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August 12, 2017 18:06

Door with ventilation in the bathroom : grille and openings in the interior doors

Door with ventilation in the bathroom
  • importance of ventilation
  • Materials Types of ventilation in the door
    • Grilles
    • Vents (ring)
  • Tips for Choosing
  • How to ventilation in the door with his own hands?

importance of ventilation

fresh air in the house - a pledge of good health the whole family, because in the unventilated room creates a greater concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen deficiency.Furthermore, in the air may accumulate toxic substances released surfacing materials and household cleaning products.And, if in a residential area of ​​clean air inflow problem is solved by a simple ventilation, the bathroom and the toilet situation is different.

Not long ago, the arrangement of ventilation in the bathroom did not attach much importance.This is not due to ignorance of builders, and to the fact that over the past couple of decades has completely changed the approach to repair.There are new interior materials and constructions, which have good thermal insulation, waterproofing and soundproofing qualities.On the one hand - it makes absolutely comfortable bathroom fully and completely intimate space, but on the other - does not leave the fresh air does not stand a chance "break" in the room.

Previously, when the wooden windows were slits, and the doors to the rooms were closed tightly, the natural flow of air came by itself.Today, the organization of air requires a different approach. For example, in the bathroom, in addition to mechanical ventilation, should take care of the door which does not impede the inflow of fresh air.

The importance of ventilation in the bathroom
Ventilation in the bathroom door


glass doors are perfect for the bathroom from the point of view of water and heat insulation. They tolerate high humidity, exposure to hot steam and temperature fluctuations.However, the glass door air practically does not pass (unless special openings for this are not provided therein).

The door glass in the bathroom

Doors made of plastic with properties similar to glass: they perfectly retain heat and does not absorb moisture. Constantly being in wet conditions, they are not deformed and do not break down.For the price of plastic doors are much cheaper glass or wood, but for aesthetic characteristics inferior to them.

Doors made of plastic with ventilation for the bathroom

Doors made of natural wood - it is one of the most expensive options, but the most successful in terms of room ventilation. known that the tree is not very well tolerated by moisture and temperature changes, so high-quality wooden door, designed to be installed in the bathroom, should be treated with antiseptic and covered with several layers of lacquer.

Doors made of laminate, chipboard and MDF - considered a budget option. They can be installed as a bath, or in any other room of the house.For such doors usually have the option arrangement of ventilation holes with their hands.Recyclable materials are covered with a special solution, so nice to tolerate close proximity to water.

Doors made of natural wood with ventilation for the bathroom
Doors from MDF and particleboard bathroom

Types of ventilation doors

According to the rules, between the lower part of the doors and the floor should be a small gap through which the natural ventilation.In fact, the owners of apartments rarely leave this gap, fearing that if the flood water spread throughout the apartment.Therefore, many people use a variety of seals or equip the bathroom in front of the nut.For this reason, manufacturers have begun to produce doors for bath rooms with built-in ventilation.There are two possibilities.


design of such doors is quite interesting: at the bottom there is a small window in which to insert the actual grille - frame with flat curtains, angled.Thus, peek through a lattice does not work, and the fresh air in the room will circulate freely.Ventilation grilles for doors made of metal and plastic and have a variety of designs.

The door to the bathroom with a ventilation grille

Vents (ring)

It is easier and cheaper option.Transverse vents as well as the bottom door grating disposed in number of three or four pieces.The openings are inserted plastic rings responsible for the aesthetic component design.On sale you can find the "advanced" models equipped with sound-absorbing protective mesh.

The door to the bathroom with vents
Ventilation grilles for doors
The door to the bathroom with vents

Tips for Choosing

As practice shows, to find in the store is suitable for your bathroom door with ventilation - not a simple task.The choice of models is very limited (whereas, for example, find a metal door with ventilation will not be difficult). Therefore, we recommend to equip yourself door ventilation.

to make holes for ventilation grille or ring is best to buy a door made of wood or timber materials.Cutting the glass door you need professional equipment, and how to behave in a door made of plastic, if the start of its drilling - is difficult to predict.

Tips for choosing a door for the bathroom ventilation

If you do not want to bother with buying a new door or tinker with ventilation grilles and rings, you can use the old-fashioned way.Just trim the bottom of the door for a couple of centimeters.If done carefully, the damage to the external appearance of the room is not a cause, but the effect will not be worse than that of modern types of ventilation.

How to ventilation in the door with his own hands?

One of the most effective ways of organizing ventilation in the bathroom - a door ventilation grille. In this section, we'll show you how to install it on the bathroom door yourself.

  • Please take a ruler and measure the ventilation grilles purchased by you (in the kit usually consists of two pieces).
  • then put on the door layout, on which you'll cut a hole.At the same time the length and width of the grating is necessary to add 1-2 mm.Cut
  • door leaf in a hole of appropriate size (for tools should be selected depending on the door of the material).
  • Install ventilation grilles on both sides of the hole.Some models are designed for mounting on a construction adhesive, while others can be fixed on the screws.

That's how quickly and easily you can set an important element of ventilation in the bathroom!

The holes for ventilation in the bathroom door with his own hands