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August 12, 2017 18:06

Assembly instructions siding with their own hands

Assembly instructions siding with their own hands

last time in the skin as a brick and wooden houses use siding, so many will be wondering how to assemble siding with their own hands.

Siding - a modern material that allows you to quickly and inexpensively oblitsevat outside of any building and give it a nice and neat appearance.

Use siding started at the beginning of the last century in Canada and America.

Did siding is made of wood and stones they mainly popular frame houses there.

Today siding is made from a variety of materials - steel, aluminum, and vinyl.

most popular and affordable option considered vinyl siding, which can look like stone, brick, wood or timber.

It is produced from polyvinyl chloride, and various plasticizers, allowing the material gives a very strong and durable.

How to install the siding, look at the video:



  • Features vinyl siding
  • Types siding
  • wall cladding technology siding
    • Preparing walls
    • Mounting batten
    • Mount sidingto crate

Features vinyl siding

to Stone house correctly this material, it is necessary to know its basic characteristics.What are the pros and cons of a vinyl siding?


  • this material does not rot, does not soak moisture, it does not rust;
  • weight siding is very small, so the building decoration will not be any load on the foundation and walls;
  • installation is quite simple, so you can attach your own hands, and in a short time;
  • not fade in the sun;
  • life of very large manufacturers give fifty-year warranty on the material;
  • attach this coating can be on any surface - brick, wood, cinder block, sandstone, and more.


  • the combustible material, and even despite the fact that manufacturers have recently introduced into the siding components of fire, he is still flammable;
  • at very low temperatures it becomes brittle, it begins to crumble if you live in a region where winter temperatures often drop to -20 degrees and below, there is not advisable to use the siding;
  • also not desirable to mount the material on the wall at a temperature below 10 degrees, as it becomes brittle.


siding Siding under a log.Panels under the logs and boards recently very popular.

The log may have a variety of colors, everyone can choose the finishes to your taste.

House, decorated by a log siding, look very natural and naturally.


panels under the beam perfectly fit into the design garden or country house.

If you build a house in the style of the country or alpine lodge, the log will be an excellent design option.

Siding under a stone.Siding under a stone make your home a respectable and refined.

panels imitating stone is used as a lining for the whole house and it is only the lower part - the foundation.

Siding under a stone can be combined with other panels - a brick or a log.

Some experts combine the finishing of the house two or three kinds of panels under a rock to give a very unusual solutions.


Siding under a stone can be painted in different colorsas well as to represent the texture of different stones - granite, marble, sandstone, travertine.

Siding under a brick.This option can be used as panels for small cottages, and large country houses.

These panels are also made in different colors.Look beautiful combination of panels under a brick with a stone panels.

technology wall cladding siding

material produced bands whose width is 20 - 25 cm and a length of 4 m

Before starting to work on the house wall, you should calculate the amount of material that needs to be purchased..

preliminary calculation can save the amount of siding and accessories and do not buy too much.

manufacturers of this material are also offered to buy the necessary hardware and fasteners, which will be useful for lining.

Preparing walls

great advantage of such a lining is that the walls of the house do not need in any way to prepare for work.

If you mount the siding on a metal frame, or crate, the wall surface can be anything.


Before mounting the cover to remove the dirt surface of the walls, the old lining, as well as all protruding elements - trim, skirting, drains, lighting fixtures, curtain rods.

If the wall has potholes, cracks or large bumps, then they should be leveled with cement mortar.

If you do not do this, then in the cracks and holes will be collected moisture that winter will freeze and lead to further destruction of the walls of the house.

If the house is built of wood, the walls of his need to clean up from the mold and mildew, and then treat the wood with special protective antiseptic deep penetration, which will protect the wood from rot and fungus damage.

Preparation for installation of walls with his own hands in the video section.

Mounting batten

When the walls of the house visually look very smooth, many wonder whether the need in such a case, crate, or you can attach the siding is not just walls.

Experts say that the crate should be fastened at all times.

Crate used for fastening the panels.Exterior cladding will directly depend on the quality of crates.


Before you mount the frame, you need to check whether you have straight walls.

Crate also becomes necessary if you want to oblitsevat not only construction, but also to insulate it.

For fastening the material to the wall erected crate, which is used for metal profiles or wooden slats.

Metal frame made of aluminum profiles and wooden beams from 20 to 40 mm.

wood for the frame is required to process a special antiseptic.

If you have chosen the option a wooden frame, the beam length must be greater than the height of the walls.

It will not be necessary to interconnect the boards, which will make the design more robust.

beam for the frame must be well dried, so that after the construction of the frame and cladding boards are not distorted.

wood humidity can not be higher than 12 - 15%.The use of low-quality wood can cause the lining will pursue and crack over time.

Therefore, it is better, despite the high cost, making the metal frame.

should know that for the one-siding in any case it is necessary to use a metal frame, as this part of the frame is close to the ground and moisture.

Mounting frame with your hands, you can look at our video.

If the frame is metal, you will need to purchase a CD galvanized profile with ribs, sides, it should be the point of folds and sunken, which increases its strength.

The frame cladding siding

thickness galvanized from 0.4 to 0.55.

Crate is attached to the vertical wall.With the square and the water level should be checked whether the crate fastened correctly.

Begin installation with angular vertical guide from the left corner of the house.

Then secure the bearing lower profile and angular side crates, which should be strictly vertical.

Experts recommend installing crate with a step of 30 - 40 cm, depending on what will be the length of the trim strips.

should also mount a crate around windows and doors.Furthermore, additional rails are fixed as for sinks, various communications, lighting.

In the process of facing your own hands often also insulated and waterproofing walls, gables and plinth, which glass wool, rock wool or foam is placed between the guide frame.

is important to know that the insulated space between the liner and the wall should be well ventilated.

Ventilation need to under the siding does not rot occurred.Therefore, putting a heater, it should also pave ventilated channels.

Fixing the siding to furring

When installing the coating on the walls with his own hands, base and gable construction, should adhere to the basic rules.

First of all, should be considered the property of the material to expand and contract in the warmth in sub-zero temperatures.

If you attach the material in the winter, between the panels need to leave a gap of 8 - 10 mm for expansion.In summer, the gap may be 6 mm.

To attach siding to the frame using a special mounting hardware:

  • corner straps on the outer and inner corners;
  • carrying strap which is installed at the bottom;
  • profiles covering uneven edge panels are decorated;
  • profiles for finishing windows and doors, sills;
  • fittings for facing gable - flexible profiles for windows, chamfers, soffits.

panels themselves and all related accessories must be mounted on galvanized screws.

Spinning them in the panel should be loose, between the cap and the surface of the siding should be a distance of 11 mm.This clearance for expansion upon heating the material.

start fixing strips should be moving from the bottom up, if you use a horizontal siding, and left for vertical cladding.

When you attach the vinyl siding with their own hands, you hear a click, which indicates that the panel is installed tightly and securely.

Mount siding with their hands in the video.