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August 12, 2017 18:08

Installation of floor heating film video

Installation of floor heating film photo Installing underfloor heating infrared film with a video example.

should calculate the required area before purchasing this type of floor.Infrared film does not fit the placements of furniture or decorative elements.In advance of the film is planned layout and wiring.Also it takes into account that in the place to the temperature sensor must be free of drafts, and other factors, locally altering the temperature.Installation of floor heating film is quick and easy, the site repair of apartments on its own it will show.

Before laying the floor should be thoroughly cleaned.Then line the thermal insulation of its covering.The choice depends on what will be the top film lying on the infrared.If the laminate, linoleum or carpet - should underlie penoterm izolon or if the tiles - fit technical cork sheets.

Now proceed to the actual installation of infrared film.The length of the strips of film can be adjusted by simply cutting it at special dividing strip markup manufacturer or between the individual heating strips.Cropped side you want to isolate.It uses a conventional adhesive tape mounting.If the film is cut at the locations specified by the manufacturer, the only insulated collector (copper strip on the sides).If the cut extends between the individual heating strips, the isolated edge across the width.Film Strips should not overlap or go at each other.

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better Wiring laid in a specially made Stroebe.Or you can get an external wiring.Use preferably the copper wire diameter of 2 - 4 mm.Fix the wire to the contact terminals and the terminals themselves placed on the copper collector strips.Bands infrared film is required to connect to the strictly parallel circuit.Fitting locations infrared film warm floor should be insulated tape adhesive tape based on bitumen.Now connect the temperature sensor and isolate it.Connect the thermostat.Also it is necessary to provide for the installation of protective devices on the short-circuit case.

To test the system includes it in 30 degrees - is nowhere to be sparking and overheating in the joints.Tester measures the total resistance of the system.It must be a multiple of the resistance of the film (to be specified in the instructions) divided by the footage of the film laid.If it is much more - it is necessary to double-check the connection is correct.Top should be put plastic film sheets for waterproofing.The edges of the sheets should overlap somewhere in the 20 cm. Glue them shut.Now it is possible to stack the main floor covering.

Mounting film floor heating Video

This type of heating is gaining more and more popularity among consumers, so watch the video installation of infrared floor company Caleo and maybe you, too, like theirs technology and ease of installation.

most complete video instructions on how to do the installation of infrared film warm floor, a lot of examples and explanation of the process, it is highly recommended for viewing.

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Author Kurochkin Svetlana