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August 12, 2017 18:08

Possible options for the door in the opening fixture


  • 1 main stages of installation of the door block
    • 1.1 Working with assembly foam
    • 1.2 Video on possible ways of mounting door
  • 2 Hidden method of installing doors on the foam
    • 2.1 Installation of doors with the help of clamps or braces
    • 2.2 mount doors with the suspensions Knauf
    • 2.3 New mounting options
    • 2.4 Secretive mounting, mounting by hinges
    • 2.5 mount a through way toanchors or screws

Each artist is faced with the problem of how and what to fix collected door.To install the finished door unit may use a variety of installation methods.Knowing these mounting options you can choose the best for you easily.You will need a small set of tools is a drill, hammer, level, screwdriver and hammer.Also for direct fixing in the opening of the box, you need fasteners and assembly foam.Depending on where you want to mount door unit may need screws, dowels, anchors.

main stages of installation of the door block

At the beginning of the dismantling of the old held the door frame.Implement it is possible, using a claw hammer (crowbar), after making cuts on both sides of each vertical bar, then to overcome this design from opening.If the anchor bolts, nails were used in the installation of the old box, which is not possible to unscrew them can be cut down with the "Bulgarian".

Before installing the box interior doors should be checked vertically sen and take into account the differences of the level of the walls and floor.Door frames must be positioned so that if there are irregularities, the wall box is not delved into the doorway.This is necessary to fit the door trims.In order literate location of the door frame, use the building level and take into account all the errors of the opening.

first install the assembled unit door tightly locked in the doorway to reach the initial level of hardness, use wedges.After completion of the fixation, it is necessary to re-check the location of the correct level to the box was even with the door.

Working with assembly foam

is important to know the foam, which is under the gun, much better and more convenient in view of the fact that it is more and has a small dosage koofitsent expansion, it hardens much faster.The foam, which is served with a straw a large number, it will grow longer.Before you begin, better to close the door leaf masking tape and film, because it is difficult to wash the foam.It is important to know zapenivat need to start with fixing some small uchastkov.Cherez 30 minutes later, you can go all the perimeter.All slots are filled with foam (50% of total).It is impossible to fill in a lot of foam, because during the expansion of the foam will be squeezed into the box.We recommend to use professional foam.

Because wood shrinks and expands because of the high humidity consequence of the expansion is the deformation of the door unit.Door stops poprostu- closed for this reason.

Video on possible ways of mounting door

There are several ways of fixing the door frame in the doorway, each of which involves the use of a special type of fastening.Various mounting options provide a certain level of reliability and durability of the fixed structure.Hopefully videos on options for installation of wooden door frames to help you.

Hidden method of installing doors on the foam

door frame is fixed in the opening used for fixing the wooden wedges and correct positioning is checked on the construction level.Foaming with foam must be done gradually, sections and with breaks to avoid deformation.Hold the door frame almost alone through the foam.

To keep the gap between the frame and the door, use small spacers for 3 mm, which are inserted between the door and frame.They can be removed only when the dry foam.Usually the door is left for the night.

This method is useful if you do not need to go into the room, it is fast and does not require much effort.It is important not to overdo it with foam so you can open the door.

Installation of doors with the help of clamps or braces

installation principle is that we use internally for temporary fastening the door unit in the opening spacers.It can be as simple wooden river, and special adjustable device.

These two methods are very good for the lungs and small doors.

Mount doors with the suspensions Knauf

for these purposes is the best fit straight hangers company Knauf, which is used in false ceilings.

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  • Pre should fasten the plate to the box;
  • Insert the door in the doorway;
  • adjusting the level of;
  • marks the place under the hole in the wall;
  • fetches a plate:

After that set the level and effect a locking plate.To adjust use shimming wooden bars.

is also necessary to bear in mind that with this method of installation of the box on the outside of the wall, place the deepening necessarily need to hide under a layer of plaster.That is why, this method is only good when there is no finishing.

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New versions

installation This video will let you know how to fix the door frame in the doorway.This type of mount is the installation box interior door by putting boxes on head screwed screws, which are located at the ends of the opening.This happens with the help of metal plates with a hole, which are screwed from outside the box.

To achieve the final fixing of the box in a doorway, using conventional means of adjustment.

In this way, the door unit rack moving freely in the opening.

obvious advantage of this method is the ability to complete the adjustment and at the same time rigid fixation with preserving the original form of boxes and exterior walls.

Secretive mounting, mounting by hinges

As a rule, for the construction of the stiffness using screws or anchors that are hidden under the loops.For this purpose, in the loop between the screw and the hole is made through the wall fastened.From the side of the castle under a decorative plate is attached another mount.As a result, we get 3 points fixation.

After immediate fix, put the spacer in the bottom of the door, because the bottom is loose and fill any gaps with foam.

A significant advantage of this method is the relative rigidity, maintaining appearance.

mount a through way to the anchors or screws

This is the most common variant of the standard installation of interior doors.For this option, mount, first drilled holes for anchors in the right places rack, then secure the door to the doorway.


  • Layout 4 anchors on each side;
  • pen 14mm Drilling to a depth of 10mm (place under the cover);
  • Drill Through Hole 10mm pen (a place to anchor fixation):

Then the box is exposed and drilled a 10mm drill a concrete anchor.When the box is to anchor it securely holds and does not require any spacers.Attachment points can be hidden by setting the decorative caps desired color, size (14mm).Instead, you can use the anchor screws is reduced in diameter plugs .Primenenie this option the most reliable for heavy doors.With it, you can align (pull) curve rail.Doors can use almost immediately.It is possible to adjust the gap.The downside is the presence of the plugs.

Tricks when installing door transoms


There are many options for installing the box interior doors, but should choose the one that is the most easy, convenient and reliable, or the fastest.Selection can be made by any method of mounting the door, but these methods can affect the opening is in a setting to take into account the intensity and other factors.