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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to quickly change / update the interior of the apartment with his hands ?


  • 1 stele carpet on the floor
  • 2 Quickly decorate windows and doors in the apartment
  • 3 device suspended ceilings
  • 4 Making the panels in the living room
  • 5 Updatefurniture - put on covers
  • 6 attention to detail

How to quickly change / update the interior of the apartment with his hands photo for radical and rapid changes or updates to the interior of the apartment, does not necessarily make repairs.There are other, simpler ways to help just a few days to embellish and change the interior beyond recognition.Let us examine a little trick on the turn.

stele carpet on the floor

No need to wait for the floor covering will become worthless.Spread the carpet with your own hands and you immediately Transform your interior.And its broad range, a huge variety of textures and colors, allows you to pick up under any style of interior.

most persistent and, simultaneously, is considered a soft carpet, which is made of polyamide (nylon).His life of 10-15 years.But, for those who prefer natural materials, more suitable for the coating of sisal.

Sellers recommend before purchasing carefully measure the room, then calculate its area and add a margin of 10-15%.This amount of material will provide an opportunity not only to consider all the angles at the floor, but also will supply the material to the case of "operational replacement."

also need to worry about the substrate under the carpet.It is necessary to create a protective cushion and align the floor.If a lot of heavy furniture, then pay attention to the floor tiles of the carpet in the room.Not necessarily cover the entire floor to it, it is possible only on problem areas.

Quickly decorate windows and doors in the apartment

Do not rush to buy new curtains.Much more interesting is the interior can be done by getting rid of all the curtains.And in their place to hang curtains or blinds role.You'll be surprised how much more spacious look so flat.Do not forget what colors are combined in the interior of the room, make a careful selection.

Interior doors with glass inserts, too quickly and easily you can transform, without compromising them.If you stick to the glass electrostatic image, you get a beautiful imitation of stained glass.So we quickly update all the doors and windows of the apartment.

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device suspended ceilings

In that case, if some of the rooms the ceiling lost its form, it is not necessary to contrive his whitewashing or pasting wallpaper.It will take a lot of time, and the desire to change the interior will become a real repair.

Much faster and easier to order the ceilings.A team of skilled workers will install it literally for 3-4 hours, it is much faster than the installation of a suspended ceiling of plasterboard with their hands.You will be left to choose the right color and material stretch ceiling.Just be sure to find out, is not "sweat" if the selected material - some models of stretch ceilings condense moisture, which can be an unpleasant surprise.

Making panels in the living room

To avoid the replacement of wallpaper in the living room or prokraski, it is better to keep a diversion tactic.The most advantageous place is home, the front wall of the room.Try as much as possible to free it from furniture.There will be a good place for the "highlight of the program."For example, wallpapers, author mosaic, made with his own hands, or a set of decorative panels made by frescoes or just with a picture.

Update furniture - put on covers

If the furniture has lost original form, it does not necessarily make hauling furniture.This will result in a tidy sum, and last long.

Faster and cheaper to "restoration" of furniture with the help of ready-made slipcovers.Obmerte furniture, and boldly go to the store for a new "clothing".It does not matter if the covers are slightly larger, they will also look good.And the main task you choose: quickly change the interior room and it instantly transformed.

attention to detail

you have already done so much, and the interior of the room is still something missing?Then carefully look around, maybe do not have enough details to give the interior and completeness.For example, colorful blankets and pillows to help "revive" even the most ordinary sofa.Or completing the interior will give a decorative folding screen.Maybe you need to review the lighting in the interior, pick up the lamp.Or just do not have indoor plants.In principle, the hands is done several days.