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August 12, 2017 18:06

Grout for tiles Ceresit : colors , types , and reviews, as dry tile joints

Grout for tiles Ceresit
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  • Disadvantages
  • Types
  • consumption
  • Instructions for use
    • Epoxy
    • Silicon
  • Reviews

Products Company Ceresit is in great demand in our countrybut because there is in all the building and hardware stores.Ceresit - a producer with more than a hundred years of history, from the end of the last century, which is part of Henkel Corporation.World famous company received thanks to the high quality of their products and greater market reach.Among other things, it produces Ceresit mortars for grouting tile joints.

six types of grout developed to date, designed for different materials lining and conditions of use.Finding your way in a variety of choice to learn about working methods with grouting Ceresit, and also to get an objective view of the company's products will help this article.

grout Ceresit


  • Ability to select the desired type of grout from several proposed by the manufacturer.In commercially available grouting ceramic tile, mosaic, artificial stone and other coating materials.
  • variation of grout can be chosen not only based on the cladding material, but also taking into account the conditions of use.For example, grouting Ceresit releases for rooms with high degree of humidity, external walls, swimming pools, industrial buildings, etc.
  • Another important parameter, which can be guided in the choice of grouting Ceresit, - this the seam width.The manufacturer produces a grout for joints from & gt; 5 to 30 mm.
  • Also in stock producer has grout, designed specifically for use in very high or very low temperatures.
  • Another undoubted advantage of grout Ceresit - a rich color palette.Select the desired color can be for any type of tile: monochromatic, multi-color or decorated with a pattern.
  • Masters finishers celebrate good wear grout Ceresit.


  • Many of those who used grouting Ceresit, noted one feature: after drying the color of the material changes and sometimes it is significantly different from that indicated on the package.Therefore it is better to purchase the grout in the shop, where you can test the test sample.
  • Manufacturer packs some types of grout Ceresit in paper bags.If all conditions of storage and transportation, the packaging does not matter, but the sellers of these conditions do not always comply.That's why customers often complain that the packaging Ceresit pass moisture, which adversely affects the quality of the product.
Ceresit Tile


  • Ceresit CE 33 Super. designed for sealing tile joints width less than 0.5 cm. Can be used for lining the outer walls.Best suited for the finishing of the bathroom and the kitchen area is characterized resistance to low temperatures.It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Ceresit CE 35 Super. designed for sealing tile joints from 0.4 mm to 1.5 cm. It has a water-repellent properties, is resistant to sunlight and rain.Suitable for use in swimming pools.This type of grout Ceresit should select if you are working with veneer of decorative stone, marble and other similar materials.
  • Ceresit CE 43 Super Strong. Grout ruggedized, designed for filling tile joints with a thickness of 0.4 to 2 cm. It is suitable for use in all conditions, because it has water-resistant and hydrophobic properties, resistant to sunlight, precipitation and temperature changes.This grout can be used for most surface materials, except marble and glazed tiles.
  • Ceresit CE 40 Aquastatic. designed for sealing tile joints up to 1 cm thick. It tolerates exposure to high and low temperatures, and the temperature difference, therefore recommended for use in rooms with heated floors or on the street.It has soil and water repellent.
  • Ceresit CS 25. Grout silicone-based, designed to seal the tile joints in width from 0.5 to 3 cm. Ideal for use in the bathroom, including the shower for finishing.It has a good anti-fungal properties.This grout should not be used for tiling the kitchen area.
  • Ceresit CE 79 UltraPox. epoxy grout designed for grouting of any width.As with all two-component mixture of rubbing, it is characterized by high resistance to abrasion.It can be used for lining the outer and inner walls.It tolerates exposure to chemicals contained in cleaning agents.
Ceresit CE 40

Take a tile pattern for easier selection of grout color.

The colors of grout Ceresit

complete drying time grouting, usually about 24 hours.


consumption grout, regardless of the manufacturer, is calculated by a simple formula:

The formula for calculating the amount of grout

where, A, B, C - length, width and thickness of the tilesrespectively, D - joint width.

grouting Ceresit consumption also depends on the species blend trowel. So, for ceramic tiles in standard sizes consumption of different types of grouting Ceresit per square meter will be the next:

tile size, see





type grout

CE 33 (kg)





CE 35 (kg)





CE 40 (kg)





CE 43 (kg)





CE 79 (kg)





CS25 (ml)





Instructions for use

addition of cement grouting for the tiles,the company also produces Ceresit grouting epoxy resin and silicone. If the rules for handling the conventional grout known even novice masters, then the use of new types of grouting know not all.

Grout Ceresit


epoxy grout is very important to mix well.The package epoxy grout from Ceresit contains two active ingredients that should be connected carefully proportioning.Knead the grout using a mixer at high speed.

is important to remember that after 1.5 hours after mixing, the mixture begins to harden, so the epoxy grout should be prepared in small portions.

Seams should be completed in the usual rubber spatula.Operation here is the same as with cement grout, but it is time to remove excess grout from the tile.Epoxy grout can be cleaned only with the special sponge soaked in water (in this case you need to make sure that water does not get in the blank seams as working with epoxy grout is allowed only on a dry surface).After the work is finished, you need to clean off the tile with "plastic" coating, the remainder of the grout.For this purpose, produce special cleaners.Be sure to buy one of them, because another way to get rid of traces of epoxy grouting impossible.

Epoxy grout Ceresit
Epoxy grout Ceresit


silicone grout sealant Ceresit sold in cartridges, so it can be applied by mounting the gun, which greatly simplifies the task.

  • Before working okleyte edge tile masking tape to protect the coating.
  • If tile joints are very deep, recommended to insert them in a polymeric tow.
  • Now you need to prepare a cartridge: cut off the tip on the thread and fasten on it a tip.Then trim the tip so that its diameter corresponded to the width of the seam.
  • Fill the balloon with grouting in the mounting gun.
  • fill seams, do not forget from time to time to level them (this can be done with your finger dipped in soapy water).It is important to have time to adjust the seam is not later than 15 minutes after applying the grout.
  • Remove remaining fresh grout may be using alcohol or solvent.A frozen grout can only gently scrape off, without damaging the tiles.
Silicone grout sealant Ceresit


Since Ceresit's products are actively used not only to master finishers, but also just ordinary people, to make repairs in their own homes, in specialized forums dedicated to the construction and repair, is constantly underwaydiscussion of products of the manufacturer.

most common problems that arise in the use of grout Ceresit:

  • Grout does not mix with water, and collected in lumps. Most often it is due to the fact that the master preferred to stir the grout manually.Even after prolonged stirring, you can not achieve the same results as when using the mixer.Ceresit grouts should be mixed mechanically.
  • Colored grout washed off by water, even a few days after application. The instructions to the color of the grout Ceresit says that the first contact with the water tile seam is possible not earlier than 7 days after application of the grout.Therefore grout from the tile remnants need to be removed very carefully, taking care not to wet the seam.
  • grout color of different packages can vary by several shades. Hue trowel mixture depends on many factors.Manufacturer aware of the features of its products so if you planned a lot of work, it is recommended to buy all the grout from the same batch (batch number on the packaging).
Mosaic - colored grout Ceresit