors can not agree with yourarguments to the effect that they somehow prevent you from their actions.

2) An extra sound insulation, which reduces the amplitude of the sound waves reaching you from above.

As you might guess, the following will discuss the second solution to the problem.

simple soundproofing ceiling

You can reduce noise from above in two ways:

1) Full soundproofing - in addition to the ceiling, you will also isolate the walls and floor.The method is very effective, but, respectively, is quite expensive, as it affects a large number of additional civil works.

2) Partial soundproofing ceiling

best level of sound insulation of mechanical noise is achieved through the installation of soundproof panels of the brand "Penoplex".In order to effectively extinguished aircraft noise, the most commonly used "Isover" plates, or all the same "Penoplex".

is also necessary to remember that the sound insulation of the ceiling is not a full guarantee to eliminate noise.In addition, it should be noted that the insulation will inevitably fall ceiling level (7-10 cm).You can glue the wallpaper on the ceiling soundproof, it will increase the noise absorption.