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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to put warm floor under the parquet

A warm floor under the parquet photo choosing flooring, you first need to pay attention to the resistance of wood to changes in temperature and humidity, from which it is made.An unsuitable parquet, during operation can lead to the appearance of cracks.By resistant wood species include oak, Doussie, Merbau.So we should not lay parquet too large thickness.Because of this, a growing need for a much greater heating capacity and install more underfloor heating.The following site is renovated apartment with his hands prepared a video tutorial for installing the floor.

envisaged beforehand to heating power per square meter had no more than 100W.Select the desired system, for this read articles assembling of the electric floor heating with their own hands and the installation of water floor heating instructions with photos and video materials.

Before laying the parquet humidity should be minimum.Somewhere around 5%.If you want to make drying.The room temperature should be the same as the temperature of the parquet.To do this, it needs to be pre-positioned in the room, without removing from the package.Humidity of the room in which will be performed laying, should be around 50%.

As a basis for the parquet, using a cement or gypsum screeds.In this process, the most important is the proper preparation of the surface.After the application of the screed, it must be suitably dry.This occurs for three weeks.The first few days there is increase in temperature by 5 ° C every day.Once reached 24 ° C temperature, it must be retained for two weeks.After this period, the temperature decrease produced by 5 ° C every day, until it reaches 15 ° C.Then you can start the installation work.

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before the very process of laying, make sure that the screed is flat, clean, firm and dry.If the height difference is not more than 2 mm at 2 m, the floor can be considered flat.For small drops are used for leveling putty.If significant differences, align them, resorting to self-leveling solutions.The strength of the screed for laying parquet should be about 20 N / mm2.In case of insufficient strength may cracking.Check the strength of the screed can be spent on it with a sharp object.If you do not remain with the clear strip crumbling, the strength is sufficient.If all the requirements are applied primer.The process of applying is indicated in the instructions of use.

mainly for bonding parquet use polyurethane adhesives because they are sufficiently flexible.During operation, maintain an adequate temperature and humidity conditions for each type of wood from which the parquet is made, and it will serve you for a long time.

Video install floor heating with his hands