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August 12, 2017 18:08

Where to start repair of the apartment.Stages of repair of apartments


  • 1 How to start the first stage of repair of an apartment - ceiling
  • 2 How to start the second stage of repair the apartment - walls
  • 3 cost of repairs, the approximate estimates for the work
    • apartment 3.1 Average cost of construction of the apartment

Where to start repair of apartments at the mention of apartment repair flight of your thoughts limited picture of the demolition of walls and replacement windows?No problem.Today, you can get into the hands of short battle plan called « Stages of repair of apartments, purchased on the secondary market ».Now you definitely will not be tormented by the question, where to start repairing the apartment with his hands and with the help of professionals.With the first option you will help our site dedicated to self-repair of the apartment.Let's get started.

How to start the first stage of repair of an apartment - ceiling

Repair ceiling is the most urgent issue for many residents who have purchased an apartment in the secondary market.After all, most of the newly minted owners have to face every day with a variety of "ceiling problems", since crumbling plaster and finishing cracks in the ceiling.

Where to start repair of the ceiling?Running on the same straightforward way as the repair of the walls and the floor - the dismantling, alignment, paint / whitewash.

Typically, staining mostly ceiling coverings using water-dispersed paint in older homes still occurs and lime wash, at least - oil or alkyd enamel.Surely you tormented question, how can wash away this "beauty"?

Remember lime whitewash can be washed off with water.The work is very laborious, but the quality of the performance depends on how well the new cover will fall.If the former owners have tried all the heart and caused several layers of whitewash, then you have to be armed with a steel spatula and a basin of water.In principle, the same tools will be needed for the operation, codenamed "Removing oil / alkyd enamels or water-dispersed paint."

next stage in the course of preparatory works - is the alignment of the ceiling.On how accurately and efficiently you will go through this operation depends on the appearance of the ceiling and its reliability in the future.If you want a modern, beautiful ceiling, then check out the article plasterboard with their hands - detailed installation instructions with photos and video materials.Now let's continue to answer the question of where to start and how to finish the job.

First of all, you must determine the drop ceiling level, to know how thick will need to apply a layer.If a deviation of less than 50 mm, it will be your reliable assistant primer and putty.If the surface of the ceiling is cracked, they will need to first expand the spatula, and then cleaned and primed.

Remember how quality will be made primer depends on the strength and longevity of the ceiling.The deeper the primer is absorbed, the better.Similarly, with the filler.On how well will be finished plaster, it depends on how smooth will the ceiling covering.

main functions assigned to the primer, - is steep concrete surface in order to ensure a reliable and good adhesion across the surface and deposited on her layers.Accordingly, the filler is responsible for the alignment of the surface and elimination of minor defects.

final chord in the galaxy "to begin repair ceiling coverings" is just whitewashing and painting the ceiling.Acrylic, Latex, silicate, silicone paints and what paint to choose.Even this does not end the list of goods in the hardware store, which will help you draw the final line under the ceiling repair works.See how to choose paint for the ceiling depending on the needs.

Repair ceiling - quite mopotnoe and time-consuming undertaking that requires patience and meticulousness.Only when pravgynom approach can achieve the desired result - the white, smooth and strong ceiling, which will please you for a long time.However, the burden of repairing ceiling coverings can be laid on the shoulders of professionals from the construction companies.If you have noisy neighbors above, then you need to soundproof the ceiling in the apartment with his hands it is possible to do it.

How to start the second stage of repair the apartment - walls

most significant element of the interior - it's walls.It is they who are paying the most attention, and, oddly enough, it repairs the walls eat the entire stock of our time.Preparation works are held in two phases - the removal of old coatings and leveling of walls.

much difference for the removal of old coatings from the ceiling or wall is not observed.Importantly, do not forget to call upon the aid of patience, because the wallpaper, glued in multiple layers, it is necessary to soak and consistently rip off layer by layer.

To remove old tile, which is often located in the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet have to be armed with a chisel, a hammer or a hammer.

Remember that an important part of any repairs is a primer.After the primer and putty - is the basis of not only finishing work, but also a complex repair of an apartment.Its main function is to improve the adhesion of finishing materials to the wall, so the primer is produced by finishing materials such as wallpaper, paint or plaster walls with plaster.

Where to start?To perform operations on leveling of walls require putty and plaster.Each tool is selected individually depending on the scale of the disaster: if irregularities (small dimples, crevices and vyboinki) does not reach a depth of more than 5 mm, it is possible to manage spackling, with a depth defects greater than 5 mm, use plaster.

