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August 12, 2017 18:08

Calculation of boiler power to heat your home


  • 1 basic values ​​for calculating the heating power
    • 1.1 Formula produce power heating system

Independent heating for private homes available, comfortable and versatile.You can set the gas boiler and not depend on the vagaries of nature or in a district heating system failures.The main thing is to choose the right equipment and to calculate the heat output of the boiler.If the power will exceed the space heat demand, the money for the installation of the machine will be thrown to the wind.To heat supply system was comfortable and financially viable, at the stage of the design need to do the calculation capacity of the gas heating boiler.

basic values ​​for calculating the heating power

Calculation of boiler capacity

The easiest way to get data on the thermal output of the boiler house area by taking 1 kW for every 10 square meters.m. However, this formula has serious error, do not take into account modern construction technology, type of terrain, climatic temperature changes, the level of insulation, the use of windows with double-glazed windows, and the like.Bole To make a precise calculation of the boiler heating power must take into account a number of important factors that influence the final result:

  • size of the dwelling;
  • degree of warming the house;
  • the presence of double-glazed windows;
  • thermal insulation of walls;
  • building type;
  • temperature outside in the coldest time of the year;
  • kind of wiring the heating circuit;
  • ratio of the area of ​​bearing structures and openings;
  • building heat loss.

In homes with forced air heating capacity of the boiler calculation should take into account the amount of energy required to heat the air.Experts advise to do a gap of 20% with the result of thermal capacity of the boiler in case of unforeseen situations, strong cooling or reduce the gas pressure in the system.

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When unjustified increase in heat output can reduce the efficiency of the heater, to increase the purchase cost of the system elements, result in rapid wear of components.That is why it is so important to make the calculation of heating capacity of the boiler and to apply it to said housing.Get the data can be a simple formula W = S * Wstr where S - area of ​​the house, W- factory boiler output, Wstr.- The specific power for calculations in a certain climatic zone, it can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the user's region.The result is to be rounded to a large value in the heat loss in the home conditions.

For those who do not want to waste time on math, you can use a gas boiler power calculator online.Just keep individual data features of the room and get ready to answer.

Windows Triple steklopaketDvoynoy steklopaketObychnoe (double) glazing
Walls Good teploizolyatsiyaDva bricks or 150 mm uteplitelyaPlohaya insulation
Area Ratio windows and floor 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
temperature outdoors -10C-15C-20C-25C-30C-35C
number of walls emerging out OdnaDveTriChetyri
Type of lodging over earch Heated pomeschenieTeply cherdakHolodny attic
room height 2,5 metra3 metra3,5 metra4 metra4,5 meters
heat loss
Heat boiler

Formula produce power heating system

heating boiler power Calculator enables online in seconds to get the desired results, taking into account all the above characteristics, which affect the final result of the data obtained.In order to properly take advantage of this program, you must enter the table prepared data: type of glazing windows, thermal insulation of the walls, floor area ratio and the window opening, the average temperature of the outside of the house, the number of side walls, the type and area of ​​the room.And then press the "Calculate" button and get the result on heat loss and heat output of the boiler.

With this formula, each user will be able in a short time to get the desired performance and apply them in the design of the heating system.

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boiler efficiency formula

boiler efficiency formula