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August 12, 2017 18:06

Colors for the bathroom : selection , placement , care ( 31 photos )

Flowers in the bathroom
  • Choose colors
  • Accommodation in bathroom
  • Features care
  • bathroom without windows
  • Alternative alive colors

Flowers decorate any room, carrying a decorative role, but in the bathroom of their roomset infrequently.At first glance, the conditions in the bathroom have to add color to the interior, but there are certain nuances.

and air temperature, and high humidity typical of the bathroom, it is favorable for the plants, but because of the lack of light color adaptation can be complicated. In addition, plants in the bathroom for a long time will remain not only in the dark, but in cool conditions, and in addition they will be affected by the chemicals that you use indoors (cosmetics, detergents, various sprays).All these features are important to consider in the selection of plants, their placement in the bathroom and clean.

Beautiful bouquet in the bathroom

Rare baths have windows and large open space, but you can even place the flowers in a small room without windows, if choose the right plants and install fitolampy.So, having decided on the cultivation of flowers in the bathroom, the first task will be to organize a proper lighting.

Choose colors

Among the plants that can adapt to the conditions in the bathroom often choose curly, for example, philodendron, ivy or epipremnum. Also in the bathroom possible to put such large plants as monstera and Fats.Good feel in such circumstances, and spray the plants, for example, chamaedorea, aspidistra or Aglaonema.

Czech bathroom
Beautiful flowers in the bathroom
Flowers in the bathroom

If you want to decorate the bathroom flowering plants, pick violets, cyclamen, chrysanthemum, ekzakum or Spathiphyllum.

If the room is quite spacious, it is necessary to put dieffenbachia, Alokaziya, fern or ficus.

Curly flowers in the bathroom
Chamaedorea in the bathroom
room flowers in the bathroom
Blooming flowers in the bathroom
Large plants in the bathroom
Palma in the bathroom

For those who forget to water the plants, a good choice would be Dracaena.If you decide to decorate the bathroom violets, place them so that the flowers did not get a drop of water.

Not all of these plants will grow well in your bathroom is because they need a lot of conditions.Often, for the selection of suitable plants, which will decorate the room, and will be successful in it to grow, we have to make a lot of mistakes and trials.The first experiment with the placement of moisture and shade-plants.

Do not try to fill in once the whole bathroom, even a single flower can transform interior.

Beautiful flowers in the bathroom

recommend to read our article about it, what plants and flowers are suitable for the bathroom.

Accommodation in bathroom

great if there is a window in the bathroom, because through it the plants will fall and the natural light and fresh air.In this case, the question of placement of flowers will be solved very easily, because you will have a window sill.Especially good on the windowsill "live" flowering plants. If space and a lot of big window sill, you can even organize the whole greenhouse, only try to achieve a harmonious appearance.

Orangery in the bathroom

Little or creepers conveniently placed on the shelves. They can be hung in the corners or in a staggered manner, adorning one of the walls.It is also a "green" area can be placed on existing furniture (on a pedestal or hanging lockers), or buy a special plant rack or locker (such an option is available only for owners of spacious bathrooms).Scansorial plants can beautifully frame the mirror.

Flowers on the shelves

Large bouquets and large plants can be placed on the floor.Vases them look good in the corner of the bathroom.In each room there is a zone in which the action takes place at least - just in this area and should establish large plants.

large clay pots, as well as the massive glass and ceramic vases are not too advantageous for the bathroom. In this room is best to keep the plants in light unbreakable pots, beautiful vases or plastic bottles.

Flowers on the floor
Flowers on the bathroom shelves
flower arrangement

Do not set plants on the washing machine, sink, tub, or next to the opening doors of cabinets or shower stall.It is best to place potted plants so that they fell to a minimum of splashing and particles of chemicals.

Features care

Caring for plants in the bathroom should be more regular than in the flowers in other rooms.Since you will have a weekly wash the leaves, it is best to avoid placing the plant in the bathroom pubescent. flowers with large leaves can be cleaned separately, each leaf, and plants with numerous small leaves more convenient to wash directly under the water jets. them immediately wipe After contact with leaves toothpaste, soap or shampoo.

Caring for flowers in the bathroom

Due to the high humidity in indoor plants placed in the bathroom, you may experience problems such as mold, flower pests and fungi. To avoid these troubles, regularly ventilate the room (leave the door open at night or install a mechanical ventilation), and the floor and walls, wipe after water treatment.

Plant Care

Do not water plants too, because they already reside in a humid microclimate.Time for the next irrigation are assessed in a pot of soil - it should dry completely.That water does not stagnate, while the bottom of the pots transplant Lay shingle, pebbles or expanded clay.

should regularly rotate the presence of the plant box, as they will be attracted to the light source. If the external appearance of plants in the bathroom has worsened, it is to replace them with others.Flowers with unimportant view rendered in a bright room at least a month, and when they are attractive youthful appearance is restored, you can put them into the bathroom again.

Flowers in the bathroom

care for each plant is different.We told you the basic principles.When purchasing be sure to ask about how to care for the flower.

bathroom without windows

All plants need light for their growth, and in the bathroom without a window, they will often be in the pitch darkness, which may lead to the death of flowers. come to the aid of artificial light, which can be represented daylight lamps.Keep them always included and the plants will receive the necessary light.

Fresh flowers in the bathroom

more effective alternative would be to apply fitolamp designed specifically for plants. These lamps equipped with greenhouses and facilities to the lack of natural light.These lamps provide light precisely that range, which is needed to plants.

They come in several forms:

  • Fluorescent lamps give a minimum of heat and long serve.
  • There are special purpose lamps coated on the glass.They light flux utility for flowers is higher than that of conventional fluorescent.
  • An excellent choice would be and metal halide lamps, the benefits of which are large capacity, the optimum range of light and a great resource, but to the disadvantage of a high cost can be attributed.
Flowers in the bathroom without a window
Fitolampy for flowers
Flower Bulbs

third option, which can be called the least costly means content in the room bathroom plants only temporarily. You can make indoor plants during the day in a well illuminated room or on the balcony, and in the evening to put in the bathroom.By the way, if you include the bathroom flowering plants during their flowering will continue.When flowering is over, return the flower to its original location that is well lit.

Flowers in the bathroom

Alternative alive colors

If the window is not in your bathroom and install fitolampy or regularly make the plants to the light does not work, think about other options of adding color to the interior of the room.

Fresh flowers in the bathroom
Beautiful flowers in the bathroom
Fresh cut flowers
Tulips in the bathroom
Ekibany bathroom
Non-living flowers in the bathroom

main ideas:

  • Put vases,which regularly change the bouquets of fresh flowers. Small size bouquets look beautiful on a shelf next to the bathroom, near the mirror or on a windowsill.Standing alone or large flower colors composition can be mounted on the floor or on a low rack.These bouquets can be chosen to match the walls or plumbing, or be in a contrasting color in relation to them.
  • Use artificial flowers. Their main advantage - no need for regular maintenance.Such plants are simulated and cut flowers (mimosa, carnations, roses, lilies and others), and copies of indoor potted plants, including vines and small trees.By the way, artificial vine can successfully hide any communication.
  • Place the dried flowers.To deadwood longer does not spoil, it is treated with a special compound that enhances resistance of the composition of dried flowers to moisture.You can put in the bathroom and a small vase with miniature compositions and narrow with large floor vases with long branches.