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August 12, 2017 18:06

Grey bathroom - a combination of white , black.Gray tones , pros and cons

Beautiful bathroom in gray
  • psychological impact gray
  • color
  • Advantages Disadvantages
  • Spectacular combination
    • With black
    • With white
  • make bright accents
  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Useful tips

For many people, the usual bathroom colors become white, blue and green hues.Less common, but successfully spread red and black bathrooms.bathroom interior in shades of gray, which entered into vogue recently, seems too dull, daunting and monotonous.But just imagine how many shades of gray distinguish the human eye - a gentle river pearl, harbor gray, silver, color thundercloud, tin, steel, shade of wet stone, quartz, cobalt, slate, pearl.This color is not boring, as we are accustomed to consider as universal for any interior.

psychological impact gray

The correct shade of gray is for your bathroom will allow to achieve elegance and comfort, creates a soothing atmosphere.

Grey bathroom

Initially gray suggests a sadness and fatigue, so it is advised to use only 20% of the total floor space.

With the right accessories and furniture arrangement can make the gray bathroom unusually nice, warm place in which to relax after a hard day, giving your eyes a break from the bright colors and cheer up.

Bright shades of gray for the bathroom
Grey color for the bathroom
Calm tones of gray bathrooms
The gray- white- black bathroom
Grey bathroom with green and white
White- gray bathroom

This suite easily neutralize irritability and lead the emotions in order.

color Advantages

uniqueness of this color is that it really combine with almost all other colors.

This means that you can easily vary the gray room accents of different colors and shades.

The combination of gray shades of the bathroom with other colors

Design sulfur bath depends on the material that you intend to use, very looks luxurious finishing of natural gray stone. on light gray walls are very clearly visible all, even the smallest elements of the scenery.Tiles gray tones perfectly reflects light and gives a noble shine.

Facing the bathroom natural stone gray
Decoration on the gray walls in the bathroom
Noble gray finish for bathrooms

Disadvantages The main disadvantage of sulfur in the bathroom of his association with the discouragement, sadness, boredom.

Not the right finishing a bathroom in dark gray tones

But that first impression can be easily avoided, skillfully decorated with a suitable bathroom furniture, playing with colors and add bright accents.

Correct the contrast of gray walls of the bathroom with another shade
The combination of gray shades of the bathroom with other colors
Gray- orange bathroom

Spectacular combination

With black

combination of gray and black, when properly selected shade, will help make the room more luxurious and elegant thangloomy.

This is one of the classic color combination of options in the interior.

Black and gray bathroom

It can include a variety of unexpected items that will look harmoniously.

Grey bathroom with black accents
White- gray bathroom
The combination of gray and black in the bathroom
Grey bathroom with addition of black
Gray- black bathroom
Bathroom in black and shades of gray

With white

This combination is a win-win, it is suitable for anyroom that requires privacy, peace of mind, ease of mind.

perfectly balanced white with gray give sophistication.

Gray- white bathroom

This combination requires a high-gloss surfaces.

The gray shades in the bathroom in combination with white
The combination of gray with white trim in the bathroom
Dark gray tones combined with white bathroom
White- gray bathroom
White- gray bathroom
Bathroom in white and gray colors

make bright accents

unexpected but very interesting results help achieve inclusion of bright spots in the gray interior .

Grey bathroom with bright accents

creating comfort and elegance you need to find shades that will enliven the interior.Saturated red, blue, maroon shades will relieve you from feeling damp and boredom. Prestige adds a brilliant inclusion in graphite tiles or furniture.

Bathroom - white, gray and crimson
Bathroom - white, gray and purple
Red accents gray bathroom
Bathroom - white, gray and red
White- gray bathroom and LED panel
Bathroom - white, gray and orange

lovers of style and hi-tech can be diluted with boredom purple, mustardor olive undertones. important that these colors were not dark, but bright and garish.


In today's market there are a large number of plumbing gray tones.Designs can be varied.

Grey gray bathroom shelves

Often used in bathrooms of cheap plastic furniture, chipboard, MDF.

to give it the high cost and the present, enough to cover the paint purchased in a specialty store, which has a water-repellent effect coatings having unusual textures.

Furniture in gray bathroom
Shades of gray furniture close to the bathroom
An unusual texture and gray furniture

Wall shelves and cabinets with mirror doors in the gray bathtub relevant as ever.

Plumbing and bathroom furniture gray

Pedestals for washstands, tables unusual shapes fit perfectly in a gray interior.Compact stepped towel perfectly complete the overall look.

Fancy gray stone for the bathroom
Bathroom furniture gray shades
Black furniture gray and white bath
Gray mounted cabinets under sink in bathroom
Contrasting cupboard in gray bathroom

To achieve instant successful combinations interior can purchase ready-made kit all required for a bath room furniture, done in shades of gray.

Grey gray bathroom furniture
Furniture for gray bathroom
Furniture for bathroom colors


as gray bathroom accessories look great compositions colors including survivors.Green plants on the windowsills and shelves give vivacity and energy.

gray bathroom with yellow flowers

To make chic designers suggest using cranes, pens, coasters and other small items of gold and bronze shades.

Any bright towel on the rack or floor mat can dramatically change the look of your bathroom.

Grey bathroom with gold-plated accessories
Grey gray bathroom textiles
Chic accessories for sulfur bath
Bright and juicy gray accents for the bathroom
Fancy decoration for gray bathroom
Beautiful accessories in the interior of the gray bathroom
Stylish gray bathroom
Bathroom with flowers
Light gray bathroom with flowers


Subdued light makes the room really cozy and warm.

Lighting gray bathroom

should use multiple light sources to achieve the game of shadows, so necessary for the sulfur bath.

Grey bathroom and its coverage
Location spotlights gray bathroom
The lighting system in the bathroom with gray trim

If your bathroom room is spacious enough , allowed to place in the center of the ceiling branching chandelier , and around the room to install spotlights.

The lighting around the perimeter of the gray bathroom

near mirror logical place sconces that will give comfort morning procedures.

Fixtures for the bathroom mirror in the gray
Grey bathroom with wall lights

course, artificial lighting is less welcome, than natural light.If your bathroom has no window, invited use fluorescent lights.

Useful tips

serious approach to choosing the right shade of gray, otherwise your bathroom will look very dark and conservative.

best with gray color combination:

  • white black brown
The perfect combination of a bathtub with gray shades

This color will be the perfect backdrop for other, more vivid and juicy shades.Thanks to gray color in the interior during experiments unusual ideas are born, new creative design solutions. Grey blends with wood surfaces. This makes the interior even more quiet.

Harmony gray and wood in the bathroom
Tree in gray bathroom
Gray- red bathroom

Do not feel fear before the gray shades, because this shade can be diverse, mnogofakturnym, unusual and interesting.Embodying the new ideas in shades of gray, you are sure to come to the harmony and the right decision.