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August 12, 2017 18:08

The height of the installation of sockets and switches , the Standard and European standard


  • 1 Set to European standards, guests or convenience
  • 2 Recommendations for the installation of wiring devices
  • 3 Ideal installation sockets
    • 3.1 What to look for whenselecting outlets

it is clear that the installation of sockets and switches in the room in most cases determines the degree of comfort.It is equally important to their optimum height distance from the point of view of convenience, it assumes normal operation available.This would not violate their functional purpose, especially in the interior of the existing arrangement of household elektropriborov.Standartnost installation of sockets and switches includes 100 centimeters or 50 centimeters away from the floor of the device.In this model convenient use sockets and switches do not have to be called.It is for this reason that most owners own apartment trying to replace the old wiring on a new one with a different installation of sockets and switches.Changing the distance, you can increase the ease of use of sockets and switches.

Set to European standards, guests or convenience

Install sockets and switches by European standards, a good idea.But at the same time, it is limited to the general requirements, which are so successfully replaced the Soviet standard installation of sockets and switches to a new, so to speak European standard.

European standard sockets are installed at a height of 0.3 meters, and the switch unit must be at a height of not less than and not less than 0.9 meters from the floor base.Additionally, at various points in our country may set standard height slightly, but still differ.The height of the installation of sockets and switches here can be as small as the total distance for the European standards and more.

But Seriously.The fact is that there is no set of European standards in relation to the installation height of sockets and switches.

electrical installations rules, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of IEC standards just mentioned about the possibility of installing power outlets at a convenient distance from the floor, which can be found in the Rules gl.6.6.30 electrical installations.

It is for this reason that during the installation work on the installation of devices have to be guided by ease of operation.But it does not violate the developed and approved by the relevant height restriction in patients with generally accepted regulations.That is, the rules that are associated not only with the location of outlets and switches, but also with the safety and with regard to the installation of wiring and wiring devices.(RB-7 Internal gl.7.1.48-7.1.54 electrical equipment).

mounting height of switches and sockets

mounting height of switches and sockets

Recommendations for the installation of wiring devices

But in regard to the Soviet standards, ease of installation of sockets and switches is quite doubtful.As shown, the previously used standard does not meet the conditions of convenient operation, which is not the notorious European standards, which was more suitable than the old Soviet GOST for us.

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A convenience outlets and switches installed at the entrance to the room must be no higher than the level of the lowered arms of the adult user of average height.And it is directly mounted sockets and switches standard distance from the entrance to the room.This is in order to be able to quickly find the device, even in the dark.

Of course, it should be noted that the set point in accordance mounted electrical standards in accordance with the convenience of their use.Just take fully adhere to the distance and height of 0.3 meters for the outlet and about 9 meters for the switches as needed and the height should not be a true standard.

addition, premises with a large area to control its lighting, it is best to install sockets and switches in different parts of the room.For these purposes communicating switches.Naturally, it is very difficult to get into the room in the dark, so that, for example, find the switch and turn on the light.location of switches and sockets boards

Ideal installation sockets

Therefore, the most appropriate option is to install the sockets to the absence disables leakage current device, ie devices difavtomami, RCD, which is directly connected to the rooms with bathrooms.Thus all electrical devices, this applies to both outlets and switches for household appliances such as washing machines, where there is the need for their removal to the outside, for example, on the wall in the hallway.

In addition, special attention should be paid to those places in the kitchen, where there are the largest number of electrical appliances.It is meant installation of sockets, the table in the kitchen where it is possible and it is necessary to install a couple of spare outlets.In this case, the most common option is the distance in the vicinity of 10-15 centimeters from the countertop of the kitchen table.The number of outlets must be installed on a maximum polzovanie.Eto provide a convenient means designing the repair should take into account ease of use, common sense and the requirements in accordance with the regulations.

What to look for when choosing outlets

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