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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repair toilet video

Repair toilet with their hands Video

Repair toilet video

Designs tank may be different, but at the heart of them all - float switch with water covering the plums pear and shut-off valve, shut off the water reaches its set height.

All kinds of toilet malfunctions can be divided into the toilet tank failure and malfunction of the bowl.See our article toilet repair their own hands with detailed instructions to repair the toilet tank, a valve, drain, cover, flush mechanism.And there is also a video installation of a toilet bowl with his hands.

Almost all problems can be solved by replacing the tank flush mechanism.

You will need the following tools:

- Rubber and plastic

- Wrench

- Pipe wrench

- New drain and shut-off mechanisms float

How to repair the toilet.

first need to stop the water supply.Then disconnect the hose through which the water supply.We take out the float shut-off mechanism.The next stage - unscrew fixing tank.Remove the drain tank.Do not forget to seal the gum, which seals the connection of a tank with a cup.Next, unscrew the plastic mounting flush valve at the bottom.Removing the old drain.Take the new drainage mechanism, we put him gasket-seal and install in place of the old.Securely fix its mounting.Put the new seal in place of the old and install the tank.Twist-fixing.It is necessary to note that the metal contact bolts and ceramics is not allowed.Use plastic spacers.Install new locking mechanism, also using new gaskets.Connect a water hose.The threads can be additionally sealed with silicone.Next, you want to adjust the degree of filling of the tank.This is done by changing the height of the float.Close the tank lid and set button.Renewable water supply.

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This method is the most reliable in terms of repairing the toilet with his hands.But many faults sufficient to make replacements, or simply change the pads.Sometimes it is enough to fix a screwed shut-off valve or a float.

basic malfunctions that may occur with a bowl of the toilet, it is mechanical damage and contamination.A clogged drain can eliminate a large amount of water, cleared his long wire plunger or different chemicals.You may also need to replace a pipe connecting with the toilet and drains.

If you just broke a fragment of pottery - you can stick it.Better use UHU glue companies, Bison, Tamiya, but will approach a normal-purpose adhesive type "Moment".If the bowl is broken, and the integrity of the water flows - to install a new one.Now, the site offers the repair of apartments available with video.

Repair toilet video

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