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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose the best acrylic bathtub : model , pluses and minuses

acrylic bathtub
  • characteristics, pros and cons
  • Dimensions
  • size requirement
  • How to choose size?
  • Custom
  • How to choose the best?
  • Additional features
  • Care

More and more customers are buying acrylic bathtub for your bathroom.And this choice is justified, because they have a huge variety in form and size, which allows them to be used for the decoration of your bathroom design.

If you decide to make major repairs, then you just need to know all the details, advantages and disadvantages of the acquisition of acrylic bathtubs.

characteristics, pros and cons

acrylic bath is made of acrylic polymer material (plastic).It has already established itself in the plumbing market with a good hand, because has excellent performance characteristics.

Round acrylic bath


  1. Bathtubs acrylic perfectly retain heat water quickly cools down, as is the cast-iron or steel baths, as well as, as a rule, have a non-slip bottom.
  2. Acrylic does not create an unpleasant sound when filled with water.
  3. They have low weight (15 to 25 kg), which simplifies the process of transportation and gives an opportunity to take its installation.
  4. High strength material is that they do not break and do not form cracks.
  5. Bath is hygienic, because thanks to its smooth surface germs and bacteria are not able to spread.
bath acrylic pros
Anti-slip bottom of acrylic baths

wide range of forms and sizes Bath perfectly accentuate and complement any design .Among consumers enjoy special attention and a classic corner bath.A variety of sizes makes it possible to make a start in the choice only on the form.

More about baths non-standard forms, read our article about asymmetric baths.

Acrylic corner bath with hydromassage

Many models have their own characteristics, such as:

  • corrugated anti-slip surface;
  • whirlpool function.

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Also very popular are the tabs of acrylic, after all they are allowed to update the old cast-iron bathtub.

technology works with acrylic provides a unique opportunity to create different bath for shapes and sizes, as acrylic itself is very ductile and is characterized by ease of manufacture.

acrylic bath of unusual shape

There are special deorativnye panel bath, which most often are functional and allow you to place the necessary detail.Read more in our article on the screen for a bath.


iron and steel baths are better than acrylic, the following characteristics:

  • strength,
  • durability,
  • price.

Acrylic bath requires a delicate use.For cleaning it is strictly forbidden to use detergents that contain microparticles for better purification, it will lead to scratches.

Acrylic is not able to withstand very high temperatures, and is accompanied by a reaction to the solvent and at long contact with household chemicals.


About 10 years ago, our production has released only a bath of iron and steel, and, only in standard sizes and in a small lineup.Therefore, fully embody the design solutions were not possible.

Now acrylic plasticity gave rise to a variety of shapes and sizes, which radically changed the situation.In addition to the classic baths, baths began to appear with non-standard shapes in a large range of sizes.

angular dimensions acrylic baths were considered by us in another article.

Bath acrylic heart-shaped

can purchase classic bath convenient size 120h70 cm or more - 190h120 see if you allow room. models large size can be called even in small pools.

Corner acrylic baths are also represented by a size range:. 150x90 cm, 140x140 cm 160h100 see this is not all, there are even more dimensions.

Acrylic standard size tub

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size requirement

There are certain requirements for the size of acrylic bathtubs.

These rules will help you make a choice:

  • size and shape of the bath can complicate the process of its installation.buyers often opt for acrylic bathtub of rectangular shape, because it is convenient to install along the wall in the bathroom, which has a rectangular shape.
  • If your bathroom has a square shape, it is more convenient to purchase a custom corner bath.
  • And when choosing the size has to be build on in order to have access to all its sides.

should choose the size by yourself.You should feel comfortable in the bath. Only personal body parameters can be the deciding factor. most comfortable posture in the bathtub - it is reclining.That is how to relax, so that the muscles of the whole body could rest.It would be beneficial for your health.Keep in mind that when you are immersed in water, the head should be supported in the form of bath rim.

To achieve this position, you should purchase a bath with a depth of 45 to 50 cm. If you have a large family, you should pick up a bath for all adults, it is necessary for everyone to get out of the bath without too much effort.To do this, consider the height of a side and a height from the floor to the uppermost point of the bath.

angle of inclination of the walls of the bath does not play a determining role in the selection of acrylic bathtubs, but significantly affect your position in it.

Considering all of the above requirements, you can make the right choice of acrylic bathtubs.Before buying get acquainted with the whole model range, look for unusual patterns.After selecting the size of the model it is already possible to guess.

to the size of acrylic bathtubs Requirements
Corner bath acrylic square room
The unusual pattern of acrylic baths

The main requirement - that you get aesthetic pleasure from the look of the bath and feel comfortable in it.

beautiful acrylic bathtub

How to choose size?