And the finishing touch in such a complex operation, and is painting Wallpapering on the prepared wall.Paper, textile, vinyl, metallic, cork, non-woven, sound-proof wallpapers for a child - it remains only to choose a new look to your cozy nest.

Now hope you do not ask a question to begin repair work.You have the main stages of the work.As the materials of the website content, you will have a complete guide to repair the apartment, affecting all aspects, right up to interior design and choice of materials and tools.

cost of repairs, the approximate estimates for the work on the apartment

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Average cost of construction of the apartment

Name of work Unit.rev. Price, rubles
1. Floor
1 Removing linoleum, carpet (without saving) 1 layer 100 m²
2 Removing hardboard, plywood (without saving) 1 layer 90
3 Dismantling wooden / plastic skirting (without saving) rm 40
4 Removing parquet / laminate (which is laid a floating manner without saving) 165
5 Removing parquet / laminate (which is laid on glue and nails,without saving) 215
6 ties Dismantling (up to 50mm) 240
7 Removing screeds (up to 100mm) 300
8 lag Dismantling 120
9 Removing the wooden floor (without saving) 275
10 Dismantlingtiles 120
11 Dismantling concrete plinth rm 100
12 Removing floor granite slabs (without saving) 360 m²
13 Grouting in keram.plitki 100
14 Installation lighthouses on the floor rm 70
15 Filling of expanded clay under the screed 100
16 Winterizing floor polystyrene 165
17 Arrangement of cement-sand screeds up to 50 mm 420
18 Arrangement of cement-sand screed from 50mm to 100mm 650
19 Reinforcement screed metal mesh 60
20 device finishing screed self-leveling mixture 295
21 floor waterproofing device (mastic) 190
22 device floor waterproofing (roll) 290
23 primer cement-sand screed betonokontaktom 60
24 primer cement-sand screed acrylic primer 30
25 flooring and cutting plywood glue 230
26 flooring and cutting plywood on bitumen mastic 240
27 Grinding plywood 130
28 substrate flooring heat / sound / waterproofing based 50
29 Laying wooden log rm 100
30 commercial linoleum Laying 300
31 provarkoy seams in commercial linoleum rm 60
32 laying linoleum 200
33 flooring carpet 190
34 laying cork floor 360
35 laminate flooring 350
36 sanding parquet 300
37 Putty parquet 90
38 flooring wood flooring for floating 400
39 flooring wood flooring adhesive 500
40 Laying parquet(in Extension, herringbone) 900
41 flooring solid wood floating manner 600
42 flooring solid wood glue 700
43 device adjustable floor 500
44 Painting floor 160
45 Lacquered floor 200 m²
46 mounting plinth (wood or pVC) rm 150
47 Lacquered wooden plinth rm 50
48 Masonry Keram.standard size tiles (20 × 30,40) 840
49 Masonry Keram.standard size tiles diagonally 900
50 Masonry keram.plitki least (20 × 30,40) 960
51 Masonry Keram.less tile (20 × 30,40) diagonally 990
52 Laying porcelain 1500
53 masonry mosaic tiles, or difficultdrawing (the price of) 1300
54 Grouting (mosaic) 250
55 Grouting keram.plitki / porcelain 180 m²
56 washed down the tiles 45 degrees rm 495
57 steps Facing keram.plitkoy 1050
58 keram.bordyura masonry, plinths, ornament rm 240
59 Mounting metal nut rm 120
60 Shelter floor 80
2. Walls
61 Removing old wallpaper 1st layer 70
62 Cleaning walls of water-based paints 170
63 cleaning the walls of the non-aqueous inks 200
64 tiles Dismantling 150
65 Cleaning the walls of putty 180
66 louvred grille Removing units. 100
67 plaster Removing 235
68 Dismantling of brick walls (1/2 bricks) 285
69 Dismantling of brick walls (1 brick) 495
70 partitions Dismantling of reinforced concrete 8cm 2420
71 Dismantlingwalls of reinforced concrete 16cm 3795
72 walls Dismantling of foam blocks, plasterboard, wood 350
73 Removing partitions of gypsum concrete 450
74 masonry walls of foam blocks 540
75 masonry curved walls of the foam blocks 740
76 masonry walls of brick (1/2 bricks) 665
77 masonry walls in brick 970
78 masonry wallscomplex form of bricks 1150
79 device opening in a concrete wall 4235
80 opening device in the brick wall (1/2