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August 12, 2017 18:06

The decor in the bathroom - 100 ideas for your dream bathroom ( 29 photos)

Decorating Bathroom
  • Choosing materials
  • original plumbing
  • Ideas for a small bathroom
  • Decor own hands
  • We remove all unnecessary
  • Attention to detail
  • Textiles
  • Lighting

Ifyou started repairs in the apartment, be prepared for the fact that the cost of equipping a bathroom occupy about a third of all investments.It is important to plan ahead and think about the room decor, not to have to regret the wasted money and power.I do not think that in a small typical bath is impossible to create an interesting and stylish interior.Can.And even need. Try on the role of the designer - it is possible that you will discover unknown talents in themselves.And by the way, this can be a good idea to save money. Hand made invaluable in terms of creativity, but it is economical in terms of its creation.

Designated storage made ​​with their own hands

But first you need to determine for themselves some moments:

  • functionality .Prioritize in plumbing, furniture and equipment - what must be, and on what can be abandoned.
  • Define style , which want to see their bathroom.It should not be different from the general style decision apartment or house.
  • Practicality and safety, which plays an important role in families with children.
Bathroom beautiful and stylish

Choosing materials

design of the walls, floor and ceiling - this is where to start decorating the bathroom.For this possible to use a variety of materials, their choice is great.

The most common, of course, is the tile.Its main advantage, in addition to moisture resistance, reliability and durability, is a huge variety of shapes, colors and textures.All will depend on the stylistic direction that you want to follow.If you prefer the English style, the fit on the floor tiles of black and white, laid in a staggered manner.Modern style includes bold and even unimaginable combinations of colors and shades, as well as unusual methods of ceramic tiles.Minimalism - a simple shape and are usually plain surface.

Minimalism in design of a bathroom

The use of natural materials such as stone, wood, bamboo, cork, it would be appropriate for the design of the room in Japanese or Egyptian style.

The tree in the design of the bathroom

interesting option walls is the use of photo tiles - ordinary ceramic tiles to be coated figure.Plots for the application can be extremely varied and unusual.The high cost of such material - is, perhaps, the only negative that affects the breadth of its application in the decoration of bathrooms.

Photo tiles in the design of the bathroom

for wall decor often use a mosaic.If you're low on financial possibilities for the order of the mosaic panel on your sketches, then we can use the purchase mosaic tiles.For its styling does not require a lot of skill, experience and time, but also the possibility to decorate modestly.

Bathroom design mosaic room

use of textured plaster - another way of decorating the walls.After painting the walls may graphics application, for example, using stencils.You can try to paint by hand, or to entrust the matter to the young artist.What is not exclusive?

Putting figure through a stencil on the plaster

even easier to decorate the walls, you can use vinyl stickers.Perhaps they are also sticking to plumbing, a washing machine or a bath.This is the budget option, does not require any repairs.Change the interior with the help of labels can be as often as they are easy to install and easy to remove.

Vinyl stickers in the bathroom

No less economical way to decorate the bathroom - decoupage.It consists in bonding to the surface with glue various drawings.Then all it varnished, which provides protection from moisture.For these purposes, perfectly suited clippings from magazines and newspapers, wipes from the store, the scanned photos.This is an interesting way of decorating and the budget is not only the walls in the bathroom, but also various pieces of furniture and sanitary ware.

Bath decorated with decoupage technique

original plumbing

plumbing Choice plays an important role in the decor of the bathroom.Bath, sink and toilet - are fundamental objects in its interior.

Bathtubs are available in different shapes, colors and sizes.They are rectangular, square, oval, round, or on the legs without them.Baths of steel or cast iron gradually fading into the past, they come to replace plastic and acrylic bathtubs.Serve them for a long time, moreover, easily decorated.A more expensive option is a model of marble or a new material - Kwara.

In small rooms bathrooms often install showers. to their decor used glass in different colors.For example, the use of glass which is transparent from the viewpoint of increasing the visual space.

Unusual bathroom
Clear glass for shower

washbasin modern manufacturers produce in a variety of forms: asymmetric, in the form of splashes, drops or bowl.They also come with top and without, hanging and floor, with pedestal or polupedestalom, with the possibility of inserting it under the cabinet or without a chance.Materials used for washstands different: here and good old ceramics, and glass, and marble.

Ideas for a Small Bathroom Decorating

small size bathroom has its own nuances, which should not be forgotten:

  • As for the plumbing, it is better to replace a bath at the shower, common toilet - on installation. This will save space for installation, for example, additional cabinets.
  • ceramic tile (or any other material) for finishing the interior is better to use light calm tones.A good option would be the use of transparent materials or materials with metallic sheen and shade.For example, these properties have ceramic or glass mosaic.Rare or fine pattern also allows to visually enlarge the area.
  • Application of mirror surfaces - effective method to visually expand the space.Hang over the washbasin large mirror, make a mirrored ceiling or wall and you will see that your bathroom has become bigger and brighter.

interior elements that are present in the room should not be cumbersome, bulky and massive.On the contrary - they should give the interior a lightness and airiness.

