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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cleopatra bath with milk : the benefits , harm , a choice of milk , the rules

Cleopatra bath
  • Benefits
  • harm
  • Contraindications
  • Video
  • Choosing milk
  • Rules
  • methods to improve procedures

milk bath is a useful and very simple procedure, which is associated with beautyCleopatra.Although the belief that until we reached a real recipe for youth baths of ancient queen, not, try to imagine the action of Cleopatra bath with milk costs.

Cleopatra milk bath


Bath milk affects the different systems of the body, but most of its effect affects the circulatory system and skin:

  • in milk bath circulation is stimulated,
  • cellsskin enriched with minerals and nutrients.
  • all this leads to stimulation of metabolic processes, including fat metabolism (for this reason, milk bath is often used for weight loss).
  • vitamins and other nutrients from the milk of the water during the treatments fall into the skin, refreshing and tightening it.The result is a leveling of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and hydration.
Cleopatra bath with roses
Cleopatra bath
Cleopatra bath with roses

When water is added honey, its proteins and fats also moisturize the skin, keeping the effect of the procedure for a long time.

have milk celebrate healing effect on the hair, especially loose beriberi, seasonal changes, and negative natural factors.

Cleopatra bath with honey

This bath is indispensable as support skin tone during a diet, removing pain after exercise, as well as to get rid of cellulite and edema.In addition, in such a pleasant bath and it has a psychological effect.

Cleopatra milk bath for weight loss
Cleopatra bath with milk


The negative impact of such a bath threatens people with an allergy to its components, as well as with skin lesions.


Although the procedure, at first glance, a very easy, but to carry it out, there are some nuances and precautions.

immersed in a milk bath should be at least 2 hours after a meal.In the presence of vascular disease or heart procedures must be non-durable (maximum 15 minutes), and the water in vanee should not cover the area of ​​the heart.

Cleopatra milk bath

If there is damage to your skin or there is irritation, sessions milk bath should be postponed or not to add honey to the water, so as not to reinforce negative manifestations.Such water treatment is also not recommended for inflammation of the kidneys and reproductive organs.Do not experiment with milk-honey bath and pregnant.


Watch the following video about the Cleopatra bath, take the ideas to create a relaxing atmosphere and bliss.

That looks like a procedure in a specialized salon, you can see in the following video.Beautiful, is not it?

Choosing milk

Cleopatra for its milk baths, said applied donkey milk (in another version - camel's milk).

modern beauties get it is problematic, but it does not matter.any other milk is quite suitable for the healing process.More often than not because of his most accessible to a bath using cow's milk.Milk should be chosen sufficiently bold.It is also good if you are not using pasteurized drink, because in this case the effect of the bath will be more intense.

Cleopatra milk bath
Milk bath Cleopatra
Milk bath

One of the best options would be goat's milk with a pH close to the pH of human skin.

Oat milk is perfectly soothes and moisturizes the skin thanks to the presence in it of oats particles.Particularly useful are milk bath with oatmeal for those who have sensitive skin or problem.In soy and rice milk also note the beneficial effects on the skin.Well proven and bath, which is not added to milk and milk whey.

Cleopatra bath with milk whey


prepare milk bath at home is very easy, because the ingredients for it are available.Bath for one liter of milk lacks, and that effectiveness was more added to it two or three honey.First, in the capacity of the water is dialed and then it poured a little warmed milk and honey.

Take a bath with milk should be an average of 15 minutes, and if there are no contraindications and well-being in the norm, the session time can be increased to 30 minutes.Dive into the water so that the chest remained above water.

adopt procedures with an interval of 1-2 days, or at least twice a week.The optimum temperature for this procedure - 36-38 degrees Celsius.Do not exceed 38 degrees temperature, to the nutrients in the milk and honey are not destroyed.

Shower at the end of the procedure can not take, but if you feel uncomfortable (such things happen when excess honey), rinse with cool little water and lubricate the skin light moisturizer or a natural oil.If there is no discomfort, honey and milk film from the skin is better not to wash off.

Milk bath

only procedure which may be carried out after the bath of Cleopatra, is a honey massage.In this case, use the same sort of honey, that you added to the water.After the session, drink herbal tea and relax, or better yet - go to sleep.

methods to improve procedures

rumored Cleopatra increasing impact milk-honey bath by the addition of almond oil.Mix 5 drops of aroma oils to 3 tablespoons of sea salt and add water.

Milk bath - Cleopatra

other options to improve the procedure will be:

  • combining baths with the discharge day (if you spend a milk bath for weight loss);
  • adding cinnamon oil in the water (you can also throw in the bath cinnamon stick);
  • adding seaweed or coconut milk;
  • milk bath with herbal combination (add water decoction of chamomile, pine needles, hop, linden blossom, mint and other herbs).
Cleopatra bath with milk
Cleopatra bath with milk
Cleopatra bath with milk

to milk bath to be effective in the fight against stretch marks, and its nutrients get inside the skin deeper recommend a peeling before the procedure.For him mix coffee grounds with orange butter and cream.The cream can be replaced with yogurt or sour cream, and thick - sea salt.

Note also that for the preparation of milk bath against stretch marks is necessary to add an increased amount of milk - up to 5 liters.

Cleopatra milk bath for two
Cleopatra bath

If Cleopatra bath acts as a basis for a romantic water treatments with the favorite, add the water rose petals and candles decorate the room.