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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to calculate the amount of tile , ceramic tile in the bathroom

Bathroom lined with ceramic tiles
  • Measurements area
  • Application Method and their impact on the number of tiles
    • Normal "seam in seam" with borders or without
    • Diagonal
    • vrazbezhku
    • Chess
  • Basic rulescalculating the number of tiles
    • for walls
    • for sex
    • Laying diagonally
    • calculation of additional elements: borders, pencils
  • calculates the amount of adhesive and grout
  • Possible errors and mistakes
  • Program to calculate online

People who at least once in their lives engaged in laying tiles in the bathroom or any other room, you know how time-consuming the process is.And it's not even in the laying of tiles on the floor and walls, and in the conduct of the preliminary measurement and calculation of materials required for installation.During the calculation to calculate the amount of materials needed for repairs in the bathroom, it is important not only correctly measure the area to be covered with tiles, but also to calculate the reserve materials.

Boxes with tiles

You may ask, why is required reserve tiles.And it is the need that in the case of a large number of operations related to cutting, the probability of obtaining a marriage greatly increased.The quality of the material also has an influence on the consumption of tiles.Experts say that the most appropriate amount of reserve materials for laying of 10% of the required minimum.How to calculate the materials in order to lay the tile in the bathroom, you will learn in this article.

Measurements area

primarily when calculating the required amount of material, it is necessary to know the area of ​​all treated surfaces in the bathroom.This is a fairly simple process that requires a responsible approach.

algorithm for calculating the working surface area is quite simple:

  • To calculate the total area of ​​the walls, you must first measure the length of each wall, add up all the values ​​and multiply by the height of the ceiling.The result is a common room area.
  • sure to determine the size of the doorway and windows.And if in the bathroom there are also niches and projections, they also need to know the dimensions.
  • After that, you must deduct the value of the area of ​​doorways and windows of the total area of ​​the entire bathroom.Thus, we obtain the value of surface area that will be covered with tiles.To calculate the bathroom floor surface, it is necessary to multiply the length by the width.In the case of complex configurations to calculate the floor area will help its partition into simple shapes.By breaking down the room into simpler shapes, calculating their area, to define a common, summing the results.
We measure bathroom

The results do not forget to write.The most obvious is not just a record, and drawn on a paper plan of the room, where you can also specify the location of furniture and sanitary ware.

Application Method and their impact on the number of tiles

After all measurements are made must be defined with the process of laying tile units.There are several ways of laying tiles on the walls and floor of the bathroom.The choice of method depends on what the final effect you want to achieve as a result of repairs, and laying tile in the bathroom.

Consider the basic methods of laying tile.

Normal "seam in seam" with borders or without

this way tiles laid in rows one above the other parallel to the walls and corners.In addition to the ease of this method is also very economical, during installation, there is very small amount of waste and scrap.

Laying the tiles in the weld seam


Diagonal - a more sophisticated method of laying.The first row is formed of a diagonally cut panels and seams between the plates thus arranged perpendicular and at an angle of 45 degrees to the wall.

Diagonal laying method


It is also one of the easiest ways of facing, in which each successive number is shifted with respect to the previous half tile.The final drawing at a wall looks like a brick wall.When mounting the tiles on the floor two way direction of laying can be used - diagonally or "deck" and horizontally or vertically - "network."

Укладка плитки "в разбежку".


This option of laying is virtually identical to the diagonal method, the only difference - is to use the tiles of contrasting colors.The result is a surface that resembles a chessboard.Very often this method is used in creating the interior bathrooms in black and white.

Laying tiles in a checkerboard pattern

There are several options for laying tiles, but they are used much less frequently require high professionalism of the master and the high cost of time and materials.For example, a method of carpet laying floor tiles.

Carpet tile laying method

Please note that the choice of method of tiling has an impact on the amount of work required for the material.

The basic rules for calculating the number of tiles

as accurately as possible to calculate the required number of tiles for repair in the bathroom you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. First of all, you need to determine the required parameters of the walls - width, length and height.The size of the door opening, niche size and projections, should measure and subtract.
  2. next step is to select the size of the tiles.Note that if you use tiles from different manufacturers or from different collections, it also may be different in size.

When the room sizes are defined and selected method of stacking, counting area that needs to be oblitsevat tiles.In this case it is useful to calculate the number of required tiles in pieces.

to results be sure to add about 10% of the stock in order to avoid unexpected moments: tile damage during installation or pruning, as well as the presence of the party in the case of manufacturing defects.

