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August 12, 2017 18:08

Video trim plastic panels with their own hands

Decorating plastic panels photo , plastic cladding , plastic sheathing wall and ceiling Video apartment renovation, repair manual.Decorating plastic panels the walls and ceiling with his hands video lessons.

At the moment, this type of trim is one of the most economical.Also trim plastic panels used to align the walls or ceiling.Decorating the walls with plastic panels suitable for any room, and the video will help you understand.Plastic does not need special care, surface, sheathed with plastic, you just need to wipe with a damp cloth from time to time.

Before starting work, you must decide on the color and amount of material.Perform all measurements of the room and, based on the fact that the panels have a size of 0.5 m * 3 m, calculate the right amount.The panels come in different sizes and, therefore, it is recommended to go to the store where you will buy the materials, and to clarify all sizes.Number of connecting profiles (moldings), too, should calculate in advance.All the necessary materials should be taken with a small margin.

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panels are fixed to the wooden crate.Therefore, you must first decide how the panel will be located - vertically or horizontally.When upright, the pieces of wood attached to the wall vertically in steps of 0.5 m. Then they fixed horizontal bars (3 pcs.).If horizontally, and lower horizontal bars in increments of 0.4 m. We produce crates elements measuring and counting the desired number.Reiki is better to buy a length not less than the height (or length) of the wall.Suitable cross-section bars - 4 cm. * 2 cm or 6 cm * 4 cm wooden frame is mounted to the wall with dowels and screws or with nails.Each item you must check the building level, especially if the walls are very curves.Decorating plastic panels with their hands hide irregularities, but to put the bars it needs equal.Set starting

molding, is not applicable if the ceiling in top and bottom walls.Then the corner, inner or outer, depending on where the lining is conducted.Once all profiles are starting the installation of the panels.Slightly bent, inserted into the starting panel profiles, then all the way to the corner.It is imperative to check the installed blade level.Attach the panel is possible by means of metal holders.After installing the fabric holder is inserted into the edge of the panel and nailed to a wooden frame.Also you can use for mounting brackets or screws.Thus, all the panels are installed to the corner.In the corner again set the angular profile, and so on. D.

When facing the kitchen, the installation should be carried out with a small gap between the panels, t. To. The temperature regime in the kitchen is not stable.And with a significant increase in temperature will expand the plastic.And now look at the video and anchoring material.

Video trim plastic panels

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Author Kurochkin Svetlana