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August 12, 2017 18:08

Air heating system of a country house

air heating system private homes

Air heating

testify Today the site of the repair of the apartment with his hands tell an interesting heating system cottages, or farmhouse.air heating system private homes is not only a modern kind of heating, but also quite cost-effective, eliminates the need for intermediate heat carrier.For example, it can be water, which is used for water heating, which we mentioned earlier.The main advantage of air heating, is the lack of wiring pipes, concrete screed and waterproofing.Lack of fluid in the system makes it all just does not fit.

good air heating system

air warms up in the system, flows through special ducts located in floors or walls, heat the room.And hardly noticeable decorative lattice inflow and exhaust air is not only eye-catching to you and your guests, but also to successfully fit into any modern interior.

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main equipment (gas heater) is located in one place, and his work is completely independent, so it does not require electricity.It is necessary only if the control system during the heat distribution on the house, but also a manual mode of the system during a power failure, it is quite acceptable.

Another type of air heating your home can be an air heating boiler that runs on diesel fuel.The disadvantage is considered to be only one thing: the forced injection of fuel due to lack of backup power generator, automatic blocking, and, therefore, and all equipment.

buliryan furnace system - another way of heating private houses.The entire process is carried out by means of wood, with one laying certain amount of fuel will provide continuous operation of the furnace for 12 hours!In addition, in the process of combustion does not emit carbon dioxide, and the disadvantage is a fully manual control flow of heated air.However, it is the ideal solution for homes, which for some reason stopped the supply of electric current.