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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to repair your own chandelier


  • 1 method exception cliff
  • 2 How to repair the fixture with his hands
  • 3 wiring diagrams Check
    • 3.1 Conclusion

situation when you comehome turn on lights, and in response darkness occurs quite frequently.Press the Power button, it becomes clear that something is broken inside the lighting system.Perhaps the lamp burns out, the contacts open, breaking in the chandelier, to determine at a glance really, only the most visible broken incandescent bulbs by looking at it against the light.We go by process of elimination, changing a light bulb, the silence.

likely breaking inside.How to Repair a crystal chandelier is not yet clear, but sometimes it just needs to know.After analyzing the situation, looking for the lamp, and in the daytime, the tool.We start the repair process.

elimination method cliff

not excluded that the failure occurred not in the chandelier, but to her, in the chain.Can break down the switch itself, burn electricity supply wire.Check need the whole chain, from the safety relay in the distribution board, the contacts in the cartridge.

  • must start with a visual inspection.Inspect the automatic switch at the bottom of the lever position (off), try to turn it on.It responds to short circuit in the chain.You can not put him in position, inclusive, so the circuit is closed until now.
  • Normal machine lock switch in the up position indicates that the circuit at the moment.It may appear during operation.Turn off the switch, change the lighting element in the chandelier and turn the whole circuit again from the machine to the switch.Electricity is not received, check the next.Do not forget to turn off the relay operator.
  • check the unit for distribution board, turn the switch.Modern switches are usually equipped with lighting, to see if it burns.If there is no display, or it flashes, it is necessary to revise and there.

    Types of electrical machines

    Types of electric machines

Important: Do not attempt to lock the safety switch in the up position (on), it is dangerous.Perhaps fire wiring in place of circuit.

  • Remove the keys using a screwdriver with an insulated to disassemble switch
  • Release fastening screws and remove the switch and check the contacts for fractures, burnouts wires.

switch mounting screws check the contacts on the fracture

  • Before renovate crystal chandelier, check that it can be multiple lighting groups, then put double switch into two groups, for example, one lamp plus two.Check the order.Visually intact, install back, if not, carry out repairs.

How to repair the fixture with his hands

    inspecting the circuit and spending some audit work in the panel, switch, try to figure out how to repair itself chandelier.

example, trёhrozhkovy option chandelier with crystal elements.Before repaired chandelier, prepare: a thin screwdriver with Phillips tip, the second need a flat, tester, insulation tape, a soldering iron with a set where rosin and tin is present.A small piece of sandpaper, knife.Driving trёhrozhkovoy chandeliers also does not hurt during the repair.Repair cartridge chandeliers better to start with the place where the light bulbs screwed.

cartridge consists of several parts:.

  1. tube with a thread of 40 mm, which is screwed into the lighting element.

    electric cartridge contacts

    loose socket

  2. Porcelain insert with the contact group.
  3. housing with a seat within the group and externally threaded to the tube.

repair chandeliers with their hands is logical to start with them, which often occurs scorching contacts with caps loose contact with the contact group.Repair chandeliers cartridge is carried out in two stages, first remove all the decorations of crystal, twisting the lamp, and then begin a cartridge repair.

Let us examine everything to screw:

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  • Troubleshooting cartridge is easy to hold.Unscrew the top of the cartridge with a thread for the lamps.Do it all at once on the horns chandeliers.Remove decorations from crystal.
  • Look integrity of all the threads if there are any points of a short circuit.If there is a fix with the help of a fine (200 grit) sandpaper.
  • Inspect the cartridge contact group consisting of antennae.The presence of soot, remove the knife, sandpaper, if any.

    Check the quality of the contact group

    Check the quality of the contact group

  • Having hooked a screw-driver with a flat end of the ceramic sleeve, remove it from the cartridge housing.If it is disassembled.Check wires, they must be tightened with screws to the back of ceramic.Dark color contacts or screws, said that contact was weak, tighten the screws holding the wires.Now you can collect.
  • Enable automatic switch, switch.Take the light, put on the test voltage (220 V), check the electricity supply "phase" and "zero", referring to contacts within the cartridge, thread and mustache.The indicator will show whether there is electricity.With rounds finished, and you receive electricity indicator react.If not, go to the junction box chandeliers or her control.

Check wiring diagram

simple lighting device does not require much expertise, is another matter repair chandeliers with manual control.In the usual scheme trёhrozhkovoy chandeliers you will have three wires at the outlet of the ceiling.Two wires phase, one blue zero.

To begin with, deal with wires.No Does the cliff line.Make it

Wiring harness to the chandelier

Wiring harness to the chandelier

simple.The scheme works as before.Check the contacts in the group, on the board, if it exists, or twisting, exposing the wires.Determine which wires go to the specific lamps.Insulating tape must be removed at the same time.There is a break of contact, eliminate, spend isolation.Everything should work. Do not forget to turn off the electricity supply when working with a soldering iron.

Repair with control chandeliers require a bit more time.Turning off the power supply.Check the wires, whether they are safe.Before repaired chandelier with remote control, you must check two wires, remaining on the site of the old rocker switch, sometimes the connection is oxidized.Then take a soldering iron, tin and rosin propaivaem contact.

Driving chandelier with remote control

scheme chandelier with remote control

switch can leave the old place, when it will be switched on.It all depends on the type of the remote device.To repair chandelier with remote control requires one tester and screwdriver.Sometimes repair crystal chandelier, it is necessary to remove itself completely.We need access to the controller.

Using the attached diagram indicating the location of the contacts, conduct a thorough inspection of the regulator.Most manufacturers specify the network wiring scheme and connect directly to the Controller chandeliers.In case of failure and try to eliminate the chain to connect.Should everything work, the possible failure of the circuit board, to the block we have eliminated.

remote control unit

troubleshooting, not visually determine the unit regulating lighting, have to replace new Controller.All commands from the remote control, he takes it.


As you can see, nothing complicated in the chandelier repair, with their hands not, you can do it without any problems.Almost all possible remedies considered breakdowns, minor faults can deliver a lot of trouble.The most common of them, break contact, podgar at the junction of the device and relay sockets, switches.Trite can sit battery control panel power.

All work carried out by specially insulated tools, use rubber gloves.

After a simple operation, saving the family budget, you get valuable experience.It is only occasionally should call the service to invite the master, when you just do not have the tool at the wrong time, holiday or anniversary.