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August 12, 2017 18:08

How are liquid wallpaper in the bathroom - photos and videos .

Why use liquid wallpaper for the bathroom?

You certainly surprised, as wallpaper in the bathroom?And nothing surprising in this.Today, there are such a variety of materials for repair of premises with high humidity, that the eyes diverge.Of course, you can not use for the repair of conventional materials, so it is necessary to select those that are not afraid of water, steam and high temperatures to be more practical in this sense.

Definitely washable suit that can withstand frequent wiping and does not lose its original freshness and color.You can also use self-adhesive wallpaper, for which an additional purchase of glue is not even required, everything is done for you.It remains only to remove the protective layer and attach them to the wall.

wallpaper for the bathroom

Excellent choice is vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom.Extremely durable, water-resistant, do not lose their original freshness over time, although, if desired, they can simply repaint in a different color, which is also in itself is a big plus.

Wallpaper in the bathroom

And, of course, liquid wallpaper for the bathroom.The original, unlike other species, is that they are sold in the form of a dry mix.They need to be diluted with water, and only then put on the wall.And there is a big difference in what kind of preparation you need to do before you apply material.If self-adhesive, you need a very smooth surface, the liquid, such training is not necessary.Suffice usual treatment wall primer and anti-fungal drugs, all the bumps and small imperfections on the walls will hide liquid wallpaper in the bathroom.

good design option would be glass fiber, which is absolutely not afraid of water, but at the same time create a unique atmosphere of comfort.If necessary, they can also be easily repainted in a different color, that in itself is a big plus for a quick change interior.

good epitome of interesting, unusual solutions are for you wallpapers.Along with other types of materials than do not give way to its appeal, an extraordinary approach to repair.After all, for all it is important, as the morning begins, it's a boost of energy and vivacity for the whole day.And, apparently, this is not a large room that can be executed with so much love and unusual design, which skilfully accentuate the wallpaper in the bathroom all this can be seen in the photo.

Design bathroom with liquid wallpaper, examples pictured

Indeed, in the selection of style, unusual patterns, colors, liquid wallpaper has no equal in comparison with other building materials.And if we add to this cost-price of the material and at least training costs, and even the fact that you can save money on contractors.It's no secret that glue can be handled independently.Thus it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • Choose the correct moisture resistant material
  • Prepare wall.Align, apply a primer, apply a waterproof glue
  • Prepare strips of wallpaper, apply adhesive
  • Wallpaper glue, starting from the top
  • Smooth from the center to the edges of the special roller, removing the air bubbles

Wallpaper in the bathroom

course, be an exception applicationliquid wallpaper, which is applied as a plaster, adhesive that do not require an additional adhesive purchase.And pay heed to the material with a pattern, so that the pasted form, pattern match, but the interior of the room at the same time will look unusual.With that, with the help of the drawing, you can visually expand the space, or create a unique Japanese style.

Wallpaper in the bathroom

variety of colors in the wallpaper for the bathroom can motivate you the most extraordinary, extravagant design ideas.In any case it will be a unique comfort and individual design so small, but so important in our lives bathroom.