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August 12, 2017 18:08

Tips for choosing the meter for the house


  • 1 single-phase or three-phase
  • 2 maximum current value
  • 3 attachment method
  • 4 induction and electronic meters
  • 5 Which is better: an electronic or inductive?
  • 6 Recommendations for choosing
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Energy companies in various ways force their customers to conduct replacement of old electricity meter.The question of how to choose the electric meter appears at full power system replacement house or apartment during the overhaul and in many other cases.The new equipment for measuring the amount of energy consumed has a number of features that need to be taken into account when choosing.A distinctive feature is the class of accuracy: the old model does not take into account the power consumption of small capacity, the new have a delicate design and monitor the power consumption of equipment which is in standby mode.

single-phase or three-phase

first selection criterion - the number of phases.Many consider the question of how to choose a single-phase electricity meter for the reason that there is only one phase in the majority of cases of domestic destination network.However, it is likely that you need to connect a three-phase embodiment.


If carried out replacement of old equipment to determine the number of phases as follows:

  1. On old counter marking 220 V or 230 V must be applied to V. This feature means that only one phase of the network.
  2. If the marking is represented by the value of 220/380 V or 230 / 400V need to choose a three-phase embodiment.

If you have not previously been found to counter, you can determine the number of phases for the marking of the distribution board or need to seek advice from the energy service.

Maximum current

important parameter can be called the value of the maximum current (Amps) .If considering how to choose the electricity meter, be sure to consider this option.

Operating Current - an indicator that determines the size of the load, which will be held at keeping energy consumption.If you select this indicator should take into account the nuances stated below:

  1. Definition of the indicator is conducted by marking the opening of the circuit breaker.
  2. If the circuit breaker has a record 40 A, then choose the electric meter with load indicator to 60 A. If the marking
  3. breaker contains information in the form of a range, for example, from 40 to 100 A, then fit the equipment to count the electricity consumed 100 A.

Similarly, you can answer the question of how to choose the electricity meter in the apartment in terms of the value of the maximum current.

attachment method

Another important design feature is the way you can spend her mount.Often, the body has a pattern of fastening with three screws, but in some cases there is a DIN-rail.Before you select should pay attention to a method of securing a better fit.When searching for an answer to the question of what is best for electricity meters apartment, you should pay attention to where it will be installed.

induction and electronic meters

3 phase electric meter Mercury

-phase counter

If we consider that some electric meter better put, it should be noted that such equipment is divided into two main categories: induction and electric.

The special features include the induction of the embodiment:

  1. presence of two coils: current and voltage.
  2. creates a magnetic field between the two coils makes the disk to spin.
  3. higher performance current and voltage, the drive will spin faster and therefore energy consumption rate will be significantly higher.

problems of this embodiment can be called that achieve their manufacturing accuracy class above 2 is very difficult.However, the service life of the structure under consideration is more than 15 years.That is why when searching for an answer to the question what single-phase electricity meters is better, you can find advice on the purchase of the induction.According to a statistics, more than 50 million of these options are used in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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E can be called a modern approach to the issue of measurement of energy consumption.Their work is based on direct measurement of the amount of energy consumed and the withdrawal of this information in electronic form.What better to put electricity meters in the apartment?E have the following advantages:

  1. Small dimensions.
  2. High class accuracy.
  3. Displaying information in numerical form.
  4. It is possible to turn on the equipment in the automated power supply system.
  5. opportunity to change readings are virtually absent.

Also, many think , a two-tariff electricity meter to choose for the house?E-type is more suitable for the task of counting the spent electricity, taking into account time-based separation rates.The only drawback of this embodiment - high sensitivity to stress.

Which is better: an electronic or inductive?

Each Option has a number of advantages and disadvantages.On the issue of , a counter power to choose for private homes abroad have encountered before in Russia.That is why you can pay attention to the choices made abroad.

Initially, many people began to purchase electronic versions is the replacement.Until a few years ago about 95% of the installed meters were consumed energy electronic type.However, the low reliability of the design led to the fact that in England after a while the percentage established by induction and electronic meters was 40 to 60.

In conclusion, when considering , any electric meter better put, electronic or inductive, we note that many manufacturers of electronicThey give it a lifespan of up to 15 years.Yet none of them worked for the stated time, due to the fact that so many years ago, they were not allowed.Many induction versions worked for about 50 years and after such a long term fit into the specified accuracy parameters.

Recommendations for choosing

electricity meter What to choose?Holds elections should be taking into account also the following nuances:

  1. Increased accuracy class leads to a significant rise in the cost structure.If it is 1 or 0.5, the construction cost is very high due to the complexity of its creation.For home use electric meter -class enough accuracy class 2.0.
  2. Counting on several tariffs - a nice addition, which is true only in certain cases.Therefore, to acquire such a scenario execution is not always profitable.
  3. When you purchase is necessary to pay attention only to the production of well-known manufacturers.To reduce the cost of construction, some manufacturers use cheap kit, which significantly reduces the length of service.If you do not want to do repairs through one or more years after the installation, you should choose the products of famous manufacturers.

In conclusion, when considering -Choose the electricity for the house, we can conclude: for domestic use is enough to get construction of the resolution with accuracy class 2 and better than 1, E-type with an indicator of operating current of 50 A. -60 amps from a reputable manufacturer.

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