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Shower Cabins

August 12, 2017 18:06

Dimensions showers : small, large , angular , with a bath , rectangular

Shower interior bathroom
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  • Dimensions
    • Standard -. 0.8 x 0.8 m
    • Average - 1.35 x 1.35 m
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  • Dimensions showers with bathroom

sizes bathrooms are very diverse.Therefore, the question arises whether it is possible and to hold the shower unit in the bathroom should be, because of its size can not afford to do it.

will suit to your shower?

assortment huge showers.In the specialized retail outlets you can find two types of showers.

The first type includes shower stalls or just trays with the special curtain.The second type includes gidroboksom. What is the fundamental difference between these options?

Shower Room

Shower Room - the budget option.In this case, the installed shower tray, special rear walls and the ceiling are missing, their functions taken over by the wall coverings and bathroom ceiling.

tray can be protected special screen or regular curtain rod in the shower.Sanitary equipment in this case can be set very different from the usual mixer with shower, walk-up wall panel with hydromassage jets, a rain shower and other options.

The biggest disadvantage of this option is that the bathroom walls are constantly exposed to moisture and mold can occur to them.Another problem - it is an opportunity depressurization joints between the shower tray and wall covering.

Shower Room

Shower or gidroboks

more expensive option.It is completely sealed, the walls and ceiling are made of boxing are usually made of plastic or tempered glass, all seams and joints are sealed with special rubber or silicone gaskets.


For example, in "Khrushchev" bathroom has a little more than two square meters.Therefore, if you install the shower in a small room, it is necessary to abandon the bath.

If the choice is between installing a shower or bath, it is necessary to seriously approach this issue and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Shower cabin is in a small bathroom

To choose the size of the shower, you should first make a measurement of the bathroom, as well as the place where you plan to install in the future design.

also need to consider before buying or cockpit will not interfere with other equipment bathroom.Access to the structure must also be open to the repair or inspection.


plumbing market you can find a large selection of showers.Among the huge variety of models it is very difficult to make an informed and correct decision.Therefore, we first need to determine the choice of the size of the shower, and then select the shape and color shade.

Shower should be of high quality to work for a long time and regularly.It should read carefully the characteristics of certain elements of the shower cabin, as well as explore the entire cabin. Particular attention should be paid to the tightness and reliability of parts that connect the entire structure together.

Shower Cabin irregular shape

The wide variety of shower enclosures size, many consumers make a choice in their favor.This sanitary device is the perfect solution for a small bathroom area.

assortment of shower trays and boxes represented orgomnoe number of sizes, shapes and modifications.If no one size does not suit you, you can order a custom-sized shower cubicle customized.

Let's take a look at the minimum and maximum parameters showers closer.

width cabs for shower:

  • smallest size is 0.75 m and only possible with asymmetric patterns;
  • minimum size for standard models is 0.8 m;
  • maximum width model can be up to 1.8 m.

It is worth to note that if a stall shower is wide, it is more convenient to use.

Also, when choosing a shower enclosure another major factor is its height:

  • smallest height is 1.98 m;
  • highest cabin is 2.3 m;
  • maximum height curtain shower is 2 m.
Asymmetric shower cubicle
Shower Cabin on the individual sizes
Low showers

If you choose the right size of the shower, it means, and its installation will take placesuccessfully and without complications.In order not to get lost in a variety of models of shower booths, the buyer should be guided in what sizes are standard and which models are popular.

include showers, which have earned an excellent reputation, angular steel models, because of their side walls abut tightly against the walls of the room.

Angular shower cubicle

By the standards form the stall shower is to be square-shaped.But it is not very often uses interest among consumers.In the market of sanitary ware, there are many models of the form of a rectangle, a semi-circle, polygon, and even can be a quarter circle.Enormous role played by the size of the pan and the shower stall, as it allows you to use additional functions.

Rectangular Shower cabin

dushbakiny pricing policy directly depends on its size. This fact is also important when choosing a device.

Standard models have sizes 0,8h0,8 m 1,0h1,0 1,35h1,35 m and m. And non-standard booths great interest are the dimensions 1,0h0,8 m. More may be other dimensions of the booths as1,1h1,1 m 1,2h1,2 m 1,5h0,85 m, m 1,7h1,1 etc.

Depending on your financial capacity, should decide what additional set of features will be present in your model.You can restrict a simple design or, for example, to add a feature whirlpool.


Trays for shower cabins are made from the following materials:

  • iron
  • acrylic
  • steel
  • artificial stone
  • ceramics
  • tree.

use the same materials as for the production of baths for the manufacture of pallets.Gidroboksom walls can be made of acrylic plastic or tempered glass.Profiles are made primarily of aluminum or chrome-plated or painted steel.The doors may be sliding or hinged, are made of polystyrene, frosted, tinted glass, also looks spectacular sandblasting drawing.

Shower Cabin made ​​of wood
Shower cubicle with sandblasted pattern on glass


Standard -. 0.8 x 0.8 m

are models of standard size and quite popular among buyers of equipment for the bathroom. Since most bathrooms rooms have a small size, this model is ideal for installation.

Replacement tubs shower cabin of this size will free up additional space, and then it can be used for extra furniture, a washing machine and wash basin.

Basically cabin 0,8h0,8 m size has the form of a quarter circle or a square recalls.The price of this model is acceptable for the average person, and is characterized by the presence of the main functions of a pleasant pastime.

