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August 12, 2017 18:08

Prosekatel this speed and economy


  • 1 device Prosekatel for drywall constructions
  • 2 principle of operation of the device
  • 3 Choice ticks to connect Profile
  • 4 What are commercially available tool for a profile?

Building walls of plasterboard or other material on frame technology requires the use of metal sheets.But how to speed up the work process, thus achieving maximum quality and reliability of connections.The more that the use of the screwdriver is not always convenient, not to mention the time spent on screwing each screw.

today actively in the construction of buildings or decoration, or even build structures inside it is actively used is such a wonderful tool as Prosekatel.It is also different compounds called pliers profile or skrepprofil.This tool has the following advantages over traditional methods of construction compounds metal Profile:

Application Prosekatel

Application Prosekatel

  • High performance. Just two clicks, it spends only a few seconds, you get a two-piece construction bond.
  • High reliability
    .Prosekatel openings have proven themselves good because for a few seconds turns solid connection of structural elements capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • Usability tool.Prosekatel for the profile does not require special skills when using only a force when pressing need for its stable operation.
  • Economy. pliers profile does not require metalware elements for fastening steel (screws, screws, bolts, etc.).
  • High quality surface after use of the tool. Due to the robust design and powerful device at the junction is not formed folds and failure, which eliminates the possibility of bias in the whole structure or protruding sheets of drywall.

device Prosekatel for drywall constructions

The device Prosekatel

Prosekatel device profiles drywall

Prosekatel pliers Profile is a rather complex mechanical device consisting of a large number of components:

  1. bracket with two legs inwhich has a focus with a recess;
  2. movable handle, which is mechanically connected to the lever and punch;
  3. fixed handle, which is securely attached to the bracket.

There is also a loop for easy storage in a tool-state information, the moving axes, enabling the movement of the working bodies and more.

in quality tools for the manufacture of its design is applied chrome-vanadium alloys that provide high strength and durability.Therefore, the choice is worth it to pay attention.

This model is more convenient and allows you to fasten the profile in the corner joints.

The principle of operation of the device

Regardless of the design of any Prosekatel for connecting profiles has the same operating principle:

When pressed on the movable arm comes forward movement of the punch, which is resting on the profile, pushes it through and abuts the stop.Its structure is made such that the curled edge of the hole, thus providing a reliable and durable connection.

degree of pressing depends on the force transmitted to the punch.Therefore, the design provides long levers and knobs or more gears, providing the necessary effort.

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Choice ticks to connect Profile

How does Prosekatel to connect the profiles found.Further, it is necessary to consider the commercially available versions of this tool.After all, today there are many companies that manufacture building tool.At the same time all the workmanship will be different, because someone has focused on quantity, thereby offering less reliable mechanisms, but cheaper.But when buying this kind of devices do not save, because the cheap acquisition of two units would entail high costs, plus more added here and the constant torment to him.

What are commercially available tool for a profile?

Before you figure out what is best for Prosekatel connection profiles, you must familiarize yourself with the available models of this tool.

Today in sale is a wide variety of Prosekatel a profile, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.Consider some of the most popular models of this extraordinary instrument:

  1. Prosekatel Pliers company KNAUF, a photo of which is presented below.They are one of the simplest models of this tool.What does and uncomplicated design.Structurally, they are made up of only three parts:

    Prosekatel company KNAUF

    Prosekatel company KNAUF

  • bracket fixed to the handle;
  • movable handle with a transmission mechanism;
  • punch.

Simple design shows its reliability and practicality.Therefore, this model will be an excellent option for frequent use.

  1. Prosekatel for drywall profile from "KB Prok" photo is presented below.They also have quite a simple structure and reliable mechanical connection, allowing you to work with him for a long time.The technical parameters of the unit are:

    Prosekatel KP- proc

    Prosekatel KP-proc

  • prosekayut Profile width from 28 to 100 mm;
  • Profile thickness 0,55-0,7 mm.

material manufacturing device is a structural steel.

This model is only suitable for direct connection profiles and only used for partitions

  1. Another fairly common type is Prosekatel a profile for gypsum board from the company Knipexmodeli kn-9042340.Photos of this instrument is given below.Also, they are sufficiently robust mechanism as evidenced by used in their manufacture thick-walled metal.Excellent may be suitable for a short stint with the wall profile.
Prosekatel kn- 9042340

Prosekatel kn-9042340

  1. great interest among professionals has Prosekatel for EDMULTRAPROFIL profile.French manufacturer guarantees high quality and practicality of the tool.He sold complete with interchangeable dies for different thicknesses of metal.Photography Unit is presented below.The device is equipped with an adjustable depth profile bracket, due to two special screws.The quality of the material used high-quality structural steel.Convenient universal model.

    Prosekatel EDMA ULTRA PROFIL

    Prosekatel EDM ULTRA PROFIL

It bears will also be a video about Prosekatel to connect profiles.It tells how to use this machine, and which of two similar devices more reliable and productive.Thanks Prosekatel, drywall compound profile occurs without the use of screws work is faster and more economical.For more information about the secrets of working with a profile.