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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

What the manufacturer of shower enclosures is better to choose : Russia , China , Spain , France

Shower from producer
  • Bestseller
  • Build Quality
  • Additional features
  • price range of consumers

How to choose a shower?We advise you to examine the manufacturers and read customer reviews.


leader among foreign manufacturers showers are Italian, German and Finnish companies. for their products they use in the production of innovation, new design ideas and high-quality materials.Cabs from such firms attract ease of installation and precision assembly instructions.

Italian boxing shower

German manufacturers of shower cubicles represented brands Hueppe, Kermi, CRW and Hyber.

  • Cabs Hueppe are in great demand due to the modern glass processing (water droplets dripping from it, so the cabin is less polluting).
  • Choice booths from Kermi will be satisfied even the most pretentious customer.The Company offers three classes of shower - CD, comfort and extras.On all devices the quality certificate is issued.The price is affected by the number of additional options.
  • high quality, but affordable
    booths produces Hyber. products from this German company are simply stacking and lack of complex functions.
  • Cabs German company CRW referred to as one of the most popular due to its high quality.The models of this brand produced only from the original German parts.All the metal elements in these cabins are made of high quality stainless steel.
Shower from the German manufacturer Huppe
Kermi Shower Cabin
German quality Hyper showers

Italy showers produced companies Jacuzzi, Cerutti and Albatros. That shower was first created in this country.

Among Italian companies one of the best known is considered Jacuzzi brand. Its production relates to the premium segment.Product from the Jacuzzi dream of a lot of buyers, because this cabin includes everything for a comfortable water treatment, made of quality materials and is operated for a long time.Products Albatros Cerutti and is spacious enough companies, lots of different additional functions.Some models of pallet space for seating.

Italian firms Jacuzzi shower

long service and excellent quality guarantee buy booths Ido Finnish companies and Timo. She has good hardware, high-quality pallet, strong walls.

  • Finnish company Timo gives its certificates of quality plumbing and a 5-year warranty. But if before all components for booths this producer produced and assembled in Finland, with increasing demand, the company appeared a subsidiary company in Hong Kong, a little impact on the quality of parts and product life.
  • Finnish firm IDO Showerama produces some of the most quality showers. disadvantage of its products can be called expensive.If components in a booth fail to find them is not easy to replace and very expensive.
Shower Finnish company IDO SHowerama
Shower box from the Finnish manufacturer Timo
Shower by Timo

If you are interested budget option showers, you will certainly offer products of Russian companies.

quite good quality and modern design offers a growing company Akrilan, also known as acrylic baths.The more popular manufacturers producing lockers Russian people are more than 10 years, is a firm Bandhours.Low cost and high enough quality waiting for you when buying a shower enclosure from the "Radomir".Note that local showers annually improving, gradually bringing them to the level of the world's leading companies.

Shower Russian production Radomir

Build Quality

Buying booth, be aware that there are European brands, which booth design in Europe , and harvested in China .For example, sufficient quality and affordable showers offers us Chinese brand Appollo . over their design work in Italy, but production models operate in China.

China shower Appollo

Accessories for cubicles Czech company Luxus also produced not only in the Czech Republic.Hoses, watering cans and taps them produced in China .However, the cabins the brand strong enough and beautiful.

Shower Heads made ​​in China
Chinese taps for showers
Shower hose China-made

Manufacturer of Germany Wasserfalle states that all the elements for its cabins are manufactured in Germany , but reviews of those who boughtGerman data booths, talk about part of Chinese parts and the assembly complexities boxes.

Additional features

Additional function shower differ from vendor to vendor.

This can be:

  • ozonation
  • hydro
  • sauna
  • aromatherapy
  • steam
  • cascade shower
  • Turkish sauna
  • rain shower
  • lights and other options
Shower with many features

number and a list of additional functions directly affects the cost of the booth. So before purchasing should discuss with your family what options will be in demand.Do not forget that cabins with lots of features to be trusted to collect and connect professionals.

Price range

Most of the showers in the Russian market represented manufacturers from South-East Asia.There are in our stores and European products, but the cost of the booths Italian, Austrian and German companies is high. course, products from the Italian or German companies worth several times more expensive than Chinese models, but rather high price is justified by the good quality of products and the presence of numerous additional functions.