For walls

Consider the example of the calculation of the required number of tiles for the bathroom walls:

  1. count the number of tiles that fit the length and height of the wall in 1 row.
  2. values ​​multiply and get the number of tiles for the decoration of the walls.
  3. We add at least 10% for unforeseen events.

Detailed examples are given below.It also takes into account the doorway area.

  1. measurements and calculations for greater accuracy is to produce for each wall separately.For example, the height of one of the walls is measured 270 cm., And the tile you choose a height of 30 cm., Divide 270 by 30, we get 9 tiles in a row.
  2. Similarly learn and the number of tiles on the wall width.Rounding the obtained values ​​should be in a big way.
  3. number of tiles produced separately in length and width, multiply, thus obtaining the total number of bars for each wall.
  4. is also necessary to take into account the size of borders, if the tiles will be laid according to the process with a border.
  5. Availability doorway slightly complicates the calculation. height of the doorway, assume that it is equal to 200 cm, we divide by the height of the selected tile, for example, 30 cm, rounded down and get the number of tiles in height, in this case equal to 6.
  6. In the same way we find the number of ringsby the width of the door opening, and then the total number of rings, which can fit into the aperture and subtract from the total number of tiles required for all of this wall.

Do not forget to add to the result even 10%!

Poor tiles
Removing the yardsticks with doors
We count the number of tiles on the wall

for sex

number of floor tiles also need to pre-calculate.For this measure the floor length, for example, it is 170 cm., And a width of, for example, it is equal to 150 cm., And the size of a floor plate is 33 to 33 cm.

number of rings in width, in this case five units,It is determined by dividing the width of the width of the floor slab to rounding.Also, we find the number of plates required in length, in this case, 6 pieces.

multiplied results together and add a couple of pieces about as a reserve.If we define the required number of floor slabs dividing the floor area in the area of ​​one tile, then we obtain a shortage of working material in an amount of 6 pieces.

Floor tiles

Laying diagonally

above-described methods of calculation used for laying tiles way "seam in seam".In order to most accurately calculate the necessary amount of tiles with a diagonal wall is necessary to depict it on a piece of paper in the box, or graph paper.

depict each wall separately and traceable desired pattern.Then just count the number of whole and cut plates.If the two parts of the cut can be obtained from one tile, and the point in this case, only one tile. After calculations add about 15% of the stock and get the final number of rings for this method of installation.

Calculation of additional elements: borders, pencils

In order to calculate the necessary amount of curbs and pencils, it is necessary to know the dimensions used in borders and pencils, as well as the perimeter of the room without taking into account the size of the doorway.The quantity is determined by dividing the length of the perimeter of the room on the one used when installing the element.During calculation note that pencils will need twice as much due to the fact that they are placed on both sides of the border.

Curbs and pencils for tiles

calculates the amount of adhesive and grout

number of tile adhesive will depend on the condition of walls and floors, as well as the size of the selected tile unit.If the surface is intended for facing to be sufficiently smooth, and the adhesive consumption is small.Glue consumption will increase significantly with the big size tiles, because the adhesive layer is thicker than need to do. Average data on consumption of glue is always indicated on the package, so they should be targeted first.

Clay Tile

To learn the necessary amount of grout for tile joints in kilograms, should be half of the perimeter of the product divided by its area and multiplied by the width.The resulting number has to be multiplied by the weld width (from 1.5 to 3 mm) and a depth that is usually taken equal to 1.5 mm.Thus, a value of grouting mass surface treatment area of ​​one square meter.

Grout Tile Glitter

Possible errors and mistakes

To repair the bathroom was easy to be especially careful in the calculations.Protect yourself from unnecessary hassle and problems - buy tiles in sufficient quantities, it become about 10-15% more than necessary in accordance with the calculations produced.It should be remembered that at the diagonal, curly and carpet laying tiles require much more than the laying "seam in seam" and "Extension in."When the bathroom has a complex geometric shape, niches and ledges, their sizes must also be considered.The number of tiles is better, of course, be wrong in a big way, and then the lack of multiple pieces is not the fact that dokuplennye instances are from the same batch, and will not differ in color and texture with tiles purchased earlier.

Program to calculate online

In this age of information technology, there are many different programs and online services to determine the amount required to repair tiles.Online program is much more convenient because they do not need to download from the Internet, they are publicly available for use online.Such programs are easy to use and at the same time they give a fairly accurate calculation of results.Very interesting it is also 3-D programs that can not only calculate the number of tiles, but also to show how it will look your selected pattern lining.Also, these programs will help to calculate the number of decorative elements.

Program for calculating the tiles online