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August 12, 2017 18:06

Electronic toilet and bidet lid , management and tips on choosing

Electronic toilet
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hygiene for most of us is very acute.Therefore, to maintain health, many are trying to improve your life and acquire extra equipment for this.One of them is a bidet, which in recent years are increasingly in demand.But in this article we are not talking about him, and about his beautiful alternative - electronic toilet.

This is a complex, multi-functional, and is far from being a new product has been designed specifically for comfort.In fact, is two devices in one - toilet and bidet .This device operates from a wall outlet and water supply systems, and is controlled by the panel or remote control.

Multifunctional electronic shower toilet
Electronic shower toilet

addition to smart toilet manufacturers offer cheaper option - cover bidet .Outwardly, they look like ordinary seats that can be installed on almost any standard model toilets.It is necessary to bring the simplest covers only water, and they will be ready for use.Expensive, and more complex products require connection to the mains, as equipped with additional functions.

Electronic cover bidet toilet on the standard model

Let's take a closer look at these unique devices.


advantages over traditional electronic toilet a lot.


  • Automatic start using the device save electricity, and thus the budget.
  • also beneficial to the purse will be a function of the controlled volume of water when flushing.
  • Through coating of heat-resistant plastic products are durable and reliable.
  • and bowls and lids can easily set yourself.
  • color range of this equipment is quite wide.
  • They are both suspended and floor.
  • considerably saves space, as additional plumbing is no longer needed.
  • number of options of electronic toilets amaze imagination.
  • These devices are easily customizable for any family member.
  • Doctors recommend use of electronic bidet as a preventive measure against many diseases.
Advantages of electronic toilets


dealt with the merits have to say about the shortcomings.The first of these is the price of the product .Not everyone will dare to put a round sum in just one toilet, even multifunctional.

Still, we note that these sanitary device quite bulky , their dimensions exceed the standard of about ten centimeters.

Also note that by purchasing this modern device, will have to do with the choice of remaining items suitable room environment as manufacturers create electronic toilets is only them.


Not long ago, a bidet somehow believed the subject exclusively feminine hygiene that is fundamentally wrong.Today it is a plumbing device is popular with both sexes, as water is increasingly used as an alternative to toilet paper.Electronic cover and toilets just provide the opportunity and moreover the towel in this case, too, is not required, instead you can use the built-in dryer, which the air temperature is controlled with the remote.Such procedures are much more hygienic than all the usual ways.Also, all devices are special options for therapeutic baths and cleansing enemas.

management so the toilet will not be difficult, because all the nuances in detail in the operating instructions.

Features electronic toilet seats and lids , bidet

Speaking of hygiene, these devices can now not have to worry about the seat clean.Its antibacterial coating composition, which may include silver (depending on model), gives good protection.A UV illumination using various bacteria are destroyed.Injectors, let the water cleaned automatically after each visit.Also for embedded deep water filter that provides complete sanitation.

basic functions of the shower toilet with a soft stream of water, which is supplied with liquid soap.As an additional device capabilities are air massage and hydromassage.

The characteristics of electronic bidet toilet and bidet lids
Features electronic covers bidet
Options Electronic toilet seats and lids for toilets

toilet lid automatically rises, in so doing, it helps motion sensors, and falls completely silent thanks to the lifter.As soon as you go down on the seat, turn on ventilation, the carbon filter removes unpleasant odors instantly, so that air fresheners are no longer needed.Purification of the bowl can be performed in several modes.It is more effective than standard toilets and at the same time saves water consumption.

Features electronic toilets

Another of the nice features of devices can be noted Heated seats, silent operation of all systems, night lights and even a built-in radio - this is for those who suddenly get bored during the breaching of hygiene!

Tips for Choosing

If you opted for electronic bidet and toilets before purchasing them it is worth considering the following recommendations to the purchase was just a joy.

  • First of all, make sure that the equipment is connected only to the power system and water supply system without additional on the devices.
  • level device voltage must match the voltage in your wall socket.
  • Please review the manual that everything described in them was clear.
  • Please note that the price of devices depends on the configuration and feature set.
  • Note the manufacturer.The most reliable, but expensive to be Japanese bowls and lids.Korean vice versa cheap.Products from Switzerland, is matching the price and good quality.

With such devices, you are guaranteed maximum comfort with a minimum of hassle.

Tips for choosing the electronic toilet seats and lids , bidet
Recommendations regarding the selection of electronic toilet seats and lids , bidet