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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design wallpaper for the bedroom.Photo bedroom interiors.

If the bedroom is small in size, with the help of finishing materials (wallpaper in the bedroom), the attributes of furniture, you can visually enlarge it.If the bedroom is too large and uncomfortable it is best to pick up the bulk of the interior attributes.Wallpaper in the bedroom have an important role in the correct design, which is why they should be chosen very carefully.

Wallpaper in the bedroom after renovation

wallpaper in the bedroom renovated - Photo

Classic wallpaper in the bedroom .A photo

Classic wallpaper in the bedroom.Photo

Species wall design wallpaper

Pasting of walls in the bedroom of the same type wallpaper

traditional view of design - is finish all the walls of the room the same wallpaper (the same color of the figure).The color gamut of the wallpaper in the bedroom, and their design is chosen in a restrained style.

addition, many people use when creating the design in the bedroom mix of two different kinds of wallpaper.For example, two walls Wallpapers for bedrooms with checkered design, and other walls hang wallpaper with the image of flowers.These are called the wallpaper in the bedroom wallpaper partners or companions.They can choose different design or pattern, but then they should be about the same color.

You can also use a reverse type design bedrooms: one choice of wallpaper pattern, but in a different color.Often, a combination of popular: wallpaper in the bedroom without pattern combines with wallpaper with a pattern of similar colors.

Scandinavian option of pasting wallpaper in the bedroom

Currently popular method of pasting wallpaper with the release of the focus on one of the walls.In this case, wallpaper vivid colors with an original ornament paste over the wall, which is located along the wall opposite the bed or beds, thus creating its main or creating her accent.

This Scandinavian version of the design bedrooms, namely the allocation of the wall at the head of the bed, is popular and loved in many civilized countries.

To create an accent wall is recommended to choose the wallpaper in the bedroom with bright saturated colors ornament or pattern, while the other rooms the walls paste over self-colored wallpaper.

color wallpaper for the bedroom in this embodiment, design is better to choose based on the attributes of colors of furniture, pillows, bedspreads, curtains, etc.

In this case, you can select a whole separate wall, so a certain part of it.When selected for emphasis only parts of the walls, it is advisable to separate its border with decorative elements.

Colours wallpaper for the bedroom

If the bedroom is designed for relaxation and comfort, the wallpaper in her must be the colors, which could contribute to sound sleep and the rapid fall asleep.For the harmony you need the beige and brown tones, which can be combined with many shades.

Influence of color on the human body

Shades of blue, blue color of wallpaper in the bedroom perfectly relax the human body after a hard day, and calm his nervous system, and these wallpapers will stimulate better falling asleep.

bedroom in green color will contribute to a more comfortable pastime in the room, proper rest from the day's work or after any physical or moral burden.The green color of the wallpaper in the bedroom is great for stress relief while relaxing in the bedroom for researchers, directors, etc.

The blue wallpaper in the bedroom .Wall design bedroom

blue wallpaper in the bedroom.Making walls bedroom - Photo

Cold gray and shades of beige wallpaper in the bedroom will relax the nervous system.But in this case it is necessary to take into account the degree of brightness of the room.If the windows in the bedroom are located on the shady side and often in the room fresh and cool, it is better to choose wallpaper with warm shades and colors.

If the room is badly lit and it is often hot, we advise you to give preference to the cold gray colors, with which you can create a sense of freshness in the room.

Selecting wallpaper design

Texture, image or pattern on the wallpaper in the bedroom will contribute to creating a special mood in the room, to influence the style and design of the room.

wallpaper in the bedroom with an ornament in the shape of flowers can create a romantic mood and weightless in the room.But it is necessary to understand that the wallpaper in floral pattern fit only for women's bedrooms and do not like the representatives of the male gender.Combine the preferences of men and women can only combining floral wallpaper with wallpaper without pattern or with models in a cage or strip.

The dark blue wallpaper in the bedroom .A photo

dark blue wallpaper in the bedroom.Photo

Brown wallpaper with flowers in the bedroom .A photo

Brown wallpaper with flowers in the bedroom.Photo

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