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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hose for water heater : connection to the gas requirements

Water heater connected to the gas

In Soviet times, the connection to the pipeline gas stove subordinated tougher regulations.They were the only option available compound by a rigid pipe.Gas led up to the plate with a metal pipe.For turning corners used, the knee.And so it was impossible to move the stove, even a small wet cleaning is accompanied by difficulties.

Nowadays, with the advent of new materials allowed the use of flexible pipes. However, it is important to observe all the rules and connect the gas correctly.

Properly connected geyser
Hoses to connect the water heater to a gas


gas hose should have a little slack.Therefore, we must clearly define the length.The length should be determined on the basis of the conditions of installation.And the distance from the junction with the gas pipe before entering the column.It is necessary to pay attention to the thread, which is placed on this input.The tip of the connector should be suitable and diameter.If the diameters are different - you need to use a special adapter.

Keep in mind that the maximum length of the hose is 4.5 meters.A strong tension is unacceptable.This may cause deformation and consequently entail the possibility of leakage.Small margin will allow slightly move the plate, in the case of repair or wet cleaning.

Gas hoses

The gas hose is marked with yellow.Water hose has a red or blue marking.

Tips for Choosing

Here is a list of pipes that offer shopping, for connecting gas appliances. But, remember to use only need special gas hoses.And in any case, do not use water hoses.

  • Rubber reinforced hose. Budget option.It has good dielectric properties.However, a disadvantage of such products is that it is prone to rapid degradation and cracking.
  • rubber hose in a metal braid. Unlike its previous brother, he is resistant to mechanical damage.But, thanks to braid it is impossible to inspect gas pipes and its defect the leak is not found.There will also be no lack of the dielectric.
  • metal bellows hose. Durable, reliable, able to stretch and hold the desired angle.There are also disadvantages.The high price, compared with rubber hoses.Also there is no insulator.But the most significant drawback is the possibility of burning holes in this posting.If you do not set the dielectric insert.

In any case, it is useful to ask the seller, that he gave the recommendation.Based on my experience, they can advise on the best option.Do not purchase a product of questionable production.Follow these rules and the installation will take place like clockwork.

Gas hoses

More advice that the hose had good bandwidth, use hoses with a diameter less than 10 mm.

Connecting to a gas water heater

The following video clearly show and tell how to properly and safely connect the gas column to the gas pipeline.