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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculating the amount of grout for a tile


  • 1 How to use online calculator?
  • 2 calculations manually
  • 3 consumption and calculation of grout

grout manufacturers suggest the approximate amount of material used for jointers tile joints.As for the beginner as well as for the master first need to calculate the right amount of grout to perform quality work on time.To do this, there are many methods based on the physical formulas.Online calculator for grouting tile will do the job for a few seconds.

How to use online calculator?

in a given table should be lead indicators of the length, width, thickness of the tiles and the joint width and density of the grout.Press the "Calculate" button and get instant effective results.Of course in the table does not take into account errors of the interest (uneven tiles Cutting to the pipes, the state of the surface of the lining).Only individually wizard will advance to eliminate minor errors, as well as simulate the result in an advantageous position.Thus, to calculate the amount of grout for a tile is not difficult, and most importantly, quickly and efficiently.

calculation type

Select the type raschetaUniversalny

tile format (mm) Select format tiles
Joint width (mm) Select stitch width
Square paving (sq.m.)
consumption grout (kg / sq.m.)
required amount of grout (kg)

calculations manually

also not to pay twice and economically put the finishing tile, can be used to calculate the following formula:

x = (A + B) * H * W * P / (A * B), where A - the length of the tiles, width B, thickness H, W-width seam between tiles, P - density of the grout.

The result will be more accurate with a small expanse of no seams.And for better and efficient counting is better to use a calculator for flow grout joints.It is used more precise and complex system of obtaining the necessary data.

consumption and calculation of grout

Before you calculate the amount of grout should be familiar with the method of preparation of the mixture, its relation to the size of the tiles.In order not to increase the flow rate trowel mass, you need to properly prepare it.The mixture should be mixed very carefully, in order to obtain a homogeneous mass.The finished material is added to latex or ordinary clean water.It is important to observe the proportions, so as not to disrupt the process of preparing a mixture of the trowel.

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grout is cement, epoxy, but mainly used the first option.Thanks to her, we can assume the desired width for the mobility of the tile without breaking the seal.This method allows you to:

  • hide all tiled defects;
  • extend the life of the product facing (tile will not crack and fall off);
  • aesthetic appearance of the finished work;
  • reliability and safety of the structure.

Given has a calculator for calculating the grouting for the tiles, you can make a calculation of the material quickly and efficiently, saving time for substantive work on the laying of lined products.

To calculate the amount of adhesive required for laying ceramics, it is necessary to evaluate the smoothness and state the basis for the tile, determine the thickness of the adhesive layer and the size of plates used.The walls will be smoother, the smaller need of glue.

Grout should coincide with the main color of the coating is most often used white color.Bole To match the exact result for flow grout per 1m2 is necessary to determine the amount of space for future work.The result obtained using the calculator for calculating the grouting increase to a greater number and do not forget about 2-3 per cent of the possible errors.Only in this way can confidently purchase building materials and saves on the correct preparation of estimates.

Online calculator grouting tile is available for every user around the clock and free of charge!

The calculation of the amount of grout for a tile

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