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August 12, 2017 18:08

Ideal slopes of PVC with the use of liquid plastic Kosmofen


  • 1 application of the composition for the slopes
  • 2 Cosmofen and Cosmofen plus what is the difference
  • 3 Efficiency
    • 3.1 Key Features sealant Kosmofen:
  • 4 Tips for using the adhesive-sealant Cosmofen plus
    • 4.1 safety measures when working with liquid plastic
  • 5 How do yourself slopes

liquid plastic for PVC windows is basically a glue sealant.Its use is necessary for finishing the joints of window units.The advantage over the sealant, an absence of burning and peeling from the window.Work with liquid plastic can be any polymeric surfaces.It is very resistant to UV rays.Due to the perfect combination of hardened parts, it creates the appearance of a solid window with a slope.Such bonding is obtained by diffusion welding materials providing interchangeability of parts.

achieve visibility whole design of the window and the slope allows the combination of individual solidified parts.Optimal results will help to achieve the use of technology diffusion welding, which will eventually replace some parts, but not the entire structure as a whole.

application of the composition to the slopes

When installing plastic windows of any complexity, one way or another, there is a need to install the slopes.There is a need for this due to the deformation of the old window opening as a result of the work required, aimed at dismantling the old windows.Also, the slope is needed to maintain the indoor temperature by reducing heat loss window.

To make the slope using a special glue for PVC windows.The liquid plastic.To perform all the necessary functions, the slope should have a number of specific properties and thus have a presentable appearance.Due to the similar structure of PVC windows and liquid plastic eventually form a sufficiently strong, monolithic part.The seam is made of liquid plastic, it has a high resistance to a variety of mechanical damage and is completely safe, environmentally friendly material.The use of liquid plastic PVC windows also helps to improve noise insulation layer that will protect any room from outside noise outside, the dust and dirt and give the aesthetic appearance.

Cosmofen Cosmofen plus and what is the difference

These species are single-component liquid plastic base reduced viscosity, is extremely transparent with the material.It has a fast effect is glued, so it is recommended to use the details on the surface of which there are no defects.This material, as liquid plastic Kosmofen enjoys great popularity in the field of repair and personal services during the installation works of any complexity, both in the scale of production, and in repairs.

Some features of the use of liquid plastic Cosmofen

  • high rate of resistance;
  • resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
  • low rate of heat loss.


liquid plastic guide which is not always read the users will not be difficult to use.Before applying the adhesive, surfaces relieve all kinds of dirt and dust.Then, the surface thoroughly dried.From the quality of training depends on the result of the entire bonding.The liquid adhesive is applied very gently, smooth layer around the joint.After 15 minutes dostegaet adhesive becomes dry and hard.

important to know that during the solidification of liquid plastic is reduced in volume and the seam will be more drawn.

Key Features Kosmofen sealant:

  • optimum temperature ranges from +20 to +5 degrees;
  • to solidify the adhesive will be sufficient for 5 minutes, while the need for complete solidification little more than a day;
  • for optimal results humidity in the working area must be at least 60%;
  • liquid plastic properties remain for a couple of minutes after the application of the mass on the working surface;
  • consume liquid plastic cosmofen taken in the ratio 150 g / m2.

Cosmofen plus is used during the installation works: sewage, plumbing, outdoor advertising and aluminum structures of any complexity.liquid plastic

Benefits sealant adhesive Cosmofenplus:

  • uskorennayapolimerizatsiya;
  • resistance to sudden temperature changes;
  • increased resistance of the material to ultraviolet rays.
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Technical features and characteristics:

  • adhesive polymer base is located directly in the solvent;
  • shock-viscous adhesive property in the solid state;
  • optimum operating temperature of the working area will be from 5 degrees Celsius;
  • for durable gluing just a few minutes.The best effect can be achieved by using additional load;
  • adhesive hardens completely during the day.

Tips for the use of adhesive-sealant Cosmofen plus

To begin with, the bonding surfaces are cleaned from dust, moisture and various debris.Glue is recommended to apply uniformly over the entire surface.In connection details is given no more than a minute, and another need to pour.Liquid plastic Cosmofen plusne used for bonding pressure pipes.Keep adhesive sealant is recommended in tightly closed containers.The term storage material at a temperature of 15 to 30 degrees for one year.During the storage period, perhaps a slight increase in adhesive viscosity.Kosmofen

safety measures when working with liquid plastic

liquid plastic and it contains dangerous cyanoacrylate element when using the sealant can not be neglected by some precautions, such as:

  • people with a tendency to allergic manifestations, it is not recommendeduse this tool;
  • glue or liquid plastic must be used exclusively in gloves with the following other mandatory precautions;
  • for completion of work necessary to ventilate the area;
  • avoid breathing vapors sealant adhesive is required to wear a mask.

How do yourself slopes

technology use a material such as glue for PVC windows of liquid plastic, is not classified as complex, so the slopes of mount will not be difficult.All necessary tools and materials are purchased at any hardware store.Of the tools you will need: tape, stationery knife, a pencil and square.Required materials: foam, liquid nails, slopes and liquid plastic.liquid glue

Procedure during the installation work yourself:

  • mounting flange made of foam cut to the perimeter of the window;
  • made the necessary measurements of the width and length of the slope.The results are transferred to the surface with a pencil;
  • panel is cut on the basis of measurements, and then insert a narrow margin in the groove located at the top.This will allow to notice even the slightest error in panel size mismatch;
  • liquid nails or assembly foam applied to the part of the slope vnutrinney snake, then you can insert a bar in a special groove on the wall;
  • for extra strength, joints fiksirut tape;
  • the same action needs to be done and with the rest of the lights.For maximum results you need to remove all the gaps at the joints with panels;
  • a few hours all the panels are bonded to each other;
  • liquid plastic is necessary to squeeze out very carefully and only in the joints themselves.Surpluses are removed immediately with a sponge or cloth color;
  • adhesive tape is removed the next day.

The last step is gluing decorative corners with gashes under 45 degrees.Elements kleyut using sealant adhesive . Corners kleyut temporarily using an adhesive tape around the perimeter.Masking tape can be removed easily the next day, without any difficulty.Liquid plastic can pass through joints angles that make plastic corner joint cast.Thanks cosmofen window slopes looks one with a window.