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August 12, 2017 18:06

The socket for a washing machine in the bathroom : the height and location as set

The socket for a washing machine in the bathroom
  • requirements
  • cable cross-section calculation
  • What height is optimal?
  • How to install?
  • Criteria security

installing a washing machine in the bathroom, the location of the outlet for that household appliances should thought through first.This is important for the machine, and for the safety of all occupants.In addition to the washing machine in the modern bathroom there is a lot of electrical appliances, so the presence of the outlet in this room is a very important issue.

The socket for a washing machine in the bathroom


outlet that you are going to install in the bathroom, must necessarily differ increased protection against moisture and the presence of the lid to prevent splashes inside.It is also an excellent option for the bathroom will be socket, which is set RCD.It refers to a device that provides a protective outage when a leakage current.

The socket in the bathroom with protection from moisture for a washing machine

cable cross-section calculation

To calculate the wire size should take into account the power of the washing machine, you will learn the technique of accompanying documentation, or from the Internet.Equipping power supply network in the bathroom, many apartment owners have chosen for her cable 2.5 mm2, and then set several outlets (for cars, boiler, shower cabins and other purposes).However, experts advise not to do so.

best to lay a separate cable for the washing machine and a separate set for this appliance box.If you want to make a socket strip, for the selection section of the wire should calculate the power of all devices while powered on.Also, in determining the section should be aware of what material is made cables (copper or aluminum conductors).

The table below lists the parameters at a voltage of 220 V:

Copper wires

cable cross-section (mm2)

Aluminium wires

Power (kW)

current (A)

Power (kW)

current (A)


























Rarely in a washing machine capacity will be more than 3 kW, butselecting section always leave a little headroom, so most often chosen with wires 2.5 mm2.

Wires copper section at the outlet for a washing machine in the bathroom
Wires with aluminum sections in the outlet for a washing machine in the bathroom

What height is optimal?

minimum distance from the floor to the bathroom outlet is 60 centimeters.The same distance should be from the wall to the nearest source of water to it - the shower stall or bathtub.Close proximity to an abundance of sources such spray is permissible to install a water heater and low-power devices for the functioning plumbing.

Location socket for a washing machine in the bathroom - the optimum height

How to install?

Steps for installing the outlet in the bathroom would include such actions:

  • Buy outlet and wire the desired section.
  • Route wire and carry him to the bathroom.
  • Install gun and RCD.
  • Make a hole in the wall outlet by using a hammer.
  • Set in the hole outlet box and bring to the wire.
  • Secure podrozetnik grout and clean residues after drying.
  • Connect the cable to the outlet and insert it into the box.
Installing the machine and wiring for RCD socket for a washing machine in the bathroom
Installation socket for a washing machine in the bathroom
Installation socket for a washing machine in the bathroom

safety criteria

main danger to the outlet located in the bathroom presented high humidity in the room.

That is why installation sockets must be carried out with certain requirements:

  • the socket should be connected through an RCD.Ideally, if the device will be presented in the most outlet, but it may be separate.The optimal cutoff current setting for the RCD in the bathroom is 10 mA, and operating current of the device should be greater than the current opening.
  • To protect the washing machine and its wiring short-circuit socket must also be connected via a machine that provides safety shutdown.This machine is connected to the RCD.In its choice should take into account the cross-section of the wire, and the network load.There Emergency circuit breakers in which the circuit breaker is connected to the RCD in one device.
  • Washing machine have to be grounded.Three-core wire, which lay on the machine, is grounded in the shield, connect it to the ground bus.
  • three-wire cable must be used for wiring devices in the bathroom.
  • is best done in the bathroom concealed installation wiring with careful exclusion of its elements.

And a little more information about the socket, for the bathroom in the next video.