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August 12, 2017 18:06

What if the flowing gas water heater : heater leaks and dripping water, how to fix a leak

Water heater in the bathroom
  • Why is leaking?
  • How to fix a leak?
    • leakage in the radiator
    • leakage in threaded connections
    • Leakage in tubes
    • Replacement seal water unit rod

phrase "geyser" is usually referred to as a flow gas water heater, which is installed for water heating in homes, notconnected to district heating.In this method of heating has many advantages, not least of which - independence from public utilities and maintenance work that allows you to always keep in the house heating and hot water.

However, the problems of the residents are connected to pipeline many homes. One of the most common trouble - a breakdown of the gas equipment, which can lead to very serious and even life-threatening consequences. about what to do if you find a leak in the gas column, read our article today.


Why is leaking?

We have compiled a list of the most common reasons due to which gas water heater starts to leak. So, if you suspect the presence of a leak, it may be the cause of one of the following:

  • wear on the elements of waterway.That is, in other words, the need to replace the rubber gaskets arranged between the hose and the pipe.
  • broke through the heat exchanger, that is a kind of "reservoir", in which water is heated.Attached to it is constantly exposed to the pipe temperature changes, so that they can deform and corrode.
  • no regular maintenance.Water heater - this is equipment that requires periodic inspection and maintenance, in order to damage prevention.If you neglect these responsibilities can flow suddenly appear.
Flowing gas water heater
Gas inside the column

How to fix a leak?

Finding the cause of the leak, you can start to fix it.Our further actions will depend on which part of the gas column is the source of the leak.

Eliminating leaks in the gas column with your hands

leakage in the radiator

The fact that in the radiator there is a crack or hole, indicating the presence of green spots on this part.Procedure to eliminate leaks in the radiator will be as follows:

  • off the water pipe that has been received in the water column.Disconnect the speakers from the water supply hose.Discard the remaining water out of the radiator.To remove fluid from the coil, use a vacuum cleaner or pump.
  • Armed nazhdachkoy, we clean the damaged areas.Then treat these places with a degreasing solution, and wipe dry.
  • Take the soldering iron with solder, which can be used at temperatures above 180 degrees (soldering iron power should be less than 100 watts).We grind a piece of rosin or pulverized pill of aspirin.Sprinkle work surface with the composition.
  • Heat soldering iron to the desired temperature, we increase the solder at a height of about 0.2 cm.
  • Repeat this procedure for each through injury.

Alexander Gerasimov in his video will show and tell how to solder radiator water heater yourself.

leakage in threaded connections

Quite often you can find a leak in the threaded connections between the parts of the gas column.Note that, in a tunnel formed flow: on the left pipe is usually supplied with water for heating, and the right - gas.Typically, the water starts to leak from the tube, if worn gasket.Change this spare part very easily.

  1. The first thing to do - is to block the flow of water.
  2. then parse the compound in which a problem is detected (using for this purpose an ordinary wrench).Removing Wear Plate.
  3. Fasteners on clean and degreased.
  4. If the thread is damaged on gayke- "American", it should be replaced.
  5. then install a new rubber gasket and assemble the connection.
Repair of gas columns

Leakage in tubes

Sometimes leakage is found not in the compound tube and directly into them.Experts advise to use the same method as for the elimination of a leak in the radiator, ie, solder detection of cracks and small holes in the tubes.However, in the absence of proper care it is not always possible to detect damage in time.If you realized it too late and the handset managed to rotten, so that can not be repaired, it will have to be replaced.

Those who are faced with a similar problem, they say, to find a suitable handset is very difficult, even in stores specializing in the sale of gas equipment.As a replacement tube can be used corrugated hose made of stainless steel or a flexible liner for water.

How to solder the pipe without damaging it and extending the service life of the gas column, you can see in the video Vladimir Baker, is presented below.

Replacing water unit

stem seal One of the possible places of occurrence of leaks - a gas-node.When it began to trickle out of the water, most likely, wear rod sealing ring occurred.This part will be fairly easy to replace.

parts water node fasten the six screws - these fasteners we unscrew first.Then sever two of the assembly housing.Extract from within the membrane, a spring and a plate with a rod, which is a circular disc with a metal pin.If you unscrew the pin, can be found underneath the rubber ring - this is the seal.Removing the wear ring, we put in its place a new unit and collect in the reverse order.

Replacing the seals of the water rod assembly
Repair of gas columns