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August 12, 2017 18:08

Working with a file

Working with a file photo Working with tools to repair their own apartments.Purpose and work with a file

Assigning a file

Filing - sample from the surface of the top layer items.When filing Files used various kinds.Each of them on the working surface has a notch in which the metal layer is removed.Files are composed of body, nose, and the heel of the shank.Files may have a different cross section, such as rectangular, square, circular, semi-circular, triangular.Files square designed to handle rectangular surfaces.Files rectangular section are universal, they can be used to bring virtually any surface, including the fitting.Files semicircular section used for processing the concave surfaces.Files with a triangular cross section are used for finishing of holes having a triangular cross section, and angles.Files with a circular cross section suitable for circular holes.There are also special files, which can have an oval, or diamond-shaped cross section in the shape of a sword.

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Kinds and types of files

Files are single and double notch.The first filing to perform more complicated due to the fact that it removes the metal layer in the form of chips.Files also having a second cut grinds chips, turning it into dust.The metal surface can be opilivat two ways: roughing and finishing.Finish filing is performed personal file, having a length of 125-450 mm.Rough filing carried bastard file, having the same length.Thereafter, the treated surface is brought fine file, having a length of 125-250 mm.

work with a file are also used for finishing the gaps, slots, planes, grooves.In addition, they can be used to give the metal parts required size and shape, finish the edges of parts, etc. To sawdust detail correctly filing perform cross way:.. First file is moved from left to right and then from right to left.To check how exactly sawdust detail to the workpiece surface is applied a line or polygon.In that case, if a straight plane and no gaps, then all is correct.That is the purpose of a file.Our article has helped you hope.

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