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August 12, 2017 18:08

Skirting for painting - option for the most creative people

What is the "highlight"?

This plinth different density structure and a smooth surface.In manufacturing it is applied several layers of primer that brings the work to a minimum - just have to paint.For the finishing of the decorative element can be used all kinds of paint.Externally, these skirting boards have a variety of forms that allows you to choose the best option for interior decoration.By their strength, they are no worse than other types of baseboards.

Note!These decorative elements are identical with other types of baseboards, except for possible paint in any color.

Installation can be performed on the same pattern as for the other decorative elements.If the structure is designed to, you can use special clips.If not, then fixing takes place by means of adhesive or liquid nails or screws.When all the elements, you can decide what color should be a plinth, and choose the desired paint.Worth noting that it is perfectly conceals all cables and wallpaper edges.

Plinth for painting or how to choose the color?

Deciding to use this option in order to cover all transitions from the floor to the wall, you come up with an important issue, how to choose the color of the baseboard.By making this choice, you can focus on the color of the floor, walls or doors.Consider these options:

  • Paul, greatly affects the overall atmosphere in the room, so when deciding how to choose a plinth in color, it is necessary to reckon with him.In today's market represented a lot of different colors and shades, so select the desired will not be difficult.You can do in two ways: to paint decorative elements in harmony with the color of the floor, or, conversely, make them contrast, thereby highlighting the contours of the room;
  • Selection of the color of the door is often used when decorating, as in this case, the plinth is a natural extension of the door;
  • determine what color skirting choose, you can start from the design wall covering.This method is considered the most reliable, because you can take a piece of wallpaper in the shop and on the spot to make a choice.If the walls have a pattern with bright colors, then finishing them you can use a plinth or plinth yellow blue, that accentuate the perimeter of the room and the overall design.

Important! Bright colors recommended for use in bright rooms, as in the dark, they will not look harmonious.

Methods painting

defined the color of the baseboard, it is necessary to paint.To do this on the floor spread out the paper or newspaper, on which the work will be carried out.The paint for the plinths can be acrylic, latex or aqueous dispersion. Important!Use paint for exterior use is prohibited, as it will corrode the surface material.

Paint brush is made.While working, you must try not to leave streaks and bands.You can also use the paint cans.It goes very well, uniformly covers the surface, and to work with it easily.Also can not do without it, if there are a variety of decorative elements, which brush can not handle efficiently.

If the stain will be made after the installation of a plinth, it must first stick the masking tape along two lanes of the processed material and the wall.Gluing it should be close, otherwise the pollution can not be avoided.To remove adhesive tape can be applied after complete drying of the layer.