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August 12, 2017 18:06

Grout for tiles in the bathroom : the selection rules

Grout tiles in the bathroom
  • Purpose grouting
  • What you should know before you choose a grout?
  • How to choose the right grout composition?
  • color mixture
  • Colorless or transparent
  • Top grouts
  • porous tiles?There is a solution!
  • overwrites the seams with his own hands - User

Tile is undoubtedly the most popular material for the walls and floor in the bathroom.And there are many objective reasons: it is easy to wash, it is resistant to humidity and moisture direct hit, it is hygienic and environmentally safe.By the choice of floor and wall ceramic tiles always come very responsibly.

Ceramic tiles for bathroom

However, in the end will look like your bathroom renovated, and how long you will serve as a tile, depending not only on the quality of the tile and the builder of excellence, which will be its stack.The end result depends largely on the quality of related products, such as the grout for a tile.Anyone who has never had anything to do with the laying of the tiles may not even be aware of its purpose.In this article, we'll explain why we need to grout the tiles, which are a mixture of rubbing and how to use it.

Purpose grouting

Grout Tile is a dry construction mixture, which can be either cement or epoxy.Grout used to fill the seams between the tiles.This is not only for aesthetic reasons but also to ensure that the joints did not get wet and not accumulate bacteria and mold.

Fungus on old glazed tiles

In addition, properly chosen grout can help to hide defects formed due to uneven walls or improper installation of the tiles.

What you should know before you choose a grout?

Before you go to the store for grout, it should be noted that the grouting is divided into two main types, depending on main component of the mixture: grout based on cement and grout based resins (eg, epoxy resin).

cement-based is more popular among consumers. This is primarily due to its lower cost.In addition, working with a cement grout easier.Suffice it to dissolve the dry mixture with water or water-based latex to the desired consistency.However, in some cases they are sold in grout form ready for use in plastic buckets.

Note that although ready to use a mixture of more convenient, it is less economical than the use of dry mix.The fact that the finished mixture dries very quickly and if you do not have time to use all the bucket shortly after the discovery, the remains of the mixture harden quickly and you have to throw them away.

Grout , cement-base

Among grout resin-based grout is the most common epoxy resin.There are other grouting, for example based on furan resin.However, they are rarely used in the finishing of the interior.For example, a grout based on furan resins are used mainly in industrial plants in difficult production conditions.Epoxy grout is used everywhere.

Epoxy grout with special additives

How to choose the right grout composition?

Criteria for selecting cement and epoxy grout slightly different.

Cement grout may be designed to work with narrow joints (5 mm) or with wide joints (5 mm).If you have to work with wide stitches, you will need to purchase a grout with sand.Moreover, the wider the seam between tiles, the grains should be larger in the mixture.Some cement mixture also add special chemicals designed to fight the formation of mold and mildew - fungicides.

Seams on the tiles of various sizes

Most experienced tilers advises nevertheless give preference to epoxy grout in the bathroom, because they, unlike the cement grout, do not collapse under the influence of chemicals and more resistant to various kinds of pollution.However, floor tiles fit and cement grout.

Floor grouting

If you do decide to use a cement grout, so we advise you to purchase water repellent - a special composition, which gives them water-repellent treated surface.

As we have noted, among the resin grout most optimal variant is grouting the epoxy resin .It comprises an epoxy resin, curing agent and a coloring component.There is also a so-called two-component grout, which is composed of cement, which is diluted latex plasticizer.This grout is much stronger than the other, and is used as a rule, on the facades of buildings.

color mixture

grout color is chosen based on the color of the tiles.

Cement grout can be either natural gray or any other color, from white to black, depending on the color of the pigment.If desired shade of ready mix you could not find, you can create it yourself by purchasing white grout color and color to it.

Choice epoxy grout is much broader, however, self-stain grout epoxy impossible.With the addition of shiny components, manufacturers have been able to effect in gold, silver, bronze, metallic.The range is truly impressive.

When choosing a color grout should be guided by two simple rules :

  • dark and contrasting grout should be used only if you are sure that the tile is perfect.The fact that such a contrast of colors emphasizes the pattern tile.
  • If during the installation of the tiles have been some error, it is better to use light grout.In this case, the darker the color of the tile will visually hide the existing irregularities.
Brilliant components for grouting
Plain tile grout for joints
Contrast grout

Not to be mistaken with the choice of tiles, we advise you to take the samples used in the bathroom tile in the building market.

Colorless or transparent

If you are using a combination of several colors in the decor of the bathroom and decided to buy mosaic tiles, you perfect transparent grout.It is made based on glass and is ideal for grouting and art glass mosaic.Transparent floating called very conditional - it does not transmit light and makes the color of the tiles will be overwritten.However, by itself it is not transparent.This grout is used only in narrow seams width up to 2 mm.

Grout mosaic tiles

Top grouts

proper term tile service depends largely also from the manufacturer.It is better to trust in proven manufacturers. Among the most popular manufacturers of grout on the Russian market, it should be noted:

  • Ceresit (mixes, cement-based, one-component silicone grouting, two-component grouting)
  • Atlas (a mixture of cement and epoxy)
  • Weber Vetonit (a mixture based on cement)
  • Unis (a mixture of cement-based)
  • Litochrome (a mixture of cement-based and two-component epoxy mixture)
  • Knauf (a mixture of cement-based).
Option modern grouting

high quality products manufacturer does not guarantee you a reliable result if you do not carefully follow the instructions.

Result grouting tiles

porous tiles?There is a solution!

Porous ceramic tile has a high liquid-binding properties, so it is not recommended to use it in high humidity areas.In order to tile did not suffer during the operation, it is covered with special coating or lacquer to improve the water resistance.This varnish is often used also for creating decoupage images on the tile. While this varnish is expensive, it gives the tile a number of very useful features:

  • protects against stains, moisture, dirt and dust
  • facilitates care of a tile and cleaning
  • prevents fading
  • process polishes the surface.

for the seams and joints of ceramic tiles often use silicone this way the seams increases vodonipronitsaemost joints and prevents the formation of mold and mildew.Work is carried out using a special gun with the finished composition, which significantly facilitates the process of processing the seams.

Silicone grout between the tiles

rub clean seams with his own hands - User

During operation, be sure to use rubber gloves, respirator and goggles.

  • Depending on the type of grout, open bucket of grout, or ready, add the liquid component to the dry mixture (hardener for epoxy grout and water or silicone water-based cement grout).The consistency of the grout should resemble toothpaste.
  • Remove the crosses and any extraneous elements of the tile seams.
  • Fill space grouting.To do this, use a special rubber spatula.At one time you need to wipe the seams on an area less than one square meter.It is better to wipe the seams first from top to bottom and then from left to right - it usually working professionals.The denser you fill the joints - the stronger will keep tiles.
  • Clean the grout joints from excess.The faster you do it - the easier it will be removed.
  • gradually move farther across the floor space.
Application of grouting
Removing excess grout

As soon as the grout is dry, the remains of grout on the tile itself can be erased with a cloth.Epoxy grout easier to wash off with warm water and a little detergent concentration.

Wiping cloth dried grout

Of course, the process of laying the tiles - very time-consuming and troublesome.However, putting the tiles yourself, you have the opportunity to save considerably, because the cost of work on laying the tile at times exceeds the cost of consumables.

Perhaps you have not smoothly succeed the first time, but it is not necessary to be afraid of difficulties.The main thing - to follow the instructions throughout.