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August 12, 2017 18:06

Waterproof lamps : varieties , characteristics and selection rules ( 19 photos )

Waterproof fixtures for the bathroom
  • Differences moisture resistant from ordinary
  • Species
  • Features
  • Selection Rules
  • Proper lighting
  • Other lighting options

The bathroom perfect moisture-proof lamps, because they meet allrequirements.

lighting in the bathroom should be well thought out - so that with the help of lighting products to create functional areas.

Option lighting in the bathroom

Differences moisture resistant from ordinary

To make it not only the light in the bathroom, but also safe, you need to choose the fixtures designed specifically for use in high humidity, such lamps typicallyreferred to as "water-resistant".The fact is that if the wiring is in close proximity to the sources of water, an accident can occur.However, an electric shock in the bathroom - a fairly rare phenomenon, much more lighting, unable to withstand constant contact with moist air, simply fail.

to fixtures in the bathroom were a long time and did not break, when purchasing, pay attention to their labeling.

IP abbreviation means that this lamp can be used in rooms with high humidity.The higher the number, which follows the letters, the more intimate contact with the water is able to withstand the lamp.

Lighting in the bathroom

on options, read our article about the coverage of the bathroom.


Waterproof lighting - it is not only boring rounded ceiling, decorating the ceiling in swimming pools and saunas.Today, the shops offer a wide range of water-resistant lamps in different variations.It can be chandeliers and floor lamps, sconces or lanterns - you are sure to find what you need.

  • choosing fixtures in the bathroom, buyers often stop at mortise lamps , which are used to create a spotlight.The main reason for their popularity is that thanks to a special method of installation is only visible emitter, and everything else is cleverly hidden.
  • Ceiling lamps - it's chandeliers and other lighting fixtures that can be fixed only on the ceiling.This is the second version of the popular.We would like to advise you not to get hung up on standard "tablets" (flat, round lamps), which are usually bought for bathrooms, and pay attention to the more original solutions.
  • Wall Light , sconces or bought for the bathroom is quite rare, since they take up space on the wall, which can be used more efficiently, for example, hang a mirror or a shelf.Of course, this applies only to a very small bathrooms.If your bathroom there was a place for such lamps, the Treat buying very carefully: on the walls often condensation and water droplets can flow into the inside of the device.That is why wall lights need to acquire a high degree of protection.
  • Floor lamps can be found in our bathrooms is quite rare for the same reason as the wall: because of lack of space.However, in large spaces such models look very impressive so if you allow the square footage, look at the floor structure.
  • Backlight commonly used to delineate functional areas or emergency lighting.Often used as a backlight LED ribbon, which is attached to the items of furniture or mirrors.Sometimes the LED backlight equipped with a floor, wall or ceiling.
Mortice Ceiling fixtures in the bathroom
Ceiling lamps
Wall lamp for bathroom
Floor moisture-proof fixtures in the bathroom
Illumination in bathroom


Waterproof lamps installed in the bathroom, in the first place, safeguardus against electric shock, and secondly, can function perfectly, even with daily contact with water.

LED lighting in the bathroom

There is another feature that should sway the buyer towards the waterproof fixtures: they do not allow the use of conventional incandescent lamps, as calculated on a more modern halogen, fluorescent or LED bulbs.This approach can significantly reduce power consumption, and the bulbs do not have to be changed several times a year.

As for the halogen lights, the experts do not recommend using them in small living spaces, as these light bulbs bad effect on vision.In addition, they require good ventilation arrangement and step-down transformer.Fluorescent and LED lamps can be used in apartments, without fear of harm to himself or electrical equipment.

Halogen lamps in the bathroom
Fluorescent lamps in the bathroom
LED lighting in the bathroom

Both consume little energy, are protected from moisture and dust, but there are differences:

  • Fluorescent lamps givea bright light, and LED - more soft and smooth.
  • Fluorescent lights emit and flicker noise in the dark.However, it does harm only when they are installed in the living room.LED lamps operate noiselessly.
  • Fluorescent lamps heat up a little more than LED, but in comparison with incandescent bulbs, the difference is very small.

selection rules

So, choosing waterproof fixtures for the bathroom, you need to follow the following simple rules:

  • One of the main criteria for the selection should be safety device.Pay attention to the CE mark: in different places in the bathroom fixtures need with different levels of moisture protection.For example, in the shower need a lamp with an index IP65, and in the most remote from water sources place enough IP55.
  • should be considered lamp brightness.It depends on two factors.The first factor - is the power of light bulbs.For the bathroom enough 20-30 watts.The second factor - is the ceiling material.If it is clear and transparent, the light will be more.Lamps with frosted shades can be used for emergency lighting.
  • method and mounting location lamps depend on the availability of space in the bathroom.In small bathrooms is better to use a ceiling or spotlights, and large - to combine different methods.Using different light fixtures can be divided space into zones.
  • And, of course, can not be ignored appearance damp proof lighting.It is better to buy lights even then, when you have more or less complete picture of the future of the interior of your bathroom.In this case, you can pick up a lamp that will blend in with the style and color scheme of the room.
Option lighting in the bathroom
The combination of light fixtures and bathroom design

Proper lighting

mirror in the bathroom performs several important functions:

  1. You can follow their appearance.
  2. visually expands the space, and the larger the mirror, the greater the effect.
  3. mirror surface reflects the light, so that the room becomes lighter.

When properly built lighting, a mirror can have completely the opposite effect to distort all that is reflected in it.

If you do not want to become a bathroom in the kingdom of crooked mirrors, you need to properly organize the interaction of the mirror and lighting.

Backlit mirror in the bathroom

For example, if one side of the mirror you plan to hang sconces, then on the other hand it is necessary to put the same.It is desirable that the bathroom was a ceiling light, which gives a smooth and strong light.We advise you to pay attention to the model, with transparent sides, as their light penetrates all corners of the room.

Chandelier in the bathroom
Traditional lighting in the bathroom
Lamps moisture bathroom

Other lighting options

window in the bathroom would be many, but let it currently can only owners of country houses and city apartments classsuite.Basking in the bathroom, the former can enjoy the beautiful countryside scenery, and the second - to watch the night lights and bustle of the big city.

If this window in the bathroom can have only a few, that make the simulation window can be anyone, it would be just a little bit of free space on the wall.To do this, choose the appropriate image and transfer it to the lightbox - a large, flat lighting, giving a smooth, white light.Lightbox is fastened to the wall and, optionally, supplemented with imitation of the window frame.

Light boxes in the bathroom

Plus this method is that you can choose the view from the window - it could be an African desert, the Beijing center or Niagara Falls.The main thing is to make sure that your new lighting fixture was waterproof.

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