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August 12, 2017 18:08

Leveling the floor with their hands video


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    • 2.1 new lighthouses installation technology for floor leveling
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Floor Leveling on beacons video, photo

How to properly align the concrete floor on beacons with video examples.

To level concrete floor, you need to tie.Prior to this, clean the surface from paint and oil stains, dust, clean exfoliated concrete pieces.If there are cracks or holes they must be carefully repaired.Then proceed to the floor level of the future layout.Website independent repair of apartment has prepared a good statement.

start leveling floor

The layout can be done using conventional, laser or water level.Water level works on the principle of communicating vessels.To mark with help of this tool will need to partner.One sets the flask in one corner of the room and make a mark on the wall, and the second moving around the room to the second flask, makes all other marks on the walls.In order to obtain high-quality and durable floor covering thickness must be at least 30 mm.

Then the surface should be primed, it increases the grip surface with a future tie.The primer also acts as waterproofing.After the primer has dried on the floor mounted guides Lighthouse.They are set across the room across the floor space.As a guide, you can use edged boards or beams, and pipes.The most convenient way to use a profile for drywall.The first guide wall should be spaced from 20 mm - 30 mm.All of the following - at a distance of up to 1100 mm from each other.Top rails must match the markings on the wall.Majachnye rails are mounted on thick solution.After the installation is better to double-check the horizontal level in all directions.Give dry beacons, and begin to work on the floor leveling.

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Leveling concrete floor beacons should start from the far corner of the room.The mixed solution is poured onto the floor, then the rule is leveled.All cavities and slits should be thoroughly filled.Leveling the surface of the solution according to the rule should move along two parallel rails.Aligning the first batch of the solution, fill the second and align.Aligning the first and the next batch of the solution, you must make sure that the convex joint is not formed due to the varying consistency of the mortar.It is filled with all the prepared surface.

New floor to be given to dry up as long as possible on it will go without damaging.All guides need to be removed, and the resulting voids to fill and level the solution.Completely drenched beacons floor dries from 10 to 30 days.

If sex differences in height does not exceed 1.5 cm, it is advisable to pour the floor self-leveling compounds.

Alignment sex video

new lighthouses installation technology for floor leveling

tips on leveling floor screed