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August 12, 2017 18:06

Garden Ideas own hands with a photo and description

Article Contents:

  • 1 flowerbed natural stone
  • 2 Flower wood
  • 3 Simple flower bed of old tires
  • 4 flowerbed-palette with his hands
    • 4.1 procedure for the manufacture of beds, palette
  • 5 Garden figurines with their own hands
    • 5.1 Step by step instructions for the production of chickens
    • 5.2 Production figures hedgehogs
  • 6 Peacock from plastic bottles with their hands
    • 6.1 Step by step instructions for the manufacture of a peacock
  • 7 Beautiful paths in the garden with his own hands
  • 8 garden swings of tires in the garden
    • 8.1 Step by step instructions for the production of automobile tires swings.
  • 9 Rope swing in the garden
    • 9.1 Step by step instructions for the manufacture of rope swings

flowerbed natural stone

original decoration of any gardening area will be made with his own hands a flower bed.Looks nice flower garden with walls tiled from natural stones.For this purpose, can take stones of different sizes, shapes and colors.It is enough to put them on the perimeter of the future flower beds in several layers.From such natural materials as possible to create a true masterpiece.For example, to build a composition of stones of different shapes and sizes, decorated with flowers.Thus it is possible to build a basket, a huge bowl or pot with a wide neck.

A flower bed of natural stone

Flower wood

Another great idea for the garden - flower bed is decorated with wooden elements .Such an embodiment is suitable decoration when flower bed has long been broken, and to change its location is no possibility.Update its appearance can be erected with the help of the fence from wooden planks or sticks.Alternatively, you can weave a basket of any form of elastic thin stalks or made of wooden log cabins compact cabin, from which to grow flowers.

Flower from a tree

Simple flower bed of old tires

Another material used to make beautiful crafts with their hands for the garden - it old car tires.Of these, you can also make a large pot for plants.For this purpose it is necessary to cut one side so as to get the kinks.For such a flowerpot can dig a small hole and put it on a flat surface.Next, fill the interior of the earth and planted flowers.To impart decorativeness bus can be painted on the outside in every color.Before painting the tire must be well cleaned and degreased.For this purpose, suitable gasoline.

Ideas for the garden with his own hands.Photo

-palette flower bed with his hands

Decorate territory cottages and garden with his own hands, you can not only with beautiful flower beds or facilities, but also the original accents.For example, you can build a bed-unusual palette.Make a decoration under the force of any owner.

A flower bed , 1 palette

idea for the garden beds with their own hands.Photo

To create a flower bed need 8 vases.For these vases must prepare 8 pots into which are inserted flowerpots with flowers.For planting, you can use any colors.In our case, we will be planted colorful petunia .Also, we will need a shovel and a rake, which will serve as a "brush".As a basis for the palette you need to prepare a sheet of plywood or styrofoam .In our case polystyrene is used.

procedure for the manufacture of beds, palette

On a sheet of expanded polystyrene using a marker or pencil plot the palette border and mark places for holes for pots.We've got 9 pieces.The diameter of the holes depends on the diameter of the pots.

Flowerbed - palette 2

With manual cutter cut out and to draw the outline of the item.

Flowerbed palette - 3

Mid palette reinforce the front and the reverse side using the round pads, made of plywood.Lock can be by adhesive or screws.First fasten a lining on the reverse side, which attach the leg-rack.Then fix the front gasket.

4 - palette flower bed

stained workpiece surface paint "under the tree" in 2 layers.For this purpose, we took two paint colors - dark and light.

Flowerbed palette - 5

After harvesting dried up, its top covered with a layer of lacquer.

Further, the hole should be inserted plant pots with flowers, and in the remaining free - insert garden tools, which will serve as a "brush".

Garden figurines with their own hands

make unique crafts with their hands for the garden of the available materials is not difficult, especially if you have special skills.Do these statues can be a family.Thus it is possible not only to decorate the gardening area, but also to leave the child in memory of pleasant memories of his childhood.Hand made garden figurines will be a great gift for loved ones.

garden - figures - his - rukami9

Step by step instructions for the production of chickens

To make merry chicken should prepare the following materials:

  • pumpkin in the form of "pear" or gypsum;
  • colored paint;
  • polymer clay.Instead, you can use salt dough or plaster;
  • hot glue;
  • matt lacquer.

garden - figures - his - rukami8

thoroughly washed and dried pumpkin cover the first layer of paint.After a dry top layer is applied to two or three layers.Thus it is possible to obtain single color coating.

garden - figures - his - rukami7

Instead of pumpkins, you can use gypsum .For these purposes, the package takes, it is poured into the plaster, by means of ropes attached to the required shape.Ropes must be secured as long as the plaster dries.

garden - figures - his - rukami6

After drying of the last layer of paint must be using a simple pencil to put contours of the future of the ornament.

garden - figures - his - rukami5

Next, paint the acrylics previously painted ornament.

garden - figures - his - rukami4

In order to form a chicken head used polymer clay .Also, for these purposes, you can use the plaster or salt dough.Vyleplivaem comb, beak and a beard.These details fix with the help of hot glue to the chicken head.

garden - figures - his - rukami2

With black and white acrylic paint draws the eye.For this it is first necessary to put the black dot and then add it to the point of white paint.

To secure garden figurine painting hens must be covered with varnish.For these purposes it is better to choose poppy varnish.

garden - figures - his - rukami1

Production figures hedgehogs

for decorating gardening area, you can use the original statues urchins made from scrap materials.Effectively look hedgehogs made of plastic bottles, wrapped in hemp rope.To ropes need to be kept fixed with glue or staples.Eyes and nose can be drawn with black acrylic paint.Also, the nozzle can be made of cork from the bottle or polymer clay.As a "rough" are planted grass.

garden - figures - his - rukami11 garden - figures - his - rukami12

figurine hedgehog can be made of plaster.Fabrication process is the same as for chicken.It can be used for manufacturing and bumps, rowan, plastic bottles, cork-tree branches and different colors.