Shower cabin Russian production
Shower from producer
Components made ​​in China Cabin

Prices booths from the German company CRW impressive - for products of this brand you pay 40-150 thousand rubles. German brand Am.Pm offers us an open stall and costs 12-30 thousand rubles, and closed models - at a price of 30,000 rubles above.The price of the booth of the German brand Wasserfalle ranges from 20,000 to 70,000 rubles.

The booth for the German brand Am.Pm soul

Average prices you will notice at the booth of the Finnish, Czech, Spanish and Swedish companies.For example, the price of the booth of the Finnish manufacturer Timo is from 13,000 to 70,000 rubles. prices for products other Finnish company IDO Showerama vary within 60-80 thousand. booth Czech manufacturer Luxus cost you 15-70 thousand.

Shower from the Finnish company Timo
Finnish shower cubicle IDO Showerama
Shower Luxus production Czech Republic

Even cheaper is the products of Chinese manufacturers.One of the most accessible cubicles are products of Chinese brand River .Buy a booth under this brand can for as low as 4,000 rubles. There are an assortment of companies and products more expensive - up to 72000. Cheap cabins by River often bought in a hostel or on a summer residence, not counting on the durability and high quality.

Chinese brand showers River

For booth of Chinese firms Niagara you pay 7-70 thousand rubles. Enough wide price range waits for customers at a Chinese manufacturer Ammari - within 10-40 thousand rubles.In addition to affordable prices model this brand and attract the 5-year warranty.

Chinese cab for Niagara soul
The inside of the shower Ammari
Cabs shower from the Chinese manufacturer Ammari

Cost booths Chinese brand Appollo different - most cheaper models can be purchased for 11,000 rubles, and most expensive products presentedbooths for 130,000 rubles. Shower cabin by the Sino-Italian Golf brand is from 20,000 to 100,000 rubles.

Cabs shower Appollo company

Affordable cabin offers another Chinese manufacturer Nautico.For product of this brand have to pay 11-63 thousand rubles. choosing a cheaper model, you should understand what to expect from a stall long service and good quality is not necessary.

Corner boxes and booths from a Chinese company Leader D will cost the buyer in the 11-32 thousand rubles. However, the low price of the business is the only advantage of these products.

Chinese cab Nautico
The inside of the shower Leader D cockpit
Shower from the Chinese company Leader D

Cabs economy class also produces and Chinese brand Serena - buy a corner model of the company can be for 7-28 thousandrubles .In this design, quality and design of the majority of customers were satisfied with this plumbing.

of consumers

About Chinese River brand and its products quite a lot of unflattering reviews. Cabs this manufacturer cheap and practically empty.But even more expensive and equipped models get a few positive ratings from users.

Reviews of Chinese shower cubicles contradictory. product features a good quality , if production is supervised by a European company. Examples are brand Aqualux and Appolo .Bought products Chinese manufacturer Appollo celebrate attractive design, high durability , beautiful design and high quality acrylic. However, in the majority of reviews you can read a warning against self-assembly units (say, too incomprehensible instructions and possible difficulties with sealing).

Shower from the company Appollo

big variety of different reviews about the Chinese booths from Niagara - someone insists that wasted money, and someone is very happy. Moreover, all agree that the parts, and plastic in these cabins is very substandard.Many of the buyers of expensive models booths Niagara regret that they could spend the same money on the products of other brands, and get the quality is much higher.

Niagara Shower panel
Cabin for Niagara soul
Cab Options for Niagara soul

reviews of people who have purchased Chinese booth from companies Ammari, often say that shower and watering should be immediately replaced. The remaining elements of the claim is not presented stalls and positive feedback about the design a lot.

Chinese booth Ammari soul

reviews booths Timo very diverse - the majority of customers were satisfied with this brand, but complaints about poor-quality acrylic tray, faucet or shower heads are present.

Shower Cabin Timo
Cabin for Timo producer soul
Finnish cabin shower Timo

reviews booths Chinese brand Nautico indicate the fragility of their components , if you get one of the cheaper models.Those buyers who have decided to buy a more expensive box from this manufacturer, often remain satisfied with the quality.

Chinese boxing shower Nautico

German Am.Pm booths from many users criticized. say that the quality of their relatively low, and the cost is very overstated.But brand products the Golf, by the reviews of consumers are fully consistent with the price on them. Buyers say enough high quality materials, easy self-assembly and good components.