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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose flooring : laminate or cork


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Today, manufacturers have filled the market with different materials, which are used as floor covering.Great choice complicates the choice of flooring.Many wonder: cork flooring or laminate - which is better?To make the right choice, you need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of materials.You can do the analysis and find out what is best to use in a particular room of the house on the basis of the information received.


Cork flooring has such advantages: cork - flooring

  • environmental friendliness;
  • security;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • ease of installation;
  • possibility to use for decoration, not only sex, but also the walls.

course, cork is an environmentally friendly material.The material is made of suberin.For production use a crust layer, which are grown specifically for this purpose.In the manufacturing process lends itself to the drying feedstock, crushed and compacted.Cork soft to the touch.Because of this, cork flooring in the nursery are the ideal solution.In addition, the material can be used in bedrooms and other areas of the house.

Cork flooring is warm.This for him is very pleasant to walk.If we talk about the elasticity, the material does not deform under the weight of subjects overall.Of course, this is only for short contact.Regarding the mounting material, it can be easily done by hand.Plates have a locking mechanism.Fit is easy to adjust, even using ordinary scissors.This is even though the upper lacquer layer has a high strength.

Choosing cork floor in different rooms

Of course, like other materials, cork has some disadvantages.What are the disadvantages of cork floors:

  • The first disadvantage is the susceptibility to mechanical damage of the material.As a result of incorrect installation or mechanical impact plate can fracture.Hide such defects is practically impossible.In the field of fracture material darkens and begins to crumble.The only way - to replace the entire sheet.
  • High vpitaemost moisture.Considering the disadvantage of undesirable plug installed in the bathroom, where there is high humidity.When wet, the material loses its strength and begins to break down.And it means that cork flooring for the kitchen and bathroom are not the best option.
  • price.The cost of traffic jams is at a very high level.This is explained by the fact that the material is made from natural raw materials, which is very difficult to obtain.Also, the cost of traffic jams affect her class and quality of production.

now know the main advantages and disadvantages of cork coatings.So, you can easily solve the problem, how to choose a cork floor for apartments.It remains only to consider the technical characteristics of the laminate.Putting all the information you can find out what is best for the finishing of a room in the house: cork flooring or laminate.

Variety plug

In the construction market are different types of cork flooring.Each of these has its own characteristics.So, cork flooring types:

  • liquid coatings.The material is applied like paint.After drying, it acquires the properties of a conventional plug.floor Hue can be modified using conventional paint.
  • sprayed coating.Applied with a gun or a compressor.The thickness of the sprayed layer is not more than 6 mm.As the reviews of cork floors in the apartment, this method of installation is very simple and accessible.
  • adhesive coating.Plates are fastened together with special glue.
  • Locking cover.Mounted on a laminate type.Bonding is carried out by means of special locks.
  • technical coverage.Often used as a substrate for the base coat.

With this information, you can choose a cork floor, which is perfect to satisfy all your needs and wishes.

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Today the market offers a wide range of laminate, which can be used for the flooring in the house.For its production using different raw materials.But to assess the relevance of its use for the finishing of a room, you must carefully consider all the pros and cons.

To laminate advantages include:

  • unique shape, which greatly simplifies installation.Mount the floor of such a material is very simple.Each board has the same dimensions.To lay the flooring, you need to properly mount the front page of the laminate.When buying pay special attention to the quality of the locking system.Any deformation in the art will bring difficulties during installation.
  • water resistance.Laminate can withstand moisture.Of course, it is not necessary to check this quality in practice.Experts recommend carefully behave with flooring.To finish the bathroom and kitchen you can use water-resistant material that is in the process of production subjected to special treatment.
  • temperature resistance.Laminate can withstand short-term effect of high temperatures.So, if it falls match or put an iron, then it is not a trace remains.When using the system "warm floor" heat resistance of the material increases significantly.
  • resistance to mechanical damage.Compared with cork, laminate able to withstand the pressure from the heels.With regard to major loads, that may cause deformation.
  • antistatic.Thanks to this property flooring will not attract dust.
  • resistance to fading and soiling.Even under the influence of direct sunlight laminate retains its color.Spots are not absorbed, which greatly simplifies floor cleaning.

Thanks to these numerous advantages, the laminate is widely used for the flooring in the living room, the bedroom and even the kitchen.But, like a cork, a floor covering has some drawbacks.These include:

  • risk of purchasing low quality fakes;
  • price.

Today, many manufacturers supply to the market a wide range of laminate.Unfortunately, not all companies are producing high-quality material.In addition, there are some manufacturers who give the poor-quality laminate products for well-known companies.As for the cost of the laminate, it depends on many factors.


What to choose: the cork or laminate ?As can be seen, laminate and cork more similar to each other.In particular it concerns aesthetics and ease of installation.But if the technical characteristics that distinguish the material from the other, especially when it comes to finishing a particular premises.Thus, the laminate can be used for finishing the floor in the bathroom.Cork can also collapse when wet.

Thanks cork can significantly diversify the interior.

When choosing a floor covering should consider the characteristics of the premises.This could be the best option.As for the cost, it is sometimes better to shell out a bit more than you bargained for, and receive high-quality and durable flooring.Laminate and cork have a small difference in price.Therefore, the choice of material must primarily take into account the purpose of the room.

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