Peacock from plastic bottles with their hands

no less impressive on the plot looks peacock made of plastic bottles .

following materials needed for the manufacture of a peacock:

  • large number of multi-colored plastic bottles;
  • scissors;
  • multi-colored electrical tape;
  • wide adhesive tape;
  • synthetic foam;
  • plastic;
  • glue gun;
  • mesh abrasive;
  • plastic pipes.

Step by step instructions for the manufacture of a peacock

Cut parts from plastic bottles of different sizes, which will then be feathers.These items must be on the edges of the incision to get a fringe.So turn feather imitation.

The trunk is cut from synthetic foam .The joints to seal a wide transparent tape.

attach to the body two plastic pipes , which will be kicked.


Ideas for the garden with his own hands.Photo

Cut out of a bottle of red triangular piece and turn it into a cone shape.This will be the beak of a peacock.We fix it on the head.

torso figures paste pre-cut feathers of colored plastic bottles.For fixing using adhesive gun silicone rod.On the breast should be short, "feathers", and on the back - longer.

For tuft we need cut thin strips of plastic, which are mounted on top of the head.

need blank oval head to tail.

eyes draw acrylic paint .

Cut "feathers" for the tail.a "pen" The length should be approximately 20-30 cm on average. To do this, cut a long oval, slazhivaetsya up in the middle of the fringe.

framework for the tail will abrasive mesh , which will be attached and "feathers".Attach them to the recommended scaly order from bottom to top.

To decorate the tail of multicolored tape cut different-sized ovals, which is glued on top of each other, mimicking the color of the peacock.Paste is a decoration on the edge of the pen.

Paws cut out from the top of the bottle and "put on" their pipes, which are the "legs" of the craft.

Ideas for the garden.Peacock with his own hands: video

Beautiful paths in the garden with his own hands

Garden paths play an important role in landscape design.They have not only a practical role, but also decorative.Make such a beautiful track in the garden with his own hands is not difficult.Consider a few design options:


garden paths can skirt the ridges or mixborders .For ridges are planted annuals tight fit.For mixborders suitable plants of different heights and configurations.More suitable for these purposes are considered perennials.


Regardless of the type chosen garden path, it must be protected from waste water.For these purposes, it is recommended to build them above ground level or adjacent flower bed.Paths to the solid support are laid on the gravel bed, or sand.

The Doors

Effectively look flowers , which are located not only on the edges of the path, but also for herself.To translate to do the track is not continuous in the life of such an idea, as a stepping stone or tiles, recessed into the ground.When making a track of such a plan, consider the order of flowering plants, arranged around it.It is advisable to plant such plants, which will be combined with each other not only colors but also the precedence of flowering throughout the warm season.


Garden paths should also perform zoning on the site functional areas.When designing the paths necessary to calculate the width and think stylistic design using colors.


Garden paths also look good among the plants.The main thing that the plants were beautiful shape or have an unusual shape of the leaves.No less impressive look tracks, decorated plants of one species, but which differ in color.


Garden swings of tires in the garden

For the manufacture of garden swings can be used not only wood or metal, and the materials at hand, such as conventional tires.Such products can be mounted on a tree branch or on a specially assembled for the purposes of this framework.You can also make a swing suspended as horses or chairs.The advantage of this arrangement is considered to ease of fabrication and economy.In addition, such a swing can hang anywhere.Alternatively, from the tire swing can be hung on a tree growing next to two or two established near post.

following materials needed for the manufacture of garden swing:

  • metal chain or a strong rope;
  • old tires;
  • fasteners;
  • drill;
  • two wooden or metal post;
  • metal bar;
  • jigsaw, a Bulgarian or a sharp knife.

Step by step instructions for the production of automobile tires swings.

Set two column.For this purpose, suitable for both metal and made of wood.If you plan to hang a swing on the branch, it is necessary to choose a strong thread.

By the top of the pillars attach the metal bar.

To attach a metal bar bolts with rings through which you need to lend a strong rope or chain.

the bottom rope or chain must be attached to a car tire.

need to swing the whole tire, without any major defects.

Ideas for the garden with his own hands.Photo

Before fixing fasteners, tire thoroughly washed inside and out with a cleaning agent.

Once the tire is dry, it can be painted in any color and leave it to dry.

To attach a rope or chain can take U-bolts. Suffice it to three pieces of medium diameter.

When using a drill to drill holes 6 for fixing (2 equidistant from each other).

For fixing screws should be placed in the drilled holes and secure them from the inside using the washers.

Before each bolt on the lid to attach a rope or chain.

Connect to swing metal bar or a tree branch can be with one or two mounts.

Rope swing in the garden

Garden swings can also be done with the help of boards and strong ropes.board thickness should be 15-20 mm.Such swings can be hung on a tree or on a specially made frame for these purposes.For the manufacture of such swings will need the following materials and tools:

  • board;
  • strong rope;
  • jig saw, a saw or a hacksaw;
  • paint or varnish.

Step by step instructions for the manufacture of rope swings

Making seat swings.For this to be cut from a rectangle board.You can also bring down the seat of several boards.

four sides to drill four holes about 22 mm in diameter at a distance of 30 cm from the edge.

The board covered with a layer of paint or varnish.

Attach a rope to a branch or a special design.

pulled through the drilled holes on the board a strong rope.

In order to fix the board must be below the tie knot at the ends of the rope.

Ideas for the garden with his own hands.Photo