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August 12, 2017 18:08

Thermal insulation foam , particularly its use


  • 1 What makes it so popular?What are the positive and negative characteristics inherent foam?
  • 2 Methods wall insulation foam
  • 3 foam insulated floor

with rising coolant becomes relevant question of economy.One way to reduce space heating costs - use heaters.The most common heat-insulating material in our time began to foam.Thermal insulation properties, relative cheapness and ease of application make it possible to use it as an individual, yet in a public building.

What makes it so popular?What are the positive and negative characteristics inherent foam?

material from which the foam is made - is a mass of foam, inside filled with air.Due to this, the density of it is lower than in the raw material, which reduces weight and increases the sound and thermal insulation.

use of different types of raw materials for the manufacture of foam affects its density and resistance to mechanical stress.From the density depends on the volume of gas inside the and thus its ability to retain heat.More density - less gas and leaves less insulation.But at the same time it increases its strength.

Methods wall foam insulation

Consider two ways, the use of foam as insulation:

  • Wall insulation from the outside;
  • floor insulation;
  • Wall insulation inside.

foam - this is one of the best materials for the thermal insulation of the walls outside.In addition, he is the most economical.Resistant to moisture, it has excellent heat-saving quality and is not exposed to microorganisms.The foam as insulation is the most effective material for insulation of walls, roofs, ceilings and floors in residential and office buildings.Therefore, the insulation foam (Styrofoam) is used for 30 years.

is important to remember that when burning autumn toxic and emits black smoke.

Step by step guide wall insulation foam outside

  1. Before wall insulation is necessary to determine the quadrature of the object, calculate materials.You can then start to work.
  2. foam is better to choose density of 35 5 cm. Thick.Before pasting the foam, apply primer to the surface of the base to improve adhesion.Primer consumption is approximately 200 g per 1m2.Primers are used solely for internal work.For example, for this purpose suitable Ceresit ST-17, Siltek E-100 and the like. D.
  3. Mounting foam made using dry adhesive mixtures.Their consumption is equal to about 6 kg / m2.Recommended solutions for gluing foam - Ceresit CT-83 and T-Siltek 85.Kleyaschuyu mixture should be applied ribbed spatula across the surface of the foam to better grasp the base.You must use a dowel (umbrellas), good for fixing the foam on the wall.Find out more how you can further strengthen plates using foam and other mounting options.
  4. Once the foam is attached to the base, comes the process of reinforcement of insulation.This requires reinforcing mixture and fiberglass mesh.Recommended mixtures for reinforcement Ceresit CT-85 and T-Siltek 87.Armiruyuschuyu mixture is applied with a spatula on a ribbed plastic foam sheet.It pressed fiberglass mesh, which is overwritten ordinary trowel.
  5. final stage of warming the house is the choice of the facade design.
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for facades, you can use decorative plaster "bark."To do this, start the coating is treated with primer for decorative works, for example, Ceresit CT-16.On the primed starting layer is applied decorative plaster "bark", the grain fraction which is most often picked up to 2.5 mm.After some time after application, when the plaster dries out a bit, made the formation of invoices.The fraction is distributed in a circular motion over the surface of a plastic spatula.After drying again primed, for example, Ceresit CT-17.Next facade paint in the desired color.The result is a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing facade that will last for many years.

Being an excellent insulating material, foam is not only used for thermal insulation of the walls, but also the roof, basement walls, ceilings, foundations.But its use for thermal insulation of the walls on the inside can lead to undesirable consequences.The reason for this is in violation of heat and moisture accumulating inside the walls.In this case it is important to calculate the dew point.Otherwise, as a result this may lead to delamination and formation of fungus.For these purposes the use of mineral wool.

Important!Insulated polystyrene foam and wooden houses can not be.House ceases to breathe and moisture is formed as a result of the board and turn black mold appears.

foam insulated floor

rather important point, while performing work on warming house, considered the elimination of the possibility of heat loss through the floor.Since the level of heat loss in this case can reach 30%, it is necessary not only to carry out its quality finish in the regeneration of the floor, but also to take care of proper insulation.An excellent option in this situation, will the floor insulation foam.

main reason that in any room, the temperature near the ceiling is higher than the floor surface, the floor is a low temperature.This is explained by this factor, as a rule, so that all have a connection to the overlap Plates of balconies and the house facing the street elements.Due to the use of foam insulation in the floor, it is possible to increase the temperature and lower the heat loss in the room.

floor Thermal insulation with foam plastic, is often compared with the method of insulation lightweight aggregate.Comparing these two methods, it is noticeable that, when you touch the floor, insulation foam, felt the heat, and in the case of lightweight aggregate - on the contrary, the coolness, and the temperature of the floor, and in fact, and in another case, will have the same performance.

Another advantage of using large enough foam insulation in the form of sexual that height of the room, in this case, virtually no change and the thermal properties are improved.Using ties of lightweight aggregate, significantly reduce the height of the room.

The easiest and cheapest method of insulation foam facade of the house.Watch the video.