Average -.. 1.35 x 1.35 m

The relatively large size of the shower 1,35 mx 1,35 m allow yourself to feel more comfortable while taking a shower, it can accommodate two people at once. This model can be used in bathrooms spacious rooms, which are connected by a bathroom.

Shower 1,35h1,35 m size is characterized by a sliding door mechanism.The large size allow you to use additional functions: aromatherapy and hydromassage system, ventilation and steam.The more expensive models available in the functioning of the media device and telephone.To make the stay more comfortable, you can use the seat or showerhead.additional devices are managed entirely through the touch panel.

Shower cubicle instead of a bath
Shower Cabin 1.35 m mh1,35

Make choice of models only among manufacturers who offer a guarantee on items, as well as have a good reputation.This will help avoid counterfeits or substandard products.


use the shower in a small bathroom can help keep a little space, compared with the placement of the bath.This will give a further opportunity to put the washing machine and cabinets for hygiene.But fans soak in warm water, of course, will be deprived of this pleasure.

should also be borne in mind that the presence of the bath helps to solve some domestic problems.For example, to wash a large blanket washing machine will not work as well in the shower washing is impossible to make.

Small shower stall

Showers 0,7h0,7 size m and m 0,8h0,8 are sufficiently compact.Their main purpose is to place a person could shower cabin, even in the bathroom, which has a small space.In a small bathroom is usually a standard shower, even if it will fit, the space for other things just will not.

But you should pay attention to the fact that the size of the booth 0,7h0,7 0,8h0,8 m or m is not suitable for all people.For example, a tall man in it will feel uncomfortable.Before purchasing any model of shower cabin it should be tested, get inside, so that later no problems.


Showers large start at 1.2 m on the long side.This cabinet has convenient use and functionality.Large shower cubicle is quite ergonomic and reliable.Considerable dimensions make it possible to equip the cabin hydromassage, aromatherapy, ventilation, sound system and radio, telephone and many other facilities.

Shower TV

Additional features

consider some additional features showers:

  • Advanced shower nozzle operating mode allows you to choose the best type of water supply.The hottest tips are about twenty-five modes.The only drawback is the fact that for the first step is to understand the manual for regime change.For example, a "rain shower" mode allows you to split the water into many droplets that fall gently on the skin.
  • Whirlpool lets you relax and improve your health.There are nozzles which spray a jet of water in different directions in the walls of the shower.To whirlpool function worked well, should have good water pressure.
  • Turkish bath become affordable luxury.With the help of the steam generator will be possible to immerse yourself in the hamam.To enjoy this feature, you need to pay attention to the seat.You should be convenient and comfortable to sit, to spend half an hour or more, enjoying the bath.
  • Infrared heating will not let you freeze in the shower or when you exit out of it.
  • Aromatherapy will take a pleasant inhalation during showering.You choose the flavor oil or balm for treatment.
  • Chromotherapy allow after taking a shower to feel charged with energy and positive mood.The light in the ceiling will help set you on the right wave.
  • ozonation air in the shower to help clean it and create a freshness in a confined space.
Shower Cabin with a Turkish bath
Shower with air ozonation


not always shower the size of a standard can satisfy the wishes of the modern buyer, so the frequent demand for non-standard models.Among them is the size of a shower 1,0h0,8 m. This option is not suitable for a small space, but, nevertheless, these dimensions are quite roomy and comfortable.

Shower cabin 1,0h0,8 m has a huge range of shapes, materials and colors.So that it will become a decoration of any interior design bathroom.She is also multifunctional, because can have a massage, the radio function, as well as a Turkish bath.Customers can choose a system of sliding cabin doors.There is also the possibility of buying shower with or without a roof.

Custom shaped shower cubicle

Various models of shower cabin characterized by a certain amount, but the most popular are: 1,2h1,2 m 1,5h0,85 m 1,7h1,1 m and many others.

special attention on shoppers plumbing market deserve versatile models, which are characterized by angular designs, as well as booths with pallets in a trapezoid.

Left shower

Dimensions showers with bathroom

special place among the large range of sanitary equipment take showers with the bathroom.For this type of characteristic it is that the tray has a height of 0.4 meters, and can be even higher.Shower cabin with bathroom has both advantages and disadvantages.

Bathroom with shower cubicle


  • this design makes it possible to take a shower or bath;
  • as the bath has a considerable size, and the whole shower is spacious;
  • this type of design is more reliable than a cubicle with small sides of the pallet.


  • at the entrance to the cabin must cross a large board tray;
  • price of this model is always higher than the standard shower.
High bath tray

The overall height is required to turn on the size of the bath and shower curtain, so it is usually the height of this model is from 2.1 meters to 2.4 meters.For a comfortable stay in this model, should be considered "useful" height, measured from the bottom of the vessel to the top of the curtain.

You can still use a combined shower, which is also combined with a bath.Typically, the width of such a structure is 0.7 to 0.75 meters and the length can vary from 1.5 to 1.7 meters.Special curtain is installed on the bath, so the length can be adjusted.

Bath with a special glass curtain

If you have all the necessary information on the size of showers, then you can choose an inexpensive, safe and comfortable option which is suitable for your bathroom.

But if no knowledge, you should use the services of experts in this field.They can be found in stores that are engaged in distribution of sanitary equipment, or on the Internet to find useful information to select the ideal shower enclosure.

About assembling the shower with their own hands, read our other article.