Proper lighting also helps in solving the problems of a small space - a well-lit room seem larger.It is better if the light source will be a few, use the local lighting wall cabinets and niches, if they exist.You can go to the trick and draw a box, which is visible view of the sea or sky blue distance.This ingenious solution also will contribute to the expansion of visual space.

Decor small bathroom
Expansion of space by means of a false window
A large mirror in the bathroom

Decor own hands

decorating any room does not mean large investments.Each afford to contribute to the creation of the interior.We need to show only a little imagination.

Bath decorated with seashells

example, bought several sets of towels of different colors, you can easily change the image of a bathroom.

not only change the interior, but also make the bathroom more comfortable and more comfortable will help new carpets, curtains or other textiles.

Shower curtain

Pay attention to detail: the hooks, soap dishes, cups to toothbrushes, and various boxes for storing cosmetics.On sale you can find many original and beautiful gizmos that will contribute to the design of your bathroom originality of the room.Among other things, they are very functional and can help organize storage space.

Bathroom Set

Various labels, store bought or hand made from self-adhesive film, will also help to transform the interior.Brought from the sea pebbles or shells will be a good addition to the decor of the bathroom.

Pebbles from the sea for bathroom design

We remove all unnecessary

In small bathrooms is very important to use all available space.For example, under the bath.It is huge, there it is possible to clean the pots, buckets without difficulty, other household equipment.And so nothing distracts from the wonderful contemplation, use a special screen.They are available in various sizes, colors, but if for some reason you can not find a suitable, they can be easily decorate their own hands.

Places for storing bath screen

Built-in cabinets and closets in one color with the walls do not clutter up the space and are a good option for small spaces.They fit a large number of needed items.

Ideas store in the bathroom

Attention to detail

interior details create - never forget it.They give a complete image of any room.The most seemingly mundane things - laundry basket, a shelf for shampoo, mirror - all this can become an element of decor.Especially if you do add them individuality.Let us give the wooden laundry basket aristocracy, having painted it black, or pasted on a frame for a mirror brought to rest starfish or sand.The main thing - a single stylistic consistency.

For lovers of romance in the bathroom would be appropriate candle.They will help you relax and create a mood.Very stylish will look photos hanging on the wall or put on the shelf.

The candles in the decor of the bathroom


By design bath textiles room should be approached carefully.It is selected or the same shade as the rest of the accessories, or contrast with them.

Curtains for the bathroom are designed to protect the room from the spray, but carry a decorative function.Attach them to the ceiling, get the feel of a canopy over the bath.Oilcloth curtains boring and unpresentable, replace them with modern fabric with beautiful impregnation.

Curtains for the bathroom

After showering nice to feel soft underfoot of sea sand posed bath mats.When buying them give preference to those that are machine washable, so they last longer maintain their appearance.

Towel - a necessary thing, not only after bathing, but also in the rest of the time.Neat piles, laid out on an open shelf in the bathroom, be reminded of the spa treatments.Make sure that they have the same color scheme, or rather to remind the Chinese flea market.

Towel storage locations


Glow hooks for towels

to carefully apply makeup in the bathroom need to create a good lighting.To do this, you must adhere to the rules of the three-level light distribution.

upper level provided ceiling lights.For small bathrooms quite often a single source of light on the ceiling - chandelier or recessed luminaires.For more space - there may be several.The most commonly used halogen lamp.They may be open or recessed into the ceiling.Very good, if they are also provided with a turning mechanism that, if necessary, to change the direction of light.

Overhead lighting bathroom

average level of lighting is also called the workers and used for zoning premises.The main area in the bathroom, which requires no additional lighting is at the sink area.It is recommended to put lights symmetrically on either side of the mirror.The light should be scattered to avoid blinding the eyes and provide good lighting.

on small-sized mirror can also be mounted on the perimeter of the light sources.bath Zone can also be isolated with the help of lighting lamps suitable for this.Highlighting the furniture - another design decision.In cabinets, racks installed additional light sources, which make it easier to find the necessary items.

Light mirror in the bathroom

Bottom illumination (also called floor) is not required in terms of functionality and is more purely decorative.In this case, the light sources are mounted in the floor or steps and create a special room atmosphere bath.

Lightbox in the bathroom floor

That's it "tricks" the decor, to be aware of.Nothing complicated, so why not try your hand right now?