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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose the interior doors properly


  • 1 The main criteria in the selection of high-quality interior door are:
  • 2 first point - check coating and painting the exterior surfaces door.
  • 3 second point - conducting measurements.
  • 4 third point - check the surface.
  • 5 fourth item - check the glass.
  • 6 fifth item - check baguette and construction joints.
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instructions on choosing interior door

probably is not a secret that the interior door is one of the most important elements of the interior.That interior doors have a connect two very important indicator - impeccable design and quality.And it is very important to understand that the use of exclusive high-quality glass door ensures your perfect look and originality, and this is an important factor in shaping the individual design of your home.In order to choose a door is available with easy instructions on choosing an interior door.Devoting about ten minutes, you can make the right choice in favor of a good door.

main criteria in the selection of high-quality interior door are:

1. It is important that interior doors be made of natural, pure and ecological materials.In this case, you can be sure that a good door in front of you.This material can be solid wood or natural veneer.No less important is the factor that the door was covered with expensive, high-quality and harmless to health varnish.

2. One should pay close attention to the state of the surface of the door.Remember that a good interior door surface should be smooth and without any nicks or imperfections.Check the door to the touch - you should feel pleasant and warm feeling.Again, pay attention to the nail, which is covered by the door - it has to be expensive and environmentally friendly.Do not give your attention tricks of the seller, after all, and a good quality nail polish will last a very long time, and even after ten years, he did not lose its excellent appearance and properties.In addition, quality lacquer provide strength and protection your door.lacquer quality can be checked in a simple way - press the nail on the door for this.Remember that high-quality coating does not leave marks on your nail, but cheap and simple varnishes always reflect the traces.It is important that the nail is not entered into the timber.You should know the fact that the varnish - it is one of the most expensive materials in the manufacture of doors.And often, many manufacturers save on this material.Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers use so bad nail, it can be harmful to your health.And to determine a type of varnish is very easy - it always leaves traces and fingerprints on your fingers.So it's worth it to take into account when you do not know what to choose interior doors.

3. When choosing a high-quality door is just to pay attention to her painting and color.Remember that the color of a good door should be uniform, clear and deep.And in any case, it is not allowed the presence of specks and spots.But whatever the door was painted on it necessarily natural structure should be shown.What happens is that some manufacturers in order to save hide defects and irregularities of the door with the help of toning, thus they give her a dirty color and deprived of natural and natural beauty - a door, just not worth taking.

4. It is important that the door was not unnecessary gaps and overlaps in places baguette connection, grids and frames.These places should be exactly adjusted.

5. One of the main factors is the geometry of the door.Remember that the door must be perfectly flat, the maximum discrepancy that can meet needs, up to one millimeter - no more.

6. It is necessary to remember that quality is never cheap door glass will be used.In these doors only expensive and high-quality glazing will always be present, which will also have a high-quality mounting - silicone sealants and gaskets.

7. Do not miss the point that the box must be a seal on a mandatory basis.

8. And do not forget to pay attention to the fact that the finish of the door leaf, casing and frame must be the same in quality and color.

If you did everything right and were able to prevent your hands from the door flawed, then be sure that you have chosen a quality door.It is important to take into account all of the above items, if you want to choose the interior doors properly.And then you will not go wrong.In order to help you distinguish the quality of the door can substandard explore another small instruction that you will also be able to assist in the selection of interior doors for your home.

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first point - check coating and painting the exterior surfaces door.

1. If you have noticed.What is the color of the door is not flat, there are spots and incomprehensible turbidity, as well as the paint is heterogeneous and dirty - you can be sure that the manufacturer wants to mislead you, because there used to hide tinting defects, gaps and surface roughness.Obviously - this door is classified as substandard.

2. Poor door can immediately impersonate a porous surface, the lack of smoothness and the presence of small tubercles.Can also meet specks, hairs and dirty under the paint, black spots and all kinds of garbage.If you are not convinced, then move your hand on the door - surely will experience not the best.

3. With a little effort, spend a nail on the door.If the varnish was a trace or did nail broke, then be sure that the door in front of you with poor coverage, and maybe even very dangerous for your health.This door is by no means impossible to acquire.

4. If the ends of the door a different color, or by some other indicator - the door is of poor quality.

If you find all of the above factors when choosing a door, you should make only one conclusion - in any case not to buy such a door.All that you can receive in the future from such a door - a peeling varnish and paint, not perfect view of your interior, and worse - can affect your health those chemicals and substances that may be emitted from the low-quality cover door.

second point - conducting measurements.

If you decide to go for buying an interior door, do not forget to bring a tape measure.The fact is that in order to understand the conditions in which it was made the door, is to have a very simple-minded and simple steps:

1. Diagonal measure the distance from one corner to another.Now compare the results.Remember that high-quality door will have differences from 0 to 1 millimeter, but in poor quality doors such measures can be up to 10 millimeters.It means only that the door was made "on the knee", therefore, take such a door is not necessary.

2. From the end of a close look at the door leaf.Very often, you will notice that the doors of many producers are very visible "eight".This only means that the wood is not properly dried.But the point is that such a figure eight over the years will only increase, so it pays to thoroughly think - whether to take such a door, or better choose another interior doors need.

It is worth remembering that only high-tech plants can produce high quality doors that meet all international standards.

third point - check the surface.

It is important that the door surface is perfectly smooth.In order to test, you need to run your hand over the surface - you should feel pleasant.Nor any gaps and irregularities should not be.Just pay attention to the upper ends.Very often they have roughly sawn or roughness.

fourth item - check the glass.

1. Gently shake the door, if you will hear rattling, it is necessary that the glass is loose, and it can not talk about the quality of the door.

2. Pay attention to the condition of frosted glass.If you notice a greasy or dull patches, you should know that they will not be able to bring nothing more, since these stains can be removed using special equipment after handling the door.

3. It is worth to pay attention to the origin of the glass - it should not be cheap.

4. Always try to find out - what used to seal the insertion and fastening of glass?

fifth item - check baguette and construction joints.

When choosing a door is required to carefully inspect all connections design and prints in particular door.Remember that there should not be, nor any irregularities, gaps, overlaps, fissures and, most importantly, in any case, there should not be an uneven abutment parts.

And in conclusion I would like to say that when choosing an interior door is just ask - the material from which made the door itself?You yourself must realize that high-quality door never will be made of cheap chipboard.Following helpful tips on our website about repairing the apartment, you will always know how and what to choose interior doors properly and safely.Good luck gentlemen.