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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to repair a fluorescent lamp ?

I am sure that many remain fixtures with fluorescent lamps, iron ballast and starter, in garages, closets, basements.Either they regularly carry their permanent service, or broken pripadaet dust lie in wait time.If, indeed, you have a number of non-performing light bulbs, why not repair them, it's not difficult?Below we will explain what to do if the light is not working, by giving instructions to repair fluorescent lamp with your hands.

  • Procedure troubleshooting
  • manual repair
  • Ballast
  • Starter + throttle

Procedure troubleshooting

Before searching failure make sure there is tension, perhaps itabsence is the reason that the fluorescent lamp does not light up.If the cause is not the case, we look for it in that order.

Replace the starter if:

  • turned on the light and nothing happens;
  • bulb shines only at the edges;
  • strobe light is flashing;
  • starter lights, and the lamp will not start.

draw your attention to the fact that manufacturers recommend replacement of fluorescent lamps and starters at the same time.

Replace the bulb if:

  • it flashing strobe;
  • bulb black edges;
  • it glows, and the brightness is not enough (little light);
  • not working lamp.

typical cost breakdown of fixtures - the destruction of bulb and loss of contact.Heat closed lamp, cause of destruction of plastic fastening elements and connectors.If possible, replace them, bend the pins in the case of a satisfactory condition.

Problem - is blown throttle, often this breakdown can be seen visually, discolored, melted terminal.

circuit component

If you really find a fault, it is necessary to replace the throttle on the right to repair the lamp.Check the operation can multimeter resistance serviceable, 30-40 ohms.Before you put a lamp broken lamp, make sure the throttle is not closed.Otherwise too loose and labor.

Sometimes there is wire breakage - vibration lamp breaks off living near the lampholder or choke.In this case, the fluorescent lamp repair boils down to, to re-establish contact.Owners of old-style lamps fault data spared.

When you fixture with electronic ballast made in china and the replacement of light bulbs work the problem is not solved, the problem is likely in the electronic unit.In most cases, it is possible to repair itself, with the soldering iron and multimeter before.Below we detail on how to repair electronic ballast fluorescent lamps with their own hands.


Instructions Now we look at the basic defect that can be removed without much investment.Let's start with electronic ballast, because in his scheme a lot of elements that could be damaged and also tubular fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts today occur more frequently.


most common fault - it is the breakdown of transistors.To determine this damage can only be unsoldered from the circuit transistors and check their tester.In general, the resistance of the transistor transition ~ 400-700 Ohms.Burning transistor for pulling a resistor in a circuit base nominal value of 30 ohms.

also present on the board fuse or a low-resistance resistor 2-5 Ohm, most likely it will have to be replaced on what repairs and over.Probably have to change further diode bridge or its elements.

Electronic ballast

Rare sample film capacitors 47n (floor microfarad) capacitor resonance, or in the heater circuit.There were times when all of the above together and regularly, and the lamp does not work, the reason lies in dynistor DB3.If you have checked all the elements of the chain, then try replacing dynistor.Driving ballasts

decide Perhaps that would be cheaper to buy a new electronic ballast than fix broken.Replacing the starting equipment should not cause difficulties, because wiring diagram affixed to the unit itself.A careful study of the easy-to-understand, L, and N is the terminal to connect to 220V.

Wiring diagram on the housing

also recommend reviewing the video, which clearly shows how to repair electronic ballast fluorescent lamp:

manual repair ballasts

YouTube Preview
draw your attention to the fact that this technology can beto repair and energy-saving CFL bulb.For example, if you burned a glow, repair is the following procedure:

Repair housekeeper
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Starter + throttle

If you have not lit the lamp old style and you are sure that the reason is in it,the first thing we recommend to check the starter.The easiest way to use this test, having at hand the starter working with the same characteristics.However, if no suitable replacement for the device, then it is possible to verify the performance, using an incandescent light bulb with a cartridge.Everything is quite simple - connect a wire from the cartridge directly into the outlet, and the second through the starter as shown in the photo below:

Checking starter

If the lamp is not lit, then the reason for it.Instructions for replacing the fluorescent lamp starter clearly provided in the video:

How to replace a starter?
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throttle can check multimeter prozvoniv its winding.If indeed faulty throttle, the fluorescent lamp repair is to ensure that you just need to change the throttle for the whole.

Here are the main faults, which personally experienced and successfully eliminated.Following our algorithm troubleshooting takes a little time and return the lamp to work yourself is a piece of cake.We hope our guide repair fluorescent lamp with his hands was to you a clear and useful!Be sure to check out the video tutorials becausein which all the stages, allowing to fix the broken light bulb in detail.

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