When selecting the size of acrylic baths must take into account certain rules:

  1. optimum height is 65-70 cm, because at such a height can be easily then creep or climb.
  2. depth of 50 cm is the most preferable for an adult.A child in the bath needs a special control, so never leave them alone.
  3. Depending on growth bath length can be 140, 150, 160 or 180 cm
  4. Width bath also has different dimensions -.. 70, 90, 120, 140, or 150 cm important that water treatment brought pleasure,bath fits perfectly into the space of the bathroom.
Different sizes of baths - square acrylic bathtub

Consider the above rules during the bath of choice.Please note that non-standard sizes can be safely used for your bathroom, it is very important that the bath was placed in the room.If you have a large area, you can indulge in a bath of 160 to 160 cm non-standard sizes, which will take water treatments, even together.Still must first determine the shape of the bath , but when choosing the size of the problems will not arise.

acrylic bathtub shape


One of the most common models of acrylic baths is a corner bath, because it has many advantages compared to standard models.Corner bath perfectly combines aesthetics and practicality.

main advantage - compact size. Most consumers have small bathrooms, so the angular model will leave a lot of space and visually increase the room.This is a great option for small bathrooms.But

compact does not interfere with getting comfort from the adoption of water treatments, even it is possible to stay together.Due to the shape, you can swim half-sitting.Most corner baths is characterized by a recess for the head and neck.A variety of external forms you simply amaze.You can rely on your taste in choosing the form.

Bath Acrylic

Corner model characterized stylishness, perfectly combined with elements of the interior, and are also suitable for a variety of color schemes.It can be put on the wall of one of the parties or in the middle bathroom, of course, if the room size allows it.Most compact dimensions angular baths are 130x130 cm and the asymmetrical pattern size can be up to 180 cm in length.

Corner Acrylic asymmetric baths look interesting and stylish, able to make an original design in any bathroom.

Stylish corner bath Acrylic

Round bath perfect for large bathrooms, because it takes a lot of space.It can be placed in the center, thereby emphasizing its role in the whole interior.Some designers offer to make the podium, individual lighting and translucent curtains around a round bath.

Round acrylic bath

Oval bath has a large range, so you can use it for any style.It is not whimsical to use, good choice for any bathroom, small and large.But, unlike the corner bath, this kind can not expand room visually.

Oval acrylic bathtub

square or rectangular bath is different in that it can be placed anywhere in the room in the center, in a corner or along a wall.If you chose one of these types, it should be applied in the interior of the objects of a square or rectangular shape, to create harmony.

Acrylic tub

How to choose the best?

bath Acquisition - quite an important decision.With First, you need to learn the basic rules in order to understand how to properly inspect the product to be made of acrylic:

  1. should determine the thickness of the bath with a flashlight.Just point the flashlight beam on one wall, if you see another light, it is too thin layer of acrylic because of its thickness shall not be less than 5 mm.
  2. Properly inspect the aluminum layers, and opt for a product with a lot of layers.
  3. Be sure to tap the bath enclosure.This hollow sound is a determining factor in a quality product.
  4. sniffed the bath, because the smell of chemistry shows a lack of quality.
  5. Spend hand over the surface of the product to avoid scratches or dents.
  6. Inspect the entire bath to determine the evenness of color.If the color changes, this factory marriage.
new acrylic bathtub

Additional features

When buying acrylic baths without additional functions, you can save a lot of, but do not deny yourself the pleasant and useful water procedures.Let us consider what additions can have acrylic bathtub.

Whirlpool has long been considered a luxury, but now it is available for almost everyone.If you choose this supplement should take into account the number and location of nozzles.Massage should take place from the back and sides.Some models can even do further hydro feet.But do not forget that the bathrooms, equipped with hydromassage, significantly larger in size.

aeromassazhem give you a lot of positive emotions.It performs the same functions as the massage, the difference lies in the art of massage.Jets make the air jets at air massage.You will receive, in addition to physical pleasure, and even aesthetic satisfaction, thanks to numerous air bubbles.This massage is ideal for babies, because is very gentle and soft.

Acrylic Hot Tub
Acrylic bath with air massage

Chromotherapy allows light therapy, as well as create a magical atmosphere, using different color schemes.To fully relax, you can carry water treatment in the dark.

bath with chromotherapy

heater perfectly maintains the desired water temperature.Although the acrylic - a thermal insulation material, but this feature is great to help you with a long bathing.

sensors for measuring water level and temperature , different stands, as well as other components that allow you to feel comfortable when bathing.


care for the bathroom
  • If there are scratches, they can clean up, using a fine-grained emery paper.
  • to the product shone like the purchase, use wax for rubbing the surface.
  • to clean acrylic bath gel, use only tools and napkins made from natural materials.
  • If any stain, it will help to cope with them by means of a special smooth surface care.
  • to forget the scale, use the napkin, pre-soaked in lemon juice or vinegar.

Read more in our article on the care of an acrylic bath.

rules of care for the bathroom

if all rules care and care of the acrylic, the bath will serve you for many years as new